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News from the Revolutionary War...

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May 24, 1777

EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, May 24, 1777  Page 2 has a few reports concerning the Revolutionary War including: "From Connecticut that the jail in that colony are filled with loyal Americans who are treated in the most barbarous manner. Some are chained on their backs to the floor & others so loaded with irons that they can hardly walk...General Lee has a good room in New York, has six or seven dishes on his table every day...He talks freely about his confederates the rebels & expresses a general detestation for the New England men for their canting hypocrisy..." and also: "An account is received here (at Amsterdam) from Philadelphia of a skirmish in the Jerseys between a detached party of the King's troops & near a thousand provincials, the latter it is said was driven upwards of two miles by the regulars...But at length the rebels being considerably reinforced the British troops pursued the enemy no farther...General Howe has forbidden all plundering...generally reported in America...that Dr. Franklin carried off with him 20,000 pounds sterling in gold & silver with which he pretended he could bribe the French prime minister to engage his King in a war with England. Few of the loyal people in America think that the Doctor will apply that money to any other purpose than that of securing himself an agreeable retreat under the protection of the French Court." Further on: "The New Yorkers...are exasperated to the highest degree against the Congress and the army acting under their orders, & declare that when they act against the rebels they will neither give nor receive quarter."
Page 3 also has some war-related content including: "...on the 25th of March General Howe sent out a foraging party of 2000 men. This corps fell in with 100 Provincials who retreated for some distance when fortunately they were reinforced by 1400 men & a warm action ensured. The Americans divided themselves into flanking parties...This engagement was near Amboy." with more (see).
Four pages, folio size, period notations in ads & margins, very nice condition.

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