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Niblo's Garden... The "Black Crook"...

Baseball player (Dr. William H. Bell)... The Johnstown flood...

Item #651254

October 06, 1866


* "The Black Crook" at Niblo's Garden

* The 1st modern-day musical

* Baseball player portrait... The Johnstown Flood

Page 41 has a full page print of the "Great Scene Of The Second Performance Of The 'Black Crook,' Spectacle Now Performing At Niblo's Garden," This would eventually become genera... See More  

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The Johnstown Flood...

Item #605797

June 13, 1889

FRIENDSHIP WEEKLY REGISTER, Allegany County, New York, June 13, 1889 

* The great Johnstown flood of 1889

* South Fork Dam collapse

Page 2 has much coverage of the Johnstown Flood, with column heads: "THE GREAT CALAMITY" "Late Details of the Situation of Affairs in the Flooded Region" "Searching For the Dead and Relieving the Living" plus there are two ill... See More  

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The Johnstown flood...

Item #175404

June 15, 1889

HARPER'S WEEKLY, June 15, 1889 Full ftpg. shows: 'Relief Party Crossing the Temporary Bridge Erected over the Conemaugh'. Inside has a great halfpg: 'Bird's-eye View of Seattle, Washington Territory' in addition to much on the flood, including: 'After the Flood at Johnstown--Main St.' and a dramatic centerfold: 'the Flood at Johnstown--Scene at the Bridge' s... See More  

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