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Joseph Pulitzer... Thomas Edison...

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November 04, 1911

(specific HW for the Newseum) HARPER'S WEEKLY, from New York City, dated November 4, 1911.

The front page of this issue is an illustration of "Joseph Pulitzer:1847-1911" which is "After the Painting by John S. Sargent."

This issue is has an illustration of "Fusion and Confusion--Boss Murphy: 'That Blame Thing Always Gives Me a Scare.'" by Kemble. There is a double page illustration of "In Charge" by Angus MacDonall and a full page illustration of "Where All Men are Equal" by Hanson Booth and much more. Also a full page article entitled "Edison and the New Education".

Other advertisements of the day are included as well, helping to portray life at the turn of the century. This issue is in very good condition.

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