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Harrison elected President, in Harrison's campaign newspaper...

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November 09, 1840

THE LOG CABIN, New York & Albany, Nov. 9, 1840 

* William Henry Harrison election win
* Rare campaign publication

Famous & short-lived presidential campaign newspaper published by Horace Greeley in support of William Henry Harrison.
A very significant issue as it reports the election results of the 1840 Presidential campaign, with Wm. H. Harrison the winner. Page 2 has two engravings supporting the Harrison-Tyler ticket beneath which are reports that Harrison was the victor, including a chart of the states beginning: "The Work Is Done! We have already ascertained beyond doubt that Harrison & Tyler electors have been chosen in the following states: " followed by the list. This is followed by more text noting: "Halt! Let us add up: 167 Harrison Electors. That will answer: 294 is the whole number, 148 a majority. GEN. HARRISON IS ELECTED, without the votes of Georgia and Michigan which are now pouring in..." with more.
This is then followed by yet another article headed: "The Great Result" beginning: "The Verdict of the People has been rendered, and its thunder-tones are now pealing through the lane! It is the knell of Loco-Focoism! It is the funeral dirge of Van Burenism!..." with more. The balance of the page & a bit of pg. 3 are taken up with various election charges.
There is more on Harrison on the back page with: "General Harrison" and "Friends of Harrison & Reform! Old TIP IS ELECTED PRESIDENT and the Log Cabin will go head! Shall it have your Support?..." which is a proposal to continue the newspaper.
Four pages with a log cabin engraving in the masthead, a few creases, nice condition.

Category: Pre-Civil War