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Significant issue on the Popish Plot...

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April 10, 1679

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, April 10, 1679 

* Popish Plot

The back page has not one but two items concerning the Popish Plot in England, a contrived conspiracy to accuse Catholic leaders of plotting to kill King Charles II.
A report from Dublin notes: "A Proclamation has been published...appointing a reward...to any person that shall...apprehend any Popish Dignitary or Jesuit..." with more. But the more notable report is a report from Whitehall dated April 9 concerning the 'trial of the five Catholic Lords', listing them by name and noting: "...prisoners in the Tower...articles of impeachment of High Treason & other high crimes & offences against the said Lords...many years last past been contrived and carried on by Papists, a trayterous...conspiracy & plot within the Kingdom of England...to alter and subvert the ancient government & laws of this Kingdom & to suppress the true religion...And for that end did most wickedly and trayterously agree and conspires to imprison, depose, and murder his sacred Majesty; and also to subject this Kingdom and nation to the Pope, and to his tyrannical government, etc." with more.
Single sheet, 7 by 11 inches, very nice, clean condition.

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