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The day Lincoln was buried, in a newspaper from the city where he was buried...

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May 04, 1865

ILLINOIS STATE JOURNAL, Springfield, May 4, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln's burial (day of)
* In a Springfield, Illinois paper (wow)

Obviously a damaged newspaper (see photos) however this is a newspaper from Lincoln's hometown, with coverage of his funeral & interment, and from the city where Lincoln was buried.
Although the front page has some content concerning the closing events of the Civil War and the trial of Lincoln's conspirators, the prime Lincoln content is on page 2.  the top of page 2 has an editorial headed: "The Funeral To-Day" which begins: "We are without any more definite information in reference to the arrangements for the funeral of President Lincoln, to-day, than that contained in the programme published in another column...the procession will move at precisely ten o'clock, which will require that the remains be closed by eight...Work was recommenced on the tomb on the Mather Square yesterday...Not only the citizens of Springfield but of the whole state would be  rejoiced to learn that the change referred to had been authorized...".
Another item is headed: "Springfield's Welcome to Lincoln" followed by: "Arrival of Robert Lincoln" and then: "How They Loved Him" which has some fine content (see). Some bits include: "...From our midst, a little more than four years ago, President Lincoln was called to the highest office in the gift of the people. Yesterday all that is mortal of him returned to us wrapped in the habiliments of the grave...The emblems of mourning everywhere  displayed...Illinois receives her murdered son again to her bosom, no less loving than when she sent him forth to the most distinguished honor. to-day we lay him reverently to rest..." and much more. Subheads include; "The Crowd" "Preparatory--Military" "The Funeral Train" "Order of Procession" "Character of the Decorations" "The Canopy" "The Catafalque" "The Coffin" "The President's House" and more.
There is also a poem titled: "Springfield's Welcome to Lincoln" and then also printed are the very detailed specific of the funeral procession, headed: "Obsequies of President Lincoln" "Order of Funeral Procession" (see) with considerable detail. As the photos show there is also content concerning the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln and the remains of John Wilkes Booth, and some war-related items. There is also a note beginning: "The body of President Lincoln was embalmed by Dr. C. D. Brown, who accompanies the remains..." with a few particulars.
If there is any newspaper to own reporting the interment of Lincoln, it would be a Springfield newspaper. Despite the condition, an exceedingly significant issue with a very detailed account of the funeral & burial preparations of Abraham Lincoln.
Four pages, various holes and staining as shown in the photos, but fortunately the vast majority of the Lincoln content is unaffected.

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