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John Wilkes Booth 3 years before his notoriety...

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March 21, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, March 21, 1862  The front page contains one of the fascinating tidbits of history which delight collectors, in this case an inconspicuous advertisement for a theatrical production of Richard III at the Mary Provost Theater in New York--starring John Wilkes Booth.  See the photo for the complete ad.
Also of interest is a page 3 article taking about two-thirds of a column: "Mr. J. Wilkes Booth" which begins: "...now offering tragedy & dramas generally, Mr. J. Wilkes Booth, an actor entirely new to the New York stage, but whose family name is so theatrically renowned, doing the chief characters. Mr. J. W. Booth is the son of the eminent tragedian of the past generally & the younger brother of Mr. Edwin Booth...He has a fine impressive face which is also distinguishable in its likeness to his celebrated progenitor..." with much more, and including: "We think Mr. J. W. Booth has great natural gifts for the stage...Mr. J.W. Booth is a head & shoulders above those who ordinarily attempt Richard III in intellectual breadth..." with more.
How differently he would be viewed in just a few years.
It's always terrific to find reports of notables in history--both famous and infamous--before they would become more widely known to the world. Although there are many Civil War reports within these 8 pages, this tiny ad is a treasure which trumps the war news.
Eight pages, never-trimmed margins, very nice condition.

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