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A soon-to-be Tory newspaper from New York...

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April 03, 1775

NEW YORK GAZETTE AND THE WEEKLY MERCURY, April 3, 1775  This newspaper was partial to the crown, and although the engraving in the masthead is of the New York seal, it would soon change to the Royal Coat-of-Arms to show publisher Hugh Gaine's support of the king of England.
This issue, from just 16 days before the battle of Lexington & Concord, has on page 3 a document from "Provincial Congress, Concord, March 24, 1775" which begins: "Whereas it  is indispensably necessary for the safety of a free people & the preservation of their liberties, that they at all times keep themselves in a state of actual defence against every invasion or depredation...still threatened by a powerful army posted in its Capital with a professed design of executing certain Acts of the British Parliament calculated to destroy our invaluable Rights and Liberties...Resolved...for the purpose of putting this Colony into a compleat state of defense...that our implacable enemies are unremitting in their endeavors toby fraud and artifice, as well as by open force, to subjugate this People...be ready to opposed with firmness and resolution, at the utmost hazard, every attempt for that purpose." with more on the need for Massachusetts to defend its rights, signed in type: John Hancock.
Page 3 has a letter from London dated Dec. 24, 1774, signed in type by B. Franklin among 2 others, concerning receipt of the petition of the Continental Congress to the King. This was likely; the Declaration and Resolves opposing the Coercive Acts.
The ftpg. has most of a column taken up with a declaration from John's-Town, South Carolina, concerning their actions deciding to: "...decline entering into the unhappy dispute between Great Britain and its colonies...", with many signatures.
Four pages, never bound nor trimmed. This issue has many tape repairs, both old and newer archival mends, causing this issue to be a bit 2nd rate in condition. Yet little text is lost, so a fine opportunity for an uncommon colonial newspaper--with some fine, pre-war content--at a reasonable price.

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