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Rare title from the Confederacy...

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April 11, 1861

THE WILMINGTON DAILY HERALD, North Carolina, April 11, 1861 

* Civil War beginning
* Jefferson Davis proclamation
* Rare Confederate publication

Wilmington was a major Atlantic Ocean port city for the Confederacy during the Civil War, and was one of the last ports to fall to Union forces in 1865. It ranked equal in size to Atlanta according to the 1860 census, and was a major point of entry for supplies for the entire Confederacy, exporting cotton & tobacco in exchange for munitions, clothing & food. As such it was barricaded by Union forces during the war, but blockade runners had some success in getting supplies through. It is just 170 miles north of Charleston, where the Civil War began.
Neighboring South Carolina was the first state to leave the union in Dec., 1860, and although North Carolina did not officially secede until after the bombing of Fort Sumter its political sympathies were strongly with the South ever since talk of secession began. Note that this issue was printed the day before the bombing of Fort Sumter began.
The front page is entirely taken up with ads besides the "Directory - State Government". Page 2 includes: "What Does He Mean by It?" questions Lincoln's intentions & includes: "When a reckless & dangerous man, who has proclaimed that between you & him there is an 'irrepressible conflict' 'draws a bead' on you with a rifle, says the Richmond Dispatch it is of course your duty to advance towards him i a polite & deferential manner & ask him what he means by it!...Ten to one, in each of these cases, he will assure you as Abe Lincoln does his Southern interrogators, that he means no harm whatever...Three thousand troops & a squadron of war ships sent to the South are such evident measures of conciliation & compromise, that, but for politeness sake, we can't conceive why Virginia should inquire of the Black Republican President what he means by it..." with much more (see).
Also on pg. 2 are: "Mr. Lincoln's Policy" "Major Holmes" "War" which begins: "Treachery, stupidity and vacillation have marked the course of the present administration ever since it came into power. The steps it has taken recently have increased our disgust and contempt..." (see); "Another Insult to Virginia"
Complete in 4 pages and in excellent condition.

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