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Did Cook or Peary discover the North Pole?

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September 16, 1909

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, California, a collection of 14 consecutive issues from September 1 thru 16, 1909 (no Sunday issues).

* Robert Peary finds the North Pole ?
* Or was it Frederick Cook that was 1st ?

The discovery of the North Pole has been a question of debate: did Cook or Peary get their first? A Smithsonian magazine article discusses the controversy. It was widely accepted that Peary reached the pole first, but in 1988 a re-examination of his records commissioned by the National Geographic Society concluded that Peary's evidence never proved his claim and suggested that he knew he might have fallen short. 
Here is a great set of 14 issues with nice reports on the claims of both. The photo tell the story, but in brief a few of the headlines in this collection include: "American Locates North Pole--Dr. Cook Makes Find On April 21, Last Year" "United States Owns North Pole" "Explorer Coo Tells How He Reached Pole" "Arctic Explore Pear Says He Has Discovered The North Pole" "World Stirred By Exploits Of Dr. Cook And Commander Peary" "Peary Intimates Cook Never Saw North Pole" "Calls Dr. Cook's Claim 'Gold Brick' " "Pearly Is Still At Battle Harbor" " 'I Am the Only White Man Who Has Ever Reached the North Pole' --Commander Peary" "Peary Planted Five Flags At Pole" and more.
So here is the story of each. A great opportunity for a first-hand account of their explorations in a period newspaper.
Each issue is complete, mostly 8-10 pages each, a library stamp in the mastheads, small binding holes at the blank spine, in great condition and no problems with pulpishness or fragility. All still bound together as a single set but they could be very easily separated.

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