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Newspaper with the famous Ben Franklin imprint...

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June 19, 1760

PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE, June 19, 1760  This is perhaps one of the most famous newspapers of the colonial era, almost entirely because it was printed by Benjamin Franklin as indicated by the imprint at the bottom of the back page which lists him by name, and identifies him as the Postmaster as well: "Printed by B. FRANKLIN, Post-Master, and D. HALL, at the New-Printing-Office, near the Mark... See More  

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Americans about to give up?

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June 30, 1779

EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, June 30, 1779  Page 2 has a report from Portsmouth, Virginia, concerning a naval encounter (see). Also: "...that the night before he conducted in an express from Butler to Sir Henry Clinton, who confirms the account that 300 rebel troops who were going to the relief of Wyoming had been all cut off by the Indians...further brought in an account that a ... See More  

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