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Preparing for the outbreak of the Civil War...

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March 30, 1861


* Start of the Civil War close (Fort Sumter)
* Tensions at a boiling point in the South
* Southern slavery and the Confederacy
* History about to be made

From just days before the outbreak of the Civil War, this issue has a wealth of reports on the coming conflict.
Articles include: "The Census of 1860" which includes a chart for the "Seceded Slave States" "THE PRO-SLAVERY REBELLION - From South Carolina - Disaffection Among the Slaves--Beauregard's Bragging..." "Trouble in the Rebel Army" "Disaffection Toward the South" "From Georgia - The Slave Trade" "Fort Pickens Strengthened" "Orders to Land 400 Troops" "A Collision Probable" "Life on an Alabama Plantation" and more.
Eight pages, good condition.

Category: Yankee