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Benedict Arnold destroys the British fort at St. John's, Canada... Much on the troubles in America... The Gunpowder Incident...

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June 16, 1775

THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE, Williamsburg, June 16, 1775  This newspaper was published Alexander Purdie, a distinction to be made since there were three newspapers of this title printed in Williamsburg during the early period of the Revolutionary War. A very rare opportunity for a scarce title from colonial Virginia.
The front page has a report which reports on the: "...The rise & progress of the present troubles in America are so well known...and our resistance to arbitrary power so generally applauded, that I may well be excused from looking far backwards...Though Virginia...till lately, she was free from those direful effects of ministerial tyranny which some parts of the continent experienced..." with more, and then thoughts concerning plans for the troubles bound to occur in the near future: "...The Convention of March, 1775 directed that the colony should be put into the best posture of defence, and that, whilst every step was taken to procure an honourable reconciliation, nothing  should be omitted which could enable us, by the sword, to defend our just rights & privileges..." with more, including reference to the Gunpowder Incident: "...and they therefore desired to know his motives for carrying off the powder in such a manner and entreated him immediately to return it to the magazine...that the report of an insurrection...had induced him to remove the powder from the magazine where he did not think it safe, to a place of perfect security...that he had removed it in the night to prevent any alarm, that he was surprised to hear the people were under arms on this occasion & that he should not think it prudent to put powder into their hands in such a situation..." with more, continued in a future issue.
This is followed by a report of a fire on Treat's wharf in Boston.
Page 2 has a letter which includes in part: "...that there is little doubt of America's being able to resist, with success, every vile attempt to deprive her sons of their rights & liberties...".
Page 2 has a report noting in part: "That when any person hath been or shall be adjudged by a committee to have violated the continental association, and such offender shall satisfy the Convention of the colony where the offence was or shall be committed..." with more. 
Included with this issue is the single sheet "Supplement" of the same date, the front page of which has an address of the city of London to the King, noting in part: "...beg leave to approach the throne and to declare our abhorrence of the measures which have been pursued...to the oppression of our fellow subjects in America...". It continues with much more on the problems with taxing and creating harmful Acts against the colonists, all taking over half of the front page.
Also on the ftpg. of the Supplement is war-related content including: "...an express arrived here from Ticonderoga...we learn that Major Arnold dispatched Mr. Oswell & 35 men...to take possession of a sloop that lay at St. John's. At the same time Capt. Ethan Allen set out with 80 men to facilitate the undertaking...took possession of the vessel that lay at St. John's...before Capt. Allen came up, but the latter...proceeded to St. John's where he unluckily fell in with 150 regulars that were dispatched to the succor of Crown Point and Ticonderoga...made a good retreat with the loss of three men only..." and with more war reports.
Additional war reports are on the back page, too much to list here (see photos), and also a report acknowledging thanks given to Patrick Henry for his involvement in the favorable settlement of the historic Gunpowder Incident.
Four pages, never-trimmed margins, even foxing throughout, large & handsome engraving of a coat-of-arms in the masthead. Great condition. There is also the single sheet Supplement issue of slightly smaller size, also in great condition.

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