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Ben Franklin, two of the John Dickinson series...

Item # 670374 THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, (Philadelphia), December, 1788  American magazines from the 18th century are increasingly uncommon. This was one of the more successful titles.
Included are Letters VIII and IX of the John Dickinson: "Remarks on the Constitution Proposed by the Federal Convention" each signed by his pseudonym: Fabius. This series of 9 letters was his attempt to encourage adoption of the proposed Constitution by the various states.
Perhaps the most interesting article is: "Essay On Negro Slavery, Number 11" which takes over 3 pages and is signed at its conclusion: "Othello". As noted on the web was determined that "Othello" was a Negro.
The "Observations on Capital Punishment", being an anonymous lengthy response to Dr. Benjamin Rush's essay on this topic which appeared in the July, 1788 issue ("An Enquiry into the Justice and Policy of Punishing Murder by Death"), is a continuation from the November issue.
Other articles include: "Remarks on the Origin of Government & on Religious Liberty, ascribed to...Wm. Livingston, governor of New Jersey" "An Account of a Remarkable Alteration of Colour in a Negro Woman..." "Useful Hints for Learning to Swim, by Benjamin Franklin" which takes nearly 2 pages and is signed in type: B. Franklin; "Letters on the Abolition of Slavery" "Essay on Negro Slavery" which takes over 3 pages; "An Act to Prevent the Slave Trade...State of Connecticut" "Three Letters from a European Traveler in America to his Friend in London", this being Letter III and taking over 5 pages with much fascinating content; "Thoughts on the Cultivation of Vines & on the Wine Trade Between France & America"
Taking 22 pages are Letters 8 thru 12 of the famous: "Letters From a Farmer In Pennsylvania" series by John Dickinson, written in 1767-8. The 12 letter series were very significant in uniting the American colonies against the Townsend Acts. More on John Dickinson as well.
At the back is: "American Intelligence" with the latest news of the day, one report concerning North Carolina calling for a new convention to consider the proposed Constitution.
Complete in 104 pages, disbound without a full title page with the "Contents" page at the back of the issue. Measures 4 3/4 by 8 inches, very nice condition.

Item from Catalog 343 (released for June, 2024)

Category: The 1600's and 1700's