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Mississippi has seceded from the Union...

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January 11, 1861

THE WILMINGTON DAILY HERALD, North Carolina, Jan. 11, 1861  Wilmington was a major Atlantic Ocean port city for the Confederacy during the Civil War, and was one of the last ports to fall to Union forces in 1865.
Page 2 has: "Seizure of Our Forts" which includes: "...The cotton states (including North Carolina) have been precipitated into a revolution. We are now in the midst of it. South Carolina, with some legal propriety, first declared herself independent of the General Government...and afterwards upon what she regarded as a hostile act, seized upon federal property..." with much more.
Also on pg. 2: "The Wilmington Light Infantry" & "No Troops Have been Sent". But the best content on pg. 2 is contained within several dispatches from Southern States, the most significant at the top of page 2: "Mississippi Seceded" with the text being but one--yet very historic--sentence: "The ordinance of secession has passed by 84 to 15." The dispatch headed "Georgia" reads: "It is reported on reliable authority that Florida would pass the secession ordinance on Thursday", and "Virginia Legislature" notes: "...following resolutions have passed the House: Resolved, That Virginia calls upon the President, & the Southern States, to unite in their efforts to maintain peace, check all hostile movements, and restore the status or the forts and arsenals." 
"From Louisiana" notes: "Three separate military organizations have left this city within the last 20 hours to seize Forts Jackson and Pike, & also the Baton Rouge Arsenal". And: "From Alabama": "Two military companies have left for Mobile. The Convention is in secret session & the ordinance of secession will probably pass today." which did happen on the 11th, the date of this newspaper.
Four pages, very nice and clean condition.

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