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News from the War of 1812, and more...

Item #619090

January 30, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 30, 1813  Inside has a full page chart; "A Statement of the Annual Expenditures of the United States"; an article: "Impressed Seamen" which contains 6 letters from James Madison, Jno. Rodgers & others; over two pages under the heading: "Events of the War" with various subheads including a letter signed in type by: Z. M. Pi... See More  

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Latest from the War of 1812, and more...

Item #619088

January 16, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 16, 1813  Among the articles are: "Legislature of South Carolina - An Act to Prevent Dueling" "East Florida" "Mint Establishment", and nearly 3 pages under the heading: "Our Naval Victories".

Over 3 1/2 pages are headed: "Events of the War" with various subheads including: "Military"; a letter si... See More  

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Latest from the War of 1812, and more...

Item #619086

January 09, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 9, 1813  Content includes: "Medal & Premiums" "Law Case--Clark, the Spy" "Military Supplies" which includes a lengthy chart; "American Seamen" "Treaty of Peace" with Sweden; "Distribution of Prize Money" split evenly between the govt. and the captors of vessels; and more.

Taking over 2 pages ... See More  

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Much reporting on the War of 1812...

Item #618656

June 18, 1814

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 18, 1814  Inside has over 5 pages of: "Events of the War" reporting on the on-going War of 1812. Included are reports & subheads: "Our Prospects"; letters form the "Creek Agency" and from "Milledgville"; "Military"; a letter from General Edmund Gaines from Sackett's Harbor; a half page letter... See More  

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Much reporting on the War of 1812...

Item #618610

March 26, 1814

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 26, 1814  Over half of the front page has a letter signed by John Armstrong (Secretary of War) beginning: "The time at which we have reason to expect an ascendancy on Lake Ontario has arrived.." in which he gives an update on events from his theater of the War of 1812. War reports carry over for several more pages & includes letters s... See More  

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One of the earliest newspaper mentions of Lincoln to be had...

Item #618575

August 12, 1837

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 12, 1837 

* Very early mention of Abraham Lincoln

* Early Mormon & Joseph Smith mention

An inside page has a report headed "Illinois" being an account of activities in the state legislature, with an inconspicuous--yet very significant--listing of "Lincoln" in the "negative" column of those who voted on a spec... See More  

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Florida is now a United States possession...

Item #617734

July 28, 1821

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 28, 1821 

* Florida officially in United States possession

The front page has an historic report concerning Florida which begins: "Florida, at length, is in the peaceable possession of the United States, acquired by treaty. On the 10th inst. the flags were exchanged at St. Augustine, under salutes of artillery, in ample form..." with... See More  

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Georgia & the Cherokee Indians... Andrew Jackson...

Item #617025

January 08, 1831

NILES WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 8, 1831  Among the many articles inside is a brief one headed: "Indian Rights" which cites a letter by Thomas Jefferson from 1791 beginning: "The Indians have a right to the occupation of their lands...".

Following it is: "Georgia And the Cherokees". There is also much reporting from Congress which includes two letters each... See More  

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Some naval affairs from the War of 1812...

Item #617024

October 28, 1815

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 28, 1815  Among the articles are: "The Barbary Powers; or, More of My Lord Sheffield" "Bonaparte's Letter" "Naval Affairs" which takes over 3 pages & includes a chart of the: "Estimated Annual Expence of the U.S. Navy's Yard at Norfolk" by position; near the back are 3 1/2 pages of: "War Event... See More  

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Piracy... Slave up-rising suppressed...

Item #616957

March 21, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, March 21, 1829  A lot of the news in this newspaper is government related from different regions of America. Featured in this issue is a great report on piracy with nice details of a capture. Also within this issue is a small report of slave uprising in Louisiana. This has interesting news of the day throughout. 

Sixteen pages measur... See More  

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The Black Hawk War... Early on the Rocky Mountains...

Item #611128

October 27, 1832

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 27, 1832 

* Black Hawk War

* Indian warriors

Page 2 has: "News from the Rocky Mountains" which is early. Elsewhere is: "Mortality of Slaves" and also: "Black Hawk" which concerning the Black Hawk War.

Sixteen pages, 6 1/4 by 9 3/4 inches, very nice condition.

As noted in Wikipedia, this title: "...(... See More  

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Missouripolis the capital of Missouri...

Item #610528

August 19, 1820

NILES WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 19, 1820  Inside has four pages concerning the: "Missouri Question--Speech of Mr. Darlington, of Penna." The back page has a brief yet interesting item on: "Missouri" which notes: "The constitution was adopted by the convention of the 17th...A place on the Missouri river, near the mouth of the Osage, is fixed upon as the permanen... See More  

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Rules & regulations of the United States Navy...

Item #610517

May 13, 1820

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 13, 1820 

* Early United States Navy

Within this issue are: "Rules & Regulations of the Navy" which take over a full page; "Constitution of Spain" which continues into the 8 page "Supplement" issue.

Complete in 24 pages scattered foxing, nice condition.

As noted in Wikipedia, this title: "...(was)... See More  

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Document signed by James Monroe...

Item #610511

April 01, 1820

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, April 1, 1820  Reports include: "Religious Persecutions"; "On Relations with Spain being a document signed in type: James Monroe; The Late Fire at Savannah" and various reports from Congress with a letter dated Paris, signed in type: La Fayette.

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 1/4 inches, a few leaves close-trimmed at the margin shaving some l... See More  

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Slavery... The Mexican War...

Item #600768

July 26, 1848

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Philadelphia, July 26, 1848  The front page has: "An Act to Amend an Act...for the Prosecution of the Existing War between the United States & ...Mexico". Inside has: "From Mexico" ""Slavery Extension..." the latter including: "...The great question & the only question at issue is--shall slavery (that is the system ... See More  

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Reports on the Navy, the Treasury, Post Office, & Secretary of War...

Item #600625

December 13, 1834

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 13, 1834  Being at the end of the year this issue has numerous governmental reports on the state of the nation, including: "Report of the Secretary of the Navy" which takes 2 pages; "Report of the Secretary of the Treasury" which takes nearly 7 pages; "Report of the Secretary of War" and the: "Report of the Postmas... See More  

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Letter from the Rocky Mountains... Ursuline Convent riot...

Item #600616

October 11, 1834

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 11, 1834  Page 2 has an interesting article on the Boston Tea Party and a discovery of a tea chest, headed: "A Tea Story". Also inside: "Abolition of Slavery" and over half a page on: "Rocky Mountain Correspondence" which is an early report on explorations of the West n a letter datelined: "Waters of the Colorado o... See More  

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A chart of the military forts in the United States...

Item #600595

June 30, 1821

NILES WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 30, 1821 

* U.S. military forts

Included is a: "Report on Fortifications" is comprised of over a full page of charts of various forts "...for the defence of the maritime frontiers of the union..." listed by state, which includes the costs for construction.

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 1/2 inches, very nice, clean condition.

As note... See More  

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The Missouri question... Gold coins for the United States...

Item #600574

March 03, 1821

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 3, 1821 

* Missouri statehood ?

* Gold coinage

The front page has a paragraph noting: "The Missouri question is at last settled...The manner of it has not pleased either party...legislature of Missouri will obstinately refuse to accept the condition..." with more (see).

Inside includes: "Gold Coin" which is a report on t... See More  

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James Lawrence and his famous quote: "Don't Give up the Ship"...

Item #600286

May 11, 1816

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 11, 1816  Perhaps the best content in this issue is a nice back page report on a monument erected to the memory of famed Naval hero James Lawrence, which includes at the bottom his very famous quote: "...His dying words were, 'DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP' ".

Among the other reports in this issue are: an article titled: "Natural... See More  

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Baptists in America...

Item #600105

August 16, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, August 16, 1817  Inside has a full page on the life of: "Dupont De Nemours" who had recently died. He was also father of E. I. duPont De Nemours, who would begin a business dynasty in America. The back page has a chart listing the: "Baptists in the United States" by state. Also a chart of the: "Altitudes of Mountains" in the... See More  

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More slaves in Charleston than free whites...

Item #600098

June 21, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 21, 1817 

* Early Charleston SC South Carolina

* Population - census - slaves

The back page has a brief chart headed: "Charleston" noting the population of the various inhabitants of the city. It notes 5573 white males, 5656 while females, 434 colored free males, 766 colored free females, and 11,515 slaves.

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 3/... See More  

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President Monroe visits Baltimore...

Item #600096

June 07, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 7, 1817 

* President James Monroe

Half of the front page has: "A Naval Establishment". Inside includes: "Permanency of the American Union" and an: "Address" to the President from the mayor & city council of Baltimore, followed by the: "Answer of the President" to them, signed: James Monroe. This is c... See More  

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Importations details... The Delaware Canal...

Item #600093

May 17, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, May 17, 1817  The front page has: "Robbery of the Mail". Inside has: "The War Tables - Land & Naval Battles in the Late War" "Delaware & Raritan Canal" which takes 4 pages; and much more, including 3 full pages of charts of the: "Aggregate of Importations".

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 3/4 inches, nice ... See More  

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The Shakers...

Item #600005

March 29, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 29, 1817  Content includes: "law of the United States - An Act to Provide for the Redemption of  the Public Debt" signed in type: James Madison. Also: "Legislature of New York - An Act Concerning the Shakers" which is an uncommon item concerning this religious society.

Also: "Relations with Russia" "Major-Ge... See More  

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Acts of Congress signed by President Madison...

Item #600004

March 22, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 22, 1817  Among the items in this issue are: "Laws of the United States - An Act More Effectually to Preserve the Neutral Relations of the United States" signed in type: James Madison, & another "An Act Concerning the Navigation of the United States" also signed by: James Madison. Also: "On Indian Affairs" which ta... See More  

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Naval items... Napoleon... Dartmoor massacre...

Item #599973

July 15, 1815

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 15, 1815 

* Dartmoor Prison massacre

* Napoleon Bonaparte

The top of the front page is the introduction of a new publication, the "American Naval Chronicle". Inside includes: "War Events: Or Matters Belonging to the Late War" which begins with a letter from Captain Biddle to Commodore Decatur on board the U.S. Hornet, with... See More  

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Huge list of naval captures, etc...

Item #599948

January 07, 1815

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 7, 1815 

* War of 1812

* United States Navy

Included are nearly 4 pages of: "American Prices" continued from an early report, being a very lengthy list of ships, with an introductory sentence: "These lists only included such enemy vessels as safely arrive in our ports, or are sunk or burnt, or otherwise 'satisfactorily'... See More  

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Reorganizing the U.S. Navy...

Item #599943

December 10, 1814

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 10, 1814 

* United States Navy

* William Jones

The first five pages are taken up with the very lengthy & detailed: "Naval Report" datelined Navy Department, Nov. 15, 1814, beginning: "In obedience to the resolution of the senate...directing the secretary of the navy to devise and digest a system for the better organization ... See More  

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An expedition up the Missouri River...

Item #599872

July 31, 1819

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 31, 1819 About half a page is taken up with a descriptive article: "Expedition Up the Missouri". Various other news of the day.

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 3/4 inches, very nice condition.

As noted in Wikipedia, this title: "...(was) one of the most widely-circulated magazines in the United States...Devoted primarily to politics...consi... See More  

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United States exports...

Item #599862

June 05, 1819

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 5, 1819  Nearly 3 pages are taken up with extensive chargers on the: "Exports of the United States" with columns for "quantity" and "value" of hundreds of items. Nearly 4 pages are taken up with: "Captain Biddle and Lord Cochrane" written on board the "United States ship Ontario".

Sixteen pages, 6 b... See More  

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Much on Indian treaties...

Item #599850

April 24, 1819

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, April 24, 1819  Among the articles are: "How to Tame an Elephant!" "Indian Treaties Ratified at the Late Session of Congress" which takes two pages; "Mexican Coinage"; a brief item: "Negro Stealing" reads: "Sentence of death has been pronounced on a fellow in North Carolina for negro stealing. If hanging is ri... See More  

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General Jackson and General Scott...

Item #599594

April 10, 1819

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, April 10, 1819 

* Asbury College (Maryland)

* Andrew Jackson & Winfield Scott

Inside has nearly 2 pages taken up with much on Asbury College, a one-time Methodist school in Baltimore, which ended in 1832. Also in this issue: "General Jackson and Scott" which takes 5 1/2 pages and includes 2 letters signed by Andrew Jackson, and 2 sig... See More  

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Law to prevent piracy... Defending General Jackson...

Item #599589

March 13, 1819

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 13, 1819  Inside has: "General Jackson" and over a page of: "List of Acts" and also includes the text of 3 Acts of Congress, each signed: James Monroe, one: "...to protect the commerce of the United States and to punish the crime of piracy." Also inside: "Defence of General Jackson - Strictures on Mr. Lacock's... See More  

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Details of the infamous Dartmoor prison massacre...

Item #599437

June 17, 1815

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 17, 1815  The issue begins with nearly 2 pages of "Naval Affairs".

Nearly four pages are taken up with a very lengthy & detailed report titled: "Dartmoor Massacre" which was a tragedy of the War of 1812 with American prisoners being severely mistreated in this British prison.

The report notes near the beginning: "We ar... See More  

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Report on the United States Navy...

Item #598186

May 14, 1831

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 14, 1831 

* Early United States Navy

* USS Java returns to America

Inside has: "Arrival of the Java", and "Free Persons of Color" concerning their quarantine of 40 days for all vessels containing them. Also: "American Navy" includes a list of the ships and much more on the navy including comments on ships being bu... See More  

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Trouble at the gold mines in Georgia...

Item #598158

March 12, 1831

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 12, 1831 

* Cabarrus County, North Carolina

* Gold discoveries in the South

Inside has over a full page headed: "Campaign In Georgia!" with much of relating to the troubles at the gold mines there (see for beginning). Also inside is over a page of a: "List Of Acts Of Congress", plus there is much under the heading: "... See More  

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Andew Jackson wanted for a 2nd term as President...

Item #598150

January 29, 1831

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 29, 1831 

* President Andrew Jackson

The front page has an item: "Gen. Jackson"  which notes: "...it should be the will of the nation to call on the president to serve a second term....he will not decline the summons..." with a bit more. Inside pages have much reporting from Congress.

Complete in 16 pages, 6 by 9 1/2 ... See More  

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Harrison accepts the Presidential nomination offer...

Item #595555

February 08, 1840

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, Feb. 8, 1840 

* William Henry Harrison nomination

* Slave ship Amistad

Inside has an items on William Henry Harrison accepting his nomination for the Presidency with his letter signed in type: W.H. Harrison.

The back page has a brief item concerning the Amistad slave ship case: "The Amistad" with: "...the fact stated in this pape... See More  

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Jefferson Davis receives an army promotion...

Item #588532

May 25, 1833

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, May 25, 1833 An inside page has nearly a full page list of promotions in the army, among which, under "Regiment of dragoons" is: "2d lieut. Jefferson Davis, of the 1st regiment of infantry, to be 2d lieutenant, 4th March, 1833."  Less than 30 years later Jefferson Davis would be President of the break-away Confederate Stat... See More  

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Death of the publisher... Hezekiah Niles...

Item #588495

April 06, 1839

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Washington City, April 6, 1839 

* Hezekiah Niles death

* Publisher

The front page has a black-bordered notice of the death of the publisher of this newspaper, the man for whom the newspaper is named, Hezekiah Niles. The report begins: "It is our painful duty to announce the death of  Hezekiah Niles, the founder of this work, who died at Wilmingt... See More  

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Death of Zebulon Pike... New gold coins described...

Item #585699

August 09, 1834

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, August 9, 1834  Page 2 reports on "The new coinage..." describing the new gold coins being produced: "On the face the new coins will be readily distinguished by a head of  liberty, disencumbered of a cap. On the reverse the surplus motto "E pluribus unum", which for many years has occupied a portion of the disk above the eag... See More  

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Map of Algiers...

Item #584006

November 16, 1816

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 16, 1816  One of the more notable items in this issue is the very unusual--are quite rare--full page map headed: "Plan of Algiers" which is a somewhat crude illustration of the town, with various details.

Among other reports in this issue are: "The Right & Power of Suffrage", "Convention of Maine", "Yellow Fev... See More  

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Emigration of freed slaves...

Item #580974

July 03, 1824

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 3, 1824  An inside page has report headed: "Emigration of the Free Blacks", which tells of their colonizing on the island of St. Domingo, taking over 2 1/2 pages.

Complete in 16 pages,  6 1/4 by 9 1/2 inches, lite foxing, otherwise is in good condition.

As noted in Wikipedia, this title: "...(was) one of the most widely-... See More  

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Treaty with Winnebago Indians... Piracies...

Item #580973

October 20, 1832

NILES' REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 20, 1832  This issue contains a report entitled: "Peace With The Indians" which takes about 3 column inches, and talks about a treaty with the Winnebago Indians. A small report on "Piracies" reports on the several recent accounts and awful murders.

Sixteen pages 6 1/2 by 9 inches, very good condition.

As noted in Wikipedia, this tit... See More  

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President Andrew Jackson's state-of-the-union address...

Item #578772

December 11, 1830

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 11, 1830  The prime feature of this issue would be the complete printing of the very lengthy: "President's Message", being the annual state-of-the-union address of the President, a tradition which began with Washington and continues to this day. This very detailed & wordy address takes over 9 pages and is signed in type: Andrew Jac... See More  

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Presidential Candidates... 1820 Census...

Item #572890

January 26, 1822

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 26, 1822  Inside the issue is a report "Next President"... "Pretty work for eight dollars a day!" This article is approximately one full page and includes the names of the those put forth as candidates. The front page and another page inside the issue is reporting on "The Census". Other news of the government and of day... See More  

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Martin Van Buren's annual address to the nation...

Item #572009

December 28, 1839

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 28, 1839 

* President Martin Van Buren 

* State of the Union Address

Being so close to the nation's capital it is not surprising that much of the content in this issue is on politics of the day, including a wealth of reporting from Congress. The prime feature would be the complete and lengthy text of the annual state-of-the-u... See More  

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Monroe's state of the union address...

Item #549657

November 18, 1820

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, November 18, 1820  Over 3 pages within this issue are taken up with the: "President's Message", being James Monroe's annual state-of-the-union address. At its conclusion it is signed in type by the President: James Monroe.

Among other reports in this issue are various reports from Congress including an item signed by: H. Clay.

Sixteen... See More  

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Struggle for the throne of Hawaii...

Item #549655

December 02, 1820

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore,  Dec. 2, 1820 Within is a report headed: "South Sea Islands" which reads in part: "Since the death of Tamahamaha, king of the Sandwich Islands, we hear there has been a desperate battle fought for the right of succession to the crown. It terminated in the dethronement of the young prince, son of the king--and the queen mother reigns in his... See More  

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