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"Death or Liberty" on the uniform sleeve...

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June 17, 1776

EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, June 17, 1776  Page 2 has: "American Intelligence" which includes a lengthy Resolve from congress, dated March 6, concerning several non-importation items, including "Resolved, that any goods, wares, and merchandizes...may be exported from the Thirteen United Colonies...to any part of the world which are not under the dominion of the ...King..." with much more. Also: "That no slaves be imported into any of the Thirteen United Colonies." and other items, signed in type by the President: John Hancock (see). This is followed by another lengthy "Resolve" from Congress at Philadelphia.
Also a letter from Williamsburg notes: "...that General Clinton had landed with some of the troops from Boston & 1000 from England, at Cape Fear, North Carolina, when he was opposed by a party of Provincials whom it is said he put to flight...".
Page 3 has a nice item noting: "...that it is impossible to describe the ardour of the Provincial troops--not intimidated either by numbers or consequence. The general question is not, 'How many of the enemy are there?' but, 'Where are they?' Their uniform is a dark grey coarse linen frock, which covers the whole body...with the words, 'Death or Liberty' marked in large red letters on the right sleeve; and many of them are so enthusiastic as to have them marked with their own blood..."
There is also a letter from Philadelphia with much war-related news (see)
Four pages, folio size, close-trimmed at the bottom of pg. 1 only affects no mentioned reports, generally nice condition.

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