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Nice & dramatic issue almost entirely devoted to the Lincoln assassination: with a print of Booth...

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April 15, 1865

THE EVENING TELEGRAPH, Philadelphia, April 15, 1865  Although we have offered a large number of April 15th issues on Lincoln's assassination, this is the first of this title we have had, and it is a nice one as well.
The first column has two stacked of heads on the assassination news including: "DEATH OF TGHE PRESIDENT" "The National Horror" "Assassination OF The President" "J. Wilkes Booth and an Accomplice the Murderers" "The Tragedy Planned For the Fourth of March" "FURTHER PARTICULARS" "The Assassination Last Night While at Ford's Theatre in Washington" "PISTOL BALL PENETRATES THE BRAIN" "Mr. Lincoln Dying at Midnight" "Sad & Solemn Scenes".
The entire front page is taken up with the latest reports as the news would arrive at the newspaper office. The definitive report is black-bordered in the first column: "DEATH OF THE PRESIDENT. Washington, April 15 -- Major-General Dix: Abraham Lincoln died this morning at twenty-two minutes after 7 o'clock. E.M. Stanton, Secretary of War."
Many other column heads and subheads as seen in the photos. Of special note is a front page print of; "John Wilkes Booth" with an article; "Sketch Of The Murderer".
Although prints of Booth occasionally appeared in period newspapers I believe tis is the very first we've seen of a print of Booth in an issue dated April 15. Quite rare as such.
And the great coverage--with more column heads--appear on pages 2, 3 and 4, too much to mention here, some of which will be seen in the photos. This edition is virtually devoid of other news as it is almost entirely taken up with assassination-related reports and closing moments of the Civil War, and a limited number of advertisements.
I believe this to be complete in 4 pages, although the pagination is interesting being (1), 4, 5, 8. It was likely an addition created without other local/national news and without the majority of the advertisements, done as such to get the edition on the streets as quickly as possible.
there are two small rubbing holes at a fold in the top quadrant of the front leaf affecting a few words, otherwise in rather good condition.

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