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Jefferson Davis to be inaugurated... End of the provisional Confederacy... Fall of Fort Donelson...

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February 22, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Feb. 22, 1862

* Jefferson Davis to be inaugurated
* End of the provisional Confederacy
* Fall of Fort Donelson
* Rare Confederate title

Not only a very nice Confederate newspaper, but one from the capital of the Confederacy, allowing this title to report the latest news as received from the field.
The front page has a report of the very significant; "Fall Of Fort Donelson" "Further Details" which includes over half a column of reporting as taken from northern newspapers, and which includes the dispatches between Grant and Buckner on arranging for the surrender, including Confederate General Buckner's note: "...the circumstances governing the present situation...I propose to the commanding officer of the Federal forces the appointment of commissioners to agree upon terms of capitulation of thee forces...under my command..." with Grant's reply signed by him in type: U.S. Grant, beneath which is: "General Buckner Forces to Accept the 'ungenerous terms'." carrying over to pg. 2 (see).
This was also at the time when the provisional Confederate government was abolished in favor of the "permanent" government, which the editorial expounds upon, beginning: "The formal establishment of the permanent government of the Southern Confederacy, the event of this day, cannot fail to have a marked effect upon the fortunes of the war..." with much more (see for portions).
Also on page 2 is: "The Latest Northern News--Movements and Spirit of the War" "How the News Is Received in the North" beginning: "The rejoicing over the capture of Fort Donelson is general throughout the North.
Page 2 also has: "The Inauguration of the President and Vice President of the Confederate States" "Programme of the Inaugural Ceremonies" which would happen on this day, offering much detail (see).  Also: "War Rumours" "Confederate Victory in Missouri" "and "Examiner's Correspondence" "The Lance Or Pike" "The Latest Northern News" "Another Account of the Fight at Fort Donelson". and page 3 also has: "Proclamation By The President" signed in type: Jefferson Davis, beginning: "The termination of the Provisional Government offers a fitting occasion again to present ourselves in humiliation, prayer and thanksgiving before that God who has safely conducted us through our first year of national existence..." (see).
Complete in four pages, never bound nor trimmed (desired), minor wear at margins, very nice condition. A wealth of historic content in this issue.

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