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Much on the Gold Rush in California...

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November 14, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Nov. 14, 1849 

* California Gold Rush
* 49ers - mining - miners

Page 3 has "Correspondence from California" which has a letter which includes: "...The news here is most flattering. Gold is abundant! Labor is worth seven to thirty dollars a day..." with much more on how high the prices are, & continuing with: "...Persons going to the mines take nothing with them but a change of clothes & tin basin to wash the gold in. They say that all the gold washers are not worth owning; nothing has proven better for washing gold than the simple tin basin or the cradle. We have all been agreeably disappointed in not hearing of any robberies or murders being committed--every man in California being satisfied with what he can make honestly at digging or any other work..."
Yet another letter begins: "San Francisco is a city building up faster by ten times than any ever before known...I know of one man who, with his own hands, dug what has netted him $23,768 in twelve & three quarter months...".
And another letter from Monterey begins: "This country seems fated in regard to gold & golden excitement...discoveries have been made which almost induce us to believe that the whole country, from San Diego to Cape Mendocina...has been completely seasoned & spiced with the yellow grains...magnificent discovery is that recently made upon the ranch of Col. Fremont on the Mariposas river. It is nothing less than a vein of gold in the solid rock, a bona fide mine..." with more.
There are related reports, carrying on to take over 1 1/2 columns. Plus there is an article: "Private Accounts From California" offers pessimistic news, including: "...that miners returning from the mines...have ceased to bring gold, and now bring...sore heads, sore legs, and ruined constitutions...".
Four pages, very nice condition.

Category: Pre-Civil War