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Battle of the Cedars, a truce meeting with Washington, and much more...

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July 27, 1776

THE PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, July 27, 1776 

* Battle of the Cedars
* Invasion of Canada campaign
* John Hancock & George Washington

This was a decidedly Tory newspaper, supportive of the British efforts in America. This newspaper ended publication in June, 1778 when the British evacuated the city. Note that this issue is just the second published since it printed the Declaration of Independence in the July 13 issue.
Pages 2 & 3 have much content concerning the Revolutionary War including an item from Williamsburg which begins: "The heavy cannonade from our lines in Gloucester...obliged Lord Dunmore to withdraw his troops & shipping from Gwyn's island..." with more. An item from Hartford note: "Last week about 150 tories...rose in a body, fell upon the sons of liberty there, disarmed them, & took possession of the Committee Chamber...May their ringleaders soon receive the punishment due to such traitors to the American States." & more. Also from New York: "General Sullivan with the whole northern army, we here is retreated to Ticonderoga...".
Another report concerns several attempted meetings to discuss a truce, and noting that: "...a fourth flag of truce...said to be Adj. general of the forces under the command of Lord Howe) to the dwelling of Col. Knox...where his Excellency Gen. Washington attended by his body guards...the interview was short & the particulars are as yet not made known...that at parting much courtesy was seen to pass...".
Page 2 also includes a lengthy report from Congress with much on the actions of Benedict Arnold in the Battle of the Cedars in Canada, which carries over to page 2 where it is signed in type by: John Hancock.
Page 3 also has a report of the meeting of truce held with General Washington with some particulars. There is another document signed by: John Hancock, as well as other war-related reports including a letter concerning the events in Canada. A great wealth of content much of which can be seen in the photos.
Four pages, water stain to a lower corner, numeric notations to the margins next to ads (this was the editor's copy), generally very nice condition.

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