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The Declaration of Independence...

Item # 677985 THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1776 

* Original Declaration of Independence... the complete text
* As reported from Great Britain

It would be difficult to argue for a more important document in American history than the Declaration of Independence. It remains a desire of most collectors to find an issue containing reference to it, and ultimately a contemporary printing of the actual document. With American newspaper printings commanding $50,000 or more in nice condition, here is an opportunity for a period printing at a very reasonable price.
The title/contents page of this issue, with a decorative engraving, includes: "Declaration of American Independency 361" referencing the page with the actual printing which is headed: "Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress Assembled, July 4", with the complete text beginning with the famous words: "When in the course of human events...". The document concludes on the following page and is signed in type by: John Hancock.
One can imagine the reaction in England to those reading this report in their own magazine! A keystone issue for any collection of American history.
Although it pales in comparison, the back several pages contain various reports from America on the Revolutionary War under the heading: "Proceedings of the American Colonies". This text begins with: "In the preceding part of this magazine the reader will find the Declaration of Independency issued by the American Congress, with a recapitulation of the grievances which have forced them into that desperate measure. Whether those grievances were real or imaginary, or whether they did or did not deserve a parliamentary enquiry, we will not presume to decide. The ball is now struck, and time only can shew where it will rest...".
The full page plate called for is present, a view of Chepstow Castle.
Complete in 52 pages, full title/contents page, disbound, 5 by 8 1/4 inches, great condition.

Category: Revolutionary War