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Extensive naval report... Duel between Generals Smyth & Porter...

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December 30, 1812

BOSTON PATRIOT, Dec. 26 and 30, 1812 A nice pair of consecutive issues containing the full: "NAVAL REPORT" "Report of the Committee...Which Relates to the Naval Establishment Recommending an Increase of the Navy of the United States" dated Nov. 27, 1812.
The first portion takes 2 1/2 columns of the front page of the Dec. 26 issue & is signed in type: Paul Hamilton. The remainder takes half of the front page of the Dec. 30 issue, concluding on page 2. Photos show only portions of the full report.
Page 2 of Dec. 30 has: "Imprisonment of Seamen" being a report signed in type: James Monroe; then: "Pleasing Incident" concerning Capt. Jones and the Wasp; then a report on: "The Duel" providing the details of duel fought between Gen. Smyth and Gen. Porter after the latter charged the former with cowardice in battle. This is a fascinating incident, reported in Wikipedia: "...After the failed attack on Canada, Smyth was insulted by Brigadier General Peter B. Porter, who accused Smyth of cowardice. Smyth challenged Porter to a duel, but both men went unscathed...".
Also a chart on the "Accurate Votes" for President & Vice President.
Four pages, some loss at the spine of Dec. 30 not affecting any mentioned content, both issues are in generally nice condition.

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