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First impact into another planet (Venus)...

Item #674850

March 02, 1966

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass.. March 2, 1966

* Soviet Union atmospheric space probe Venera 3

* 1st man made object to make impact w/ another planet

The bottom of the front page has a three column heading: "Luster of Soviet Bull's Eye on Venus Undimmed by Final Radio Failure" with subhead. (see) Related diagram is on page 4. Coverage on the Soviet probe, Venera 3, becoming the f... See More  

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Abie Nathan's flight for peace....

Item #674835

March 01, 1966

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 1, 1966

* Abie Nathan's flight for peace

* "Shalom 1" airplane trip to Egypt

* Jewish - Jews - Judaica

The bottom of the front page has a three column heading: "Israeli Flies Solo to Egypt on Peace Quest" with photo. (See) First report coverage continues inside with another related photo and map.

Complete with all 76 pages, a little spine... See More  

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The Michigan UFO craze of 1966...

Item #673878

March 25, 1966

THE PRATT TRIBUNE, March 25, 1966

* Ann Arbor & Hillsdale, Michigan

* UFO craze - flying saucers ?

Neat the bottom of the front page is a one column heading: "Air Force Probes UFO's" (see) This event was related to what is described as "The Michigan UFO Craze of 1966".

Complete with 10 pages, small binding holes along the spine/1st column, generally nice.... See More  

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First all black team (starters) wins NCAA championship....

Item #672692

March 20, 1966

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, March 20, 1966  A great newspaper--and from the founding city of the sport of basketball--reporting, quite modestly, on the front of the sports page, the upset of  four-time NCAA champions Kentucky by Texas Western.

Note also the banner headline on the front page of the sports section announcing: "Brigham Young Tops NYU In NIT Final" with... See More  

Item from Catalog 304 (released for March, 2021)...

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Candlestick Park torndao in Jackson, Mississippi...

Item #596202

March 04, 1966

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, March 4, 1966 

* Jackson, Mississippi 

* Tornado (F5) disaster

The front page has a two column headline: "Tornadoes Kill Scores In South" 1st report coverage on the Candlestick Park tornado in Jackson, Mississippi.

Other news, sports and various advertisements of the day throughout. Complete in 8 pages, tiny binding holes al... See More  

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Casey Stengel enters Baseball Hall of Fame...

Item #596200

March 09, 1966

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, March 9, 1966

* Casey Stengel

* New York Giants, Yankees & Mets

At the bottom of the front page is a three column pictorial of Casey Stengel which shows him as a player and coach. Brief text underneath is a first report on him entering the baseball hall of fame.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 20 pages, good conditio... See More  

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Flight 911 Mount Fuji Crash, 1966...

Item #220017

March 06, 1966


* BOAC Flight 911 Mount Fuji Japan Airliner Crash

This 50+ page newspaper has a two line, four column headline on the front page: "Crash of Airliner Nationwide Shock" with subheads that include: "Tragedy in Japan Strikes Many Homes, Costs Lives of Civic Leaders, Honeymooners" and more with realted photo. Other news of the day
... See More  

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