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Many Civil War prints, and a rare account of Sojourner Truth...

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February 04, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Feb. 4, 1865  Prints found in this issue include a front page image of: "General Alfred H. Terry" and also on the ftpg. is: "Landing of Soldiers and Sailors Above Fort Fisher".
Inside pages include a full page: "The Army of the Potomac Receiving the News of the Capture of Fort Fisher"; two quarter page images of: "The Late Lieut. Samuel Preston" and "The Late Lieut. Benjamin H. Porter"; a halfpg: "Admiral Porter's Fleet Celebrating the Surrender of Fort Fisher"; a dramatic doublepage centerfold: "The Assault and Capture of Fort Fisher"; a quarter page image of: "Brig. General Adelbert Ames"; a half print of: "Unionists Escaping Across the Mountains of East Tennessee"; a nearly halfpg: "The Destruction of the Rebel Ram 'Savannah' by the Enemy on the Eve of the Federal Occupation of Savannah"; a halfpg: "General Kilpatrick's Headquarters in Savannah. Also a small back page political cartoon captioned: "John Bull's Occupation Gone."
Perhaps the most intriguing item in this issue is a: "Letter From Washington" which includes near its end: "...But Freedman's Village has another and quite as powerful teacher in that well-known lecturess--Sojourner Truth. We found the veteran laborer for the slave in one of the little cottages, her hands in the flour...But Sojourner replied with energy that this was only a 'large Government poorhouse' She wanted 'her folks to be learning habits of economy, to be earning something, to become real Yankees.' we bought one of Sojourner's pictures...Some horse-cars labeled 'Colored persons not admitted' collect fares from far less sensible ones than honest, earnest, and God-worshiping Sojourner Truth." (see photos).
Complete in 16 pages.

Category: The Civil War