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Rare Texas Confederate newspaper... Jeff Davis on evacuating Richmond, & much more...

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April 26, 1865


* Very rare issue from the Southwest Confederacy

Page 3 contains a synopsis of President Davis' message in which he talks about the evacuation of Richmond and reaffirms his commitment to the Confederacy, reading in part: "...it is my purpose to maintain your cause with my whole heart & soul; that I will never consent to abandon to the enemy a foot of the soil of any of the States of the Southern Confederacy...again & again we will return until the baffled & exhausted enemy shall abandon in despair his endless & impossible task of making slaves of a people resolved to be free..." and more, signed in type: Jefferson Davis. Terrific & historic reading.
Page 2 begins with a fascinating editorial concerning the Lincoln assassination, beginning: "From ow until God's judgment day the minds of men will not cease to thrill at the killing of Abraham Lincoln by the hand of Booth, the actor, in the theatre at Washington on the night of April 14th, 1865..." with much more.
Page 2 also includes a letter from Gen. Wharton to the officers of Col. Hardeman's regiment beginning: "After nearly 4 years of earnest devotion to the cause of our independence, it has become necessary for the good of the country that you should give up that arm of the service to which you have been so long attached...". Much more on the war as well.
Texas was one of the last strongholds of the Confederacy. In April the insurrection was declared over everywhere except Texas. It was not until August 20 that President Johnson would proclaim the insurrection ended in Texas.
Four pages, nearly close-trimmed at the top but no text loss, two quite small worm holes, generally very nice, clean condition.

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