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British capture Newport, Rhode Island... Benedict Arnold at Lake Champlain...

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THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1777  The very first article is: "Debates in the House of Commons" which takes over five pages & includes discussion concerning the situation in America. Some bits include: "...that government knew the Americans must have declared for independency before they arrived...his firm opinion that there could be no peace in America without a complete relinquishing on our part of the claim for taxation..." and also: "...America shall acknowledge the supreme legislative right of this country, and by such acknowledgment, lay a just constitution claim to our favour & protection. the Colonies are in a state of declared independency; could you consistently with common prudence, revise acts by way of obliging those whose principle object is not such revision, but to render themselves free from all connection with you as their superiors?..." and much more.
Other articles include: "Defence of the American Congress vindicated" which takes over a full page, and an interesting one: "Arts made use of by the American Leaders to spirit the People to take up Arms against the Mother Country..." which begins: "In order to engage the Americans in general to promote their designs, its conductors pretended that a regular system was formed 'by a corrupt & abandoned Administration', for oppressing & enslaving the colonies..." with much more. Also: "A New Argument against American Resistance".
Near the back is the "Historical Chronicle" with the latest news reports of the day, and which includes a letter signed in type by: H. Clinton, datelined Newport, Rhode Island, Dec. 9, 1776, followed by another from Rhode Island signed by P. Parker, both providing some great content concerning the capture of Newport by the British. The first letter reads in part: "...being informed that the rebels had quitted the works in & about the town of Newport, & were retiring towards Bristol Ferry, I detached Major General Prescott...to intercept them...I likewise sent a battalion to take possession of Newport, the capital of the island..." with more.
Also included is "Intelligence received in Congress" concerning the battle on Lake Champlain in which the fleet of Benedict Arnold is defeated by the fleet of General Carleton. Carleton occupies Crown Point, but soon abandons his plans to invade the American colonies from the north. Other interesting news bits as well including: "Anticipating an idea that happy period, when Great Britain & America may again constitute one united people...express our hopes that at the settlement of the present unhappy contest..." with more, and "By articles of confederation and perpetual union between the colonies, discussed line by line in Congress at Philadelphia on the 4th of October, 1776, it is agreed that no state in particular shall either send or receive any embassies, begin any negociations, contract any treaties...without the consent of the united states assembled in Congress." which is an early reference to the historic "Articles of Confederation".
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Complete in 48 pages, 5 by 8 1/4 inches, full title/contents page featuring an engraving of St. John's Gate, minor wear to the margins, good condition.

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