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Great & lengthy article on Brigham Young...

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April 11, 1873

NEW YORK HERALD, April 11, 1873  Page 7 begins with a nice stack of column heads taking one-third of the column including: "APOCALYPSE" "Revelations of Prophet Brigham Young" "The Saints' Case Stated" "Special from the Head of the Mormon Church to the Herald" "He Rests From Labor" "But Is Still Chief in Things Spiritual and Temporal" "Facts As They Are" "He Has No Hoarded Wealth in the Bank of England" "Utah Is A Safe Place" "The Result of Mormon Labors, Peace, Prosperity and Civilization" "All Good Citizens Welcome" and more.
Included is a full column statement of facts as presented by Young, signed in type: Brigham Young. This is followed by nearly a column: "Sketch of Brigham Young".
Page 9 has an ad for Niblo's Garden promoting a show: "The Scouts of the Prairie, With the Original Western Heroes, Buffalo Bill, Ned Buntline, Texas Jack" with more.
Twelve pages, nice condition.

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Category: The Old West