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Criticizing the King's speech... British snobbish after Cornwallis' surrender...

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March 19, 1782


* re. Lord Charles Cornwallis' surrender
* King George III speech criticized

Half of the front page is taken up with: "An Anecdote - American Patriotism and Fortitude Exemplified" which gives a story concerning General Burgoyne's actions in New England.
Half of page 2 is taken up with the conclusion of a letter from: "Common Sense" which is a response too the King of England's recent letter in which he stubbornly refuses to grant independence.
Page 3 has a report noting: "His Excellency Count Rochambeau hath detached from the troops under his command in Virginia, 500 infantry & 300 cavalry, to reinforce our army in South Carolina." And then also: "...The demeanour of the English; officers, prisoners on parole, since the surrender of Cornwallis hs been so preposterously arrogant foolishly audacious, and childishly impertinent on sundry occasions, particularly to the officers of the United States, whom they affect to despise..." with more on this.
Another item mentions: "...If the situation of Cornwallis be not too highly coloured, we are certainty not too sanguine in hoping that something better than a Burgoynade of him has taken place before this time."
Four pages, minor loss to a lower corner, archival mend on page 2, some light stains do not cause loss of readability, generally good condition.

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