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Barack Obama becomes America's first African-American president...

Item #680272

November 05, 2008

(2) NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 5, 2008 and Jan. 21, 2009  A great pair of issues reporting both the election and inauguration of the first African-American president to occupy the White House.

The banner headline of the 5th is a simple: "OBAMA" beneath which is: "Racial Barrier Falls In Decisive Victory". The banner headline of the 21st announces: "OBAMA TAKES OATH, A... See More  

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First African-American President of the United States...

Item #629582

November 05, 2008

USA TODAY, November 5, 2008  This 48 page newspaper has a nice two line banner headline on the front page: "America makes history, Obama Wins! " with subheads and nice color photo of Obama with family. Much more on the inside pages in the 1st section. (see)

Nice condition.

Our post on the History's Newsstand Blog:

Regardless of your view on the recent U.S. election, one

... See More  

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President Obama Election and Inauguration Pair...

Item #554868

January 21, 2009

Here are a pair of the USA TODAY newspapers on the election and inauguration of Barrack Obama.  A great set to have!

The first issue is dated November 5, 2008 and reports the election of Obama with headlines and photos throughout this complete 48 page issue.

The second is dated January 21, 2009 which covers his inauguration with headlines and photos throughout as well. This issue has 52... See More  

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Barack Obama becomes America's first African-American president...

Item #552589

November 05, 2008

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Illinois, November 5, 2008

* Barrack Obama elected President of the United States

* Hometown newspaper of first African-American president

Presidential election newspapers have always been a mainstay of any historic newspaper collection, and ideally collectors try to find such an issue from the victor's hometown.

This newspaper is special for three reasons: 1) it is ... See More  

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