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Rare portrait of John Wilkes Booth on the front page...

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April 17, 1865

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, April 17, 1865  This is one of the most desired post-April 15 issues reporting on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as the front page features a rare print headed: "J. Wilkes Booth, The Assassin" beneath which is a map of the vicinity of Ford's Theater and the streets from which Booth made his escape.
Rarely did John Wilkes Booth's image appear on the front page of American newspapers shortly after the assassination.
Among the first column heads are: "THE GREAT TRAGEDY ! " "A Nation Mourns Its Honored President!" "Joy Changed To Mourning!" "Murder Of The President" "Full Details Of the Assassination" "Mr. Lincoln's Death-bed Scenes" "Escape of the Dastard Assassin" and more.
Above the masthead in black mourning rules is: "THE NATION MOURNS ITS LOSS."
Eight pages, never bound so it folds out to one large sheet, some archival repair work at the spine with some very discrete archival mends at interior margins. Generally very nice condition and a fine issue for display.

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