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Item #172882

May 06, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 6, 1865  This issue remains one of the most desired of the Civil War era, if not the 19th century, as much of it deals with the assassination and funeral of President Abraham Lincoln.

The entire front page is a print captioned: "President Lincoln At Home" showing him reading a book to his son. This very image was made into a postage stamp by the U... See More  

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Lincoln's funeral and more...

Item #172888

May 27, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 27, 1865  The front page features "Lewis Payne the Assassin" under guard, with text headed: "Capture of Davis", "Payne the Assassin" and "President Lincoln's Burial".

Inside includes a dramatic full page: "Charge of the Ninth Army Corps on Fort Mahone, April 3, 1865". A full page features a half page ill... See More  

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"Johnny comes marching home"...

Item #172892

June 10, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 10, 1865  The full front page is a nice print of: "The Grand Review at Washington--General Meade & Staff Passing the Principal Stand" during a parade of returning Civil War soldiers. Another prime item is the doublepage centerfold by Thomas Nast, titled: "Victory And Death" showing six vignettes of the somber side of war (see).

Othe... See More  

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Follow-up to the Civil War... Prisoner cruelties...

Item #172894

June 17, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY June 17, 1865  The full front page shows: "Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State" with an article on him on page 2. Other articles are: "The Fate Of Davis" "The Day of Reckoning" "The Conspiracy Trial".

Inside ha a nice, large print of: "Major-General William T. Sherman", and smaller prints of: "General Weitzel&#... See More  

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The conspirators in the Lincoln assassination...

Item #172898

July 01, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 1, 1865  The front page has 2 prints concerning the dedication of the Bull Run monuments, captioned: "Monument Erected on the Field of the First Battle of Bull Run" and: "Consecration of the Bull Run Monuments--Reading the Service". There is front page text on the dedication as well.

Inside has a full page of: "Sherman And His Gene... See More  

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Celebrating the success of the Atlantic telegraph cable...

Item #172910

August 12, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Aug. 12, 1865  The front page shows: 'New Westminster, Capital of British Columbia" as well as: "Terminal Station of Collins's Overland Telegraph, New Westminster, B.C."

Inside has prints captioned: "The Indo-European Telegraph--Landing the Cable in the Mud at Fao, Persian Gulf" "Trial of Mowing Machines...at West Mount Ver... See More  

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