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"Great Expectations" Collection IV

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March 30, 1861

Harper's Weekly, March 30, 1861 through May 4, 1861. This is a six-issue set (part 4) of Harper's Weekly containing the Charles Dickens "Great Expectations" in serialization format. The set provides more than a 10% discount over purchasing the issues individually.

This set would look great displayed in one of our 17 inch by 14 inch display cases which can be viewed at www.rarenewspapers.com/folders.aspx (or by returning to the home page and selecting "storage and display options".

The individual issues are described as:

Harper's WEEKLY, Mar. 30, 1861 Full ftpg: 'April-Fool's Day in New York'. 'More Views In New Orleans' fullpg. illus: 'Vassar Female College', halfpg: 'Gen. Sam Houston, Gov. of Texas'.

Harper's WEEKLY, April 6, 1861 Full ftpg. shows: 'Hon. Wm. H. Seward, Sec. of State'. Halfpg: 'U.S. Gunboat Wyandotte, In Pensacola Harbor' & 'The Flag Staff Bastion at Ft. Pickens, Florida'. Nice dblpgctrfld: 'Virginia Sketches' shows several scenes.

Harper's WEEKLY, Apr. 13, 1861 Ftpg. illus: 'Point Isabel, Texas'. Great dblpgctrfld: 'American Home Scenes' shows 6 scenes, two involving Blacks. Nearly halfpg: 'View of Boathouse & Landing at Fort Pickens, Fl.' & 'Casemate Batteries at Ft. Pickens'.

Harper's WEEKLY, Apr. 20, 1861 1/3 ftpg. illus: 'Confederate Batteries Opposite Ft. Pickens, Fl.'. Nice fullpg: 'The Washington Navy-Yard With Shad Fisheries in the Foreground' Great dblpgctrfld: 'The U.S. Fleet Off Ft. Pickens, Fl.'

Harper's WEEKLY, Apr. 27, 1861 Full pg: 'Interior of Ft. Sumter During the Bombardment' & 'Map of Charleston Harbor' dramatic dblpgctrfld:  'Bombardment of Fort Sumter by Batteries of the Confederate States' Ftpg. Winslow Homer illus:'Gen. Thomas Swearing in Volunteers' . Nice illus. of Lincoln. One-quarter page print of General P.T. G. Beauregard.

Harper's WEEKLY, May 4, 1861 Terrific & key ftpg. illus: 'The House-Tops In Charleston During the Bombardment of Sumter' is great on the beginning of the war. Nice fullpg: 'The 7th Regiment Marching Down Broadway To Embark For The War' Halfpg. illus. shows Capt. Abner Doubleday, among others.

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