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Congress responds heatedly to the King declaring the colonies in rebellion...

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January 01, 1776

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, January, 1776  Nine pages are taken up with: "Parliamentary History" from the previous month which includes considerable discussion of the Revolutionary War including mention of Bunker Hill, etc. A few excerpts are shown in the photos.
Of special note is a full printing of the heated response of Continental Congress to the King declaring the colonies to be in a state of open rebellion, dated: "Philadelphia, December 6". Some of the great text includes: "We the delegates of the 13 United Colonies...have taken into our most serious consideration a proclamation issued from the court of St. James's on the 23d day of August...We are accused of 'forgetting the allegiance which we owe to the power that has protected & sustained us'...What allegiance is it that we forget? Allegiance to parliament! We never owed--we never owned it. Allegiance to our King! our words have ever avowed it...We condemn & with arms in our hands...we oppose the claim & exercise of unconstitutional powers to which neither the crown or parliament were ever entitled..." with much more.
Also, the: "Lords Protest" against the recent bill to prevent trade with the Americans, and the bkpg. has: "American Affairs" which has the latest news concerning the Revolutionary War.
Both plates called for are lacking.
Complete in 56 pages, 5 1/4 by 8 1/2 inches, full title/contents page features a terrific engraving of the skyline of London, great condition.

Item from Catalog 309 (released for August, 2021)...

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