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First mention of "King Kong", the movie...

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October 30, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 30, 1932

* King Kong 1st mention
* Hollywood film - movie
* Pre release

An inside page (page X5) contains a quite significant report for any collector of King Kong memorabilia, being a somewhat inconspicuous piece which begins: "Among the technical labors in the Hollywood studios recently was an exact reproduction of the Empire State tower which was built at the RKO studio for scenes of 'King Kong'..." with more, including: "...the ape will be attacked by several squadrons of army bombers & pursuit planes. 'King Kong', which Merian C. Cooper is producing, features Fay Wray, Bruce Cabot and Robert Armstsrong."
See the photo for the complete text of this article. This is the very first mention of "King Kong" in the respected New York Times newspaper.
Other news, sports and advertisements of the day throughout. You get the complete Sunday newspaper in 100+ pages which is in nice condition, being the "rag edition" printed specifically for libraries recognizing their need for quality, long-lasting newsprint. A rare & great item on King Kong.

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