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The South seems tired of war... Robert E. Lee named commander-in-chief...

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February 06, 1865

THE DAILY PROGRESS, Raleigh, North Carolina, Feb. 6, 1865

* General Robert E. Lee
* Becomes commander-in-chief
* In a rare Confederate title

Raleigh was one of the last major cities of the South to fall into the hands of Sherman, surrendering on April 13, 1865, just one day before Lincoln was assassinated. This rare Confederate title is from the latter months of the Civil War.
The ftpg. has a small item: "It is stated that Seward is to meet our commissioners at Fortress Monroe. This shows that the Lincoln government is disposed to meet us 'half way'."  Page 2 has a lengthy editorial, & it is obvious the editor is tired of war: "...Mr. Davis wraps himself in his selfishness & dignity & demands more men & material to carry on a contest which is entirely hopeless in his hands...Mr. Lincoln has an ultimatum & Mr. Davis has an ultimatum, & neither of them show any disposition to yield an inch. Mr. Lincoln demands submission to the laws of the U.S. & a restoration of the Federal Union...while Mr. Davis demands the acknowledgement of the independence of the Confederates States...These are the positions occupied by the two men to whom we are looking for peace..." with much more.
The bkpg. also has various war reports and a notable report: "Gen. Lee" stating that: "Gen. Lee has been made Commander-in-Chief of all the armies in the Confederates States..." with more on this (see).
Complete as a single sheet issue with a full banner masthead, very nice condition.

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