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Due to the earthquake? San Francisco newspaper on the earthquake...

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March 22, 1868

INDEPENDENT DISPATCH, San Francisco, California, Oct. 22, 1868 

* 1868 Hayward earthquake
* Great title to have in

At first glance this appears to be just half of the newspaper, however a note from the publisher at the top of the first column is headed: "FORM PIED ! " (in printing parlance "pied" means the set type was reduced to a jumble) with the text reading: "Going to press this afternoon the first and fourth pages of the Dispatch forms were pied by the carrier to the press rooms. We are, therefore, unable to issue more than half a sheet of the paper to-day." (see)
Beyond this interesting note on the reduced state of this edition is that this is an early report of the San Francisco earthquake of 1868, as immediately beneath the "Pied" report is: "The Earthquake" which begins: "The reports from different quarters show that the great shock yesterday morning was felt with more or less intensity all around the Bay, to a great distance. It appears to have been most severe in Alameda county & the damage to property was large. In this city, the loss has been great, though probably not to the extent that was feared yesterday. Many buildings have been damaged..." with more (see). Also, page 2 has a more extensive and detailed article headed: "The Earthquake" which begins" "Now that the excitement of the great shock is over, people are breathing a little more freely..." and further on there are details from various sections of the city: "The greatest damage was along the City front from First to Jackson street; but little damage was done from Kearney street back..." with much more (see). Other articles with small heads include: "The Earthquake in San Jose" and "The Earthquake In Sacramento"
Is it possible the type was pied by one of the aftershocks? A small note at the bottom of the ftpg. is heading: "Shock" noting: "Another shock of earthquake was felt this morning, a few minutes before one-o'clock. It was quite perceptibly felt & several left their houses, thinking it was the prelude to a heavier one..." (see).
A terrific pair of perhaps related events in one issue: an early report of a San Francisco earthquake in a San Francisco newspaper, and a uniquely reduced edition, perhaps caused by an earthquake aftershock.
Single sheet with a one column mashed, folio size, some discrete archival mends, even browning, generally good condition.

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