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Washington's historic Farewell orders to the military..

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December 27, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Dec. 27, 1783 

* General George Washington
* Farewell address to Continental Army

Certainly the most notable content is a full text printing of: "General Washington's Farewell Orders to the Armies of the United States", a very historic & notable document datelined: "Rocky Hill, near Princetown, Nov. 2, 1783."
It reads in part: "A contemplation of the compleat attainment (at a period earlier than could have been expected) of the object for which we contended, against so formidable a power, cannot but inspire us with astonishment and gratitude--The disadvantageous circumstances on our part, under which the war was undertaken, can never be forgotten--The singular interpositions of Providence in our feeble condition were such as could scarcely escape the attention of the most unobserving, while the unparalleled perseverance of the armies of the United States, thought almost every possible suffering & discouragement, for the space of eight long years, was little short of a standing miracle...". The full text is confirmed by several websites.
Following this historic document is a response from the various officers of the Army to General Washington, dated at West Point, Nov. 15, 1783.
As if this content was nuch sufficient, nearly half of the ftpg. has news headed: "America" with reports from the 'New York Royal Gazette'. One item notes: "From New Jersey we learn that the legislature of that state have unanimously elected his Excellency Wm. Livingston to be governor. General Thomas Mifflin is chosen President of Congress for the ensuing year in the room of Elias Boudinot whose term of delegation is expired, and this honourable body stands adjourned to the 26ith inst. then to meet at Annapolis for the dispatch of public business."
Then a report: "His Excellency General Washington, by Proclamation, bearing date the 4th inst. and in compliance with a resolve of Congress of the 29th day of Oct. last, has discharged all the troops in the service of the United States, that are now in Pennsylvania...".
Also on the ftpg. is: "A Proclamation" by the governor of New York, George Clinton, concerning: "...his Britannic Majesty's forces will be withdrawn from certain parts of the Southern district of this state on Friday the 21st and from the remaining part of the said district...on the 22d inst..." with more relating to this (see). And also "Garrison Orders" from West Point begins: "The Definitive Treaty being concluded, and the city of New York to be evacuated on the 22d inst....proposes to celebrate the peace...on Monday...by a display of fireworks and illuminations..." and more.
Eight pages, never bound nor trimmed, 9 by 12 inches, very nice condition.

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