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Dust Bowl Storm in 1934...

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May 12, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York City, May 12, 1934

* Dust Bowl
* Black blizzards
* Topsoil lost

This 34 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include:

* Soil, Loosened by Drought in West, Hovers High in Air--Belt 1,800 Miles Wide
* Weigh 300,000,000 Tons
and more.

More related news with photos on page 8. (see photos)

Other news of the day throughout. Rag edition in great condition.

Wikipedia notes: On May 11, 1934, a strong two-day dust storm removed massive amounts of Great Plains topsoil in one of the worst such storms of the Dust Bowl. The dust clouds blew all the way to Chicago where filth fell like snow. Several days later, the same storm reached cities in the east, such as Buffalo, Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C. That winter, red snow fell on New England.

Other news of the day throughout. Usual browning, otherwise good.

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