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Perhaps the best Lincoln funeral issue to be had...

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April 25, 1865

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, April 25, 1865  I have always considered this to be the most dramatic issue on the Lincoln funeral we have ever encountered, and we've had many great issues of the era. This title and date remain very elusive, and for good reason.
Most of the front page is taken up with a huge engraving with a banner heading: "PRESIDENT LINCOLN'S REMAINS IN INDEPENDENCE HALL". It shows the coffin with all the mourning buntings & banners as would be expected.
Also on the front page is an engraving of: "An Interior View of the Railroad Car Conveying the Remains of President Lincoln".
Plus there are nice first column heads including: "OUR DEAD PRESIDENT" with more, and text which carries over to the back page.
The inside pages have various reports concerning the funeral and end-of-war events, but certainly the front page dominates all.
Although we have had very few of this issue over the past 45 years, this has to be perhaps the nicest--in terms of condition--we have encountered. Complete in 8 pages, never bound nor trimmed, a bit of light foxing as if to give some historical patina, very nice, clean condition.  Simply no central fold wear as would normally be expected. A few very small & discreet archival mends inside.

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