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A rare printing of Hamilton's greatest work: "Report on Manufactures"...

Item #670502
THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, Philadelphia, January, 1792 (with historic Supplement II)

* Report on the Subject of Manufactures (Report on Manufactures)

* The magnum opus of Alexander Hamilton

* First United States Treasury Secretary

The most significant content is found within the Appendix II which is included (but typically missing).

This Appendix has a wealth of "Public Pape... See More  

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George Washington, Ben Franklin, the Constitution...

Item #652893
THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, Philadelphia, November, 1789  This was one of the more successful titles.

Among the many articles noted on the full title/contents page are an article with a rare illustration (seldom found in 18th century American magazines) of: "...a black boy without arms belonging to Mrs. Alexander..."; "Creoles of St. Domingo" "The Ancient Welsh" &... See More  

Item from Catalog 313 (released for December, 2021)...

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American trade with China...

Item #648387
THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, Philadelphia, March, 1790 

Among the articles within are: "Singular Instance of the Religious zeal of the Hindoos..." "Remarks on Treading out Wheat" which includes not just one by 4 illustrations (see); a curious one in light of today's economy: "Remarks on the Commerce of America with China" "An Oration on Capital Punishments"... See More  

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