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Shakespear and Stratford Upon Avon...

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June 08, 1872

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 8, 1872  Full front pg. illus. of "In Memoriam-Decoration Day, 1872." Inside is a 1/2 pg. illus. of "Between the Strike and the Family." A 1/2 pg. illus. of "International Four Oar Boat Race-The American Crew Landing at Biffin's Yard, Hammersmith, England." 1/3 pg. illus. of "Shakespeare's House in Henley Street, Stratford Upon Avon." 1/4 pg. illus. of "Tomb of Shakespeare, Holy Trinity Church, Stratford Upon Avon." 1/4 pg. illus. of "Ward's Shakespeare Statue, Central Park, New York."
Full pg. illus. of "The New Organization on Its "New Departure"-Anything to Get Votes." Eight 1/9 pg. portraits of: "Dr. Thomas Bowman, Dr. W. L. Harris, Dr. R. S. Foster, Dr. J. W. Wiley, Dr. S. M. Merrill, Dr. E. G. Andrews, Rev. Gilbert Haven, and Dr. Jesse T. Peck." Two 2/3 pg. illus. pertaining to "The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius" including "...View from Pompeii" and "...A Lava Torrent."
Supplement: A 1/3 pg. illus. of "Refuge-Applying for Admittance." 2/3 pg. illus. of "Newgate-Exercise Yard." Two more 2/3 pg. illus. of "Bishopgate Street" and "Greenwich-In the Season." 1/4 pg. illus. of "Lambeth Potteries." 1/3 pg. illus. of "The Devil's Acre, Westminster."

Category: 1870-1879