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Civil War related print on the front page...

Item #670025

August 16, 1862

THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, Aug. 16, 1862  A desired yet rather scarce title from during the Civil War, as the front page occasionally featured a Harper's Weekly-like Civil War print.

This issue features on the ftpg: "Thirteen Inch Shell Mortar, as Used by the U.S. Government..." with some detail. Various war reporting inside including: "The President's Sp... See More  

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Progress on the transcontinental railroad... Issues with the Sioux Indians...

Item #669918

April 26, 1867

CONCORD DAILY MONITOR, New Hampshire, April 26, 1867   Page 3 has: "Pacific Railroad--Indian Council" which reports on the progress of this historic transcontinental railroad project. Also that: "...from Gen. Sully, dated Fort Sedgwick...states he has ha a satisfactory council with the Ogallalla and Brute bands of the Sioux Indians..." with another report with details... See More  

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The historic Fredericton Cathedral, New Brunswick...

Item #669906

April 28, 1849

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, April 28, 1849  Amongst the many interesting prints within perhaps the most notable is the print of: "Fredericton Cathedral, New Brunswick" which has a related article: "The Cathedral, Fredericton, New Brunswick, North America".

Not only does this cathedral still stand, it is a National Historic Site of Canada. According to the Histor... See More  

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A settler's hut in Australia...

Item #669905

March 17, 1849

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, March 17, 1849  Amongst the many interesting prints perhaps the best are the two commanding the back page, showing: "Settler's Hut, In Australia" and: "Interior of Settler's Hut In Australia". The balance of the page is taken up with a nice article on it headed: "Australian Hut".

Sixteen pages, archival mend on page ... See More  

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Houdon's Statue of Washington... Barnum's paper...

Item #669881

February 26, 1853

ILLUSTRATED NEWS, New York, Feb. 26, 1853  P.T. Barnum was the co-owner of this early illustrated newspaper which preceded both "Leslie's Illustrated" and "Harper's Weekly" these latter two ultimately becoming immensely more successful. This effort by Barnum and the Beach brothers would last for only 48 issues.

The ftpg. has a print of: "Houdon's Statue o... See More  

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Early article on croquet...

Item #669801

May 20, 1865

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 20, 1865  Inside has the earliest article on the game of croquet we have offered, headed: "The Game of Croquet" with much detail, taking over half a column.

Sixteen pages, nice condition.

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The end of the Civil War will transform the country...

Item #669799

June 24, 1865

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, June 24, 1865  Inside has an interesting editorial headed: "The War Ended" which includes in part: "Few people realize the inestimable blessings they possess in the close off the war. They miss the accustomed accounts of engagements & the sight of soldiers in the streets is becoming rare...The foundries have done their work; shot and shell are... See More  

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Wilson wins the presidential election...

Item #669504

November 10, 1916


* Woodrow Wilson election

* Charles Evans Hughes

The banner headline proclaims: "WILSON RE-ELECTED PRESIDENT ON FACE OF RETURNS" with various subheads including: "Result Hinges On Final Count In Four States".

This same newspaper, two days prior, proclaimed Hughes winning the election.

Complete in 16 pages, partially loose at... See More  

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World War II may be over: from the city where it began for the United States...

Item #669496

August 14, 1945

THE HONOLULU ADVERTISER, Hawaii, Aug. 14, 1945

* Japanese surrender - World War II

* From the origin of the war (U.S.)

Full front page banner headline above the masthead is an early announcement of the war in the Pacific coming to an end: "JAPS ACCEPT TERMS, TOKYO RADIO SAYS" with a subhead: "Not Official; Washington Awaits Word" with many other front page related artic... See More  

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First of this Indian Territory newspaper we have offered...

Item #669339

October 05, 1889

OUR BROTHER IN RED, Muskogee, Indian Territory, Oct. 5, 1889 

* Very rare publication

This would become the state of Oklahoma in 1907. A quite uncommon title meant for the Indians in the territory. The motto in the masthead notes: "Christian Education the Hope of the Indian."

This title is not noted in Gregory's "Union List of Newspapers", nor are any held by th... See More  

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Alexander Hamilton defends the President's salary...

Item #669084

December 09, 1795

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR THE WORCESTER GAZETTE, Dec. 9, 1795  The entire front page and a bit of page 2 are taken up with the: "Explanation, by Mr. Hamilton, on the Subject of a Late Attack upon the President of the United States, and the Former and Present Secretary of the Treasury, in Relation to the Compensation of the President". Extremely lengthy & continued in a f... See More  

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Burning John Jay in effigy...

Item #669075

July 15, 1795


* 18th century America

* re. John Jay Treaty

Evidence of how controversial the Jay Treaty with England was, page 3 has a report noting in part: "...about noon...the 4th...a number of people collected together and daringly attempted to burn, in effigy, our late minister J. Jay, together with the treaty..."... See More  

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Speech of the governor, Sam Adams...

Item #669073

June 10, 1795

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR THE WORCESTER GAZETTE, June 10, 1795  Almost half of page 3 is taken up with the: "Speech" of the governor of Mass., signed in type: Samuel Adams. He discusses various topics including revisions to the state constitution.

Four pages, nice condition.

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Adams responds to the House's address on the state-of-the-union...

Item #669002

December 13, 1798


* President John Adams - annual address

* State of the Union Address response

Page 3 has the response of the House of Representatives to the President's state-of-the-union address recently delivered, followed by his: "Answer' signed: John Adams.

Four pages, handsome masthead, some foxing, nice condition.... See More  

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Thomas Paine is seldom sober...

Item #668963

October 18, 1798

FEDERAL GAZETTE & BALTIMORE DAILY ADVERTISER, Oct. 18, 1798  Page 3 has an interesting report: "A London paper says---Tom Paine has fallen into the most perfect contempt at Paris--he is excluded all society and shunned even by his compeers...he derives a small allowance from some of the public prints, which he expends in liquor--he is seldom sober."

Four pages, handsome masthea... See More  

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Death of a fellow newspaper editor...

Item #668952

September 18, 1798


* Federalist Party editor death

Page 3 has a black-bordered report of the death of the newspaper editor John Fenno, publisher of the famed Gazette of the United States from Philadelphia.

Four pages, handsome masthead, nice condition.

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Reports concerning the French & Indian War...

Item #668855

March 29, 1757

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, March 29, 1757  One-third of the front page is taken up with reports headed: "America" with New York and Boston datelines. One bit notes: "...God grant they may come safe; for with these and the fleets that are expected from England...we hope a new turn will be given to our affairs and some better success attend our arms...".

Eight pages, 8 ... See More  

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Reports on the French & Indian War...

Item #668854

March 26, 1757

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, March 26, 1757  The front page begins with over a half column report headed: "America" with a Boston dateline. Mentions include: "...four New England colonies having agreed to furnish his Lordship with 4000 men for the operations of the ensuing year...". This is followed by a report concerning events of the French & Indian War.

Eight pag... See More  

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Confederate newspaper with a wealth of war reporting...

Item #668802

November 09, 1864

THE DAILY SOUTHERN GUARDIAN, Columbia, South Carolina, Nov. 9, 1864 

* Rare Confederate publication

* Nearing the end of the Civil War

A rather rare title and great that it includes the word “Southern”.

The front page is mostly taken up with ads & military notices but the first 2 columns have war news: "Latest From the United States" "Mosby's Operati... See More  

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Jefferson is president of the American Philosophical Society...

Item #668762

January 09, 1797

THE NEW WORLD, Philadelphia, Jan. 9, 1797  A quite scarce title, and until a recent find, the very first we have offered in our 44 years. It published for exactly one year.

Page 2 has a report of the American Philosophical Society listing its officers, and noting: "President: Thomas Jefferson". Page 2 also has a letter signed by: Buonaparte headed: "Army Of Italy" and giv... See More  

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General Oglethorpe and Georgia...

Item #668646

September 01, 1785

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, September, 1785  Included is an interesting article: "Description of a Machine for Raising Water by Wind" being an unusual type of windmill which includes a nice full page plate of it.

Other items include: "Chemical Inquiries into the Effects of Spirituous Liquors"; an article concerning General Oglethorpe and his settling of Georgia, and... See More  

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Washington on the Treaty of San Lorenzo...

Item #668607

April 06, 1796


* President George Washington

* Pinckney's Treaty of San Lorenzo

Page 2 has a letter to the House concerning ratification of the Treaty of San Lorenzo, signed: Geo. Washington. Then "An Act" of Congress providing relief to soldiers injured or disabled in the military, also signed: Go. Washington.

Included a... See More  

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Three beautiful color prints, one a doublepage of a ship...

Item #668542

July 26, 1856

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, July 26, 1856  The prime feature would be the 3 color prints in the Supplement. More typically such prints have been removed. The most dramatic & displayable is a double pate print of: "The 'James Watt', Man of War--Colours Flying & Manned at the Yards"

The other two are full page prints: "Beauties of England & Wales - ... See More  

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Nice wine making print...

Item #668537

November 22, 1856


* Great wine making illustration

The large double page centerfold print is captioned: "The Vintage In France" which is a great wine-themed print, folding out to measure about 15 by 21 inches.

Other prints include several scenes of a flood on the Ganges River in India, a full page with 3: "Sketches Of Moscow" and more.

... See More  

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Thoughts on the lust for gold...

Item #668227

November 16, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 16, 1849  Page 3 has an article: "The Love Of Gold" which is from London, & reflects upon the moral issues of the chase for gold. Bits include: "...in its lust of gold, most pitiful, most mean...As a stimulus to this modern ice the discovery of California threatens to be disastrous to the higher morality of society...we s... See More  

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Exchanging prisoners with the Indians...

Item #668173

January 24, 1795

AURORA GENERAL ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, Jan. 24, 1795  Page 2 has a report noting: "...that an exchange of prisoners is to take place at Nashville...between the Southern Indians and the U.S. territory south of Ohio..." with a bit more.

The bottom of page 3 has one of the earliest ice cream advertisements we have seen in any newspaper.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, small bind... See More  

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Jefferson acknowledges troops raised for the militia...

Item #668136

November 04, 1807

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 4, 1807 

* President Thomas Jefferson

Page 2 has a letter from the "Washington County Militia" or Pennsylvanian concerning troops raised for the militia, followed by a note of thanks from the President, signed in type: Th. Jefferson.

Pages 2 & 3 contain a very lengthy: "Portrait Of Aaron Burr, No. 1" of what must ha... See More  

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Two front page Acts of Congress signed by Jefferson...

Item #668134

February 20, 1807

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Feb. 20, 1807 

* President Thomas Jefferson

The first column of the front page is taken up with two Acts of Congress, each signed in type by the President: Th. Jefferson.

Four pages, archival repair at the top of the blank spine, nice condition.

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George Washington on the front page...

Item #668119

February 03, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Feb. 3, 1796 

* President George Washington

* re. the Jay Treaty

The ftpg. features an address "To the President of the United States" concerning the Jay Treaty, with his response signed in script type: Go. Washington.

Pg. 2 report from "The Mint" reports on the quantities of various coins minted. The back page has a commercial ad: "... See More  

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Two documents signed by Governor Sam Adams...

Item #668102

June 24, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 24, 1795  Page 2 has a "Proclamation--By the Governor" signed in type: Samuel Adams. This is followed by a letter to the Mass. Legislature signed: Samuel Adams.

Four pages, a few minor stains, minor loss to a lower corner.

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Foldout plate of the Rheims Cathedral...

Item #667835
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, April, 1773  A feature of this issue is the very nice foldout print (in reddish ink) titled: "Elevation and Geometrical Profile of the Abbe Church of St. Nicaise at Rheims", known as the Rheims Cathedral. The plate measures 8 by 10 1/2 inches and has a related article.

Also a full page plate titled: "Curiosities found in the Ruins of Hercu... See More  

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Jefferson's Proclamation requiring British ships to leave...

Item #667652

July 15, 1807

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, July 15, 1807

* President Thomas Jefferson

Over a full column of the front page is taken up with: "A Proclamation" signed by the President: Th. Jefferson.

It relates to the ongoing troubles in Europe and America's situation & specifies that: "...all armed vessels bearing commissions under the government of Great Britain, now within t... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson on the situation in Europe...

Item #667415

May 04, 1803

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, May 4, 1803  The top of the front page has a letter from the President relating to America keeping out of the troubling affairs in Europe, signed in type: Thomas Jefferson.

Four pages, nice condition.

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Jefferson on selling land in D.C. to pay the debts...

Item #667411

January 26, 1802


* President Thomas Jefferson

* Washington D.C. land sale

Page 2 has an interesting letter to Congress from the President concerning the city of Washington, more specifically the money that is due to Maryland and the measured sale of land in the city to meet it debts, etc. It is signed in type: Thos. Jefferson.

Four pages, a piece from the spine d... See More  

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Spanish taking over New Orleans...

Item #666933

July 26, 1766

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 26, 1766 

* Louisiana Rebellion - Creole revolt

* Spanish Occupation of New Orleans

Inside has a report headed: "America" with a Charleston, S.C. dateline. There are several news items, one of which notes: "...that the Spanish governor...was arrived at New Orleans in order to take possession of that place..." with more on the Fren... See More  

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Proclamation by General Howe...

Item #666884

May 01, 1777

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, May 1, 1777 

* British General William Howe proclamation

Page 2 has a report from New York concerning the Revolutionary War with a Proclamation signed in type by: W. Howe, which reads in part: "...declare & do hereby promise & engage that all persons bearing arms as aforesaid who shall surrender themselves to any officer commanding any part of
... See More  

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The Quakers of New York send thanks to the Queen of England for repealing the "cruel law"...

Item #666858

September 29, 1707

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Sept. 29, 1707  The front page begins with an: "...address of the people call'd Quakers in Long Island, and near Connecticut colony...presented to Her Majesty...".

The document notes in part: "We, the dutiful & loyal subjects of the Queen called Quakers, inhabiting in Long Island and places adjacent, and near Connecticut Colony think our se... See More  

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The Mexican War...

Item #666778

March 12, 1847

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C.,  March 12, 1847  Page 3 has reports on the Mexican War including: "War News" and a letter from New Orleans with some content on Santa Anna, and then a report headed: "From the Army".

Four pages, very nice condition.

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All the "what ifs" of the war... Asking the King to end the war with America...

Item #666751

December 06, 1781

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Dec. 6, 1781 

* Post Surrender of Cornwallis

* Should the British continue the war ?

* General Benedict Arnold

Being  a week or more since the news of the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown reached Parliament, this issue has a considerable amount of discussion from the: "House Of Commons", which includes various talk on the Revolutionary ... See More  

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Displayable Act of Parliament...

Item #666686

January 01, 1758

ACT OF PARLIAMENT, London, England, 1758 

* 18th century original document

Nice full title page has an engraving of the Royal coat-of-arms. Inside has an act: "...for allowing a further time for holding the first meetings of commissioners or trustees for putting in execution certain Acts made in the last session of Parliament."

A decorative document given the displayable titl... See More  

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Sam Adams...

Item #665854

August 27, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 27, 1796

* Samuel Adams, governor of Massachusetts

 The front page has a full column taken up with three Acts of the Mass. legislature, each signed in type by the governor: Samuel Adams.
Page 2 has much reporting on the Napoleonic War, one report beginning: "Gen. Buonaparte has ordered an army of 25,000 men to penetrate into the Ecclesias
... See More  

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Signed by Samuel Adams...

Item #665520

November 26, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 26, 1796 

* Samuel Adams, governor of Massachusetts

* 18th century American original addresses

Page 2 has two messages addressed to the state senate concerning a resolution about presidential electors, each signed in type: Samuel Adams.

Other news of the day includes: "Embargo On Genoese Vessels" "Theatrical" and more. Several inte... See More  

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Washington responds concerning the Jay Treaty with England...

Item #665475

November 14, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 14, 1795 

* George Washington letter

* re. John Jay's Treaty

The ftpg. has a letter from the President to the inhabitants of Georgetown concerning the late Treaty with Great Britain, known as the Jay Treaty. One bit notes: "...On a subject so complex, and having such extensive relations, some diversity of opinion might be expected...", sig... See More  

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Benefits to Revolutionary War veterans...

Item #665242

April 01, 1794

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, April 1, 1794 

* American Revolutionary War victims

* Henry Knox document re. pension benefits

The back page has an notice headed: "War Department" concerning benefits to those of military service who died or were injured. It is signed by the Secretary of War: H. Knox.

The front page has reports from the "Congress of the Unite... See More  

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Letter by Abigail Adams... Court martial of John Heath...

Item #664938

January 31, 1818

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 31, 1818  Page 3 has a letter signed in tpe by the wife of John Adams; Abigail Adams, in which she complains to the publisher of the newspaper about an article on how guests at the White House were received in "The Drawing Rooms". There is a lengthy "Reply to Mrs. Adams" being an apology, signed in type: H. Niles. Rare to find le... See More  

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Much on the America vs. England disputes...

Item #664131

December 14, 1775

THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE OR EDINBURGH AMUSEMENT, Scotland, Dec. 14, 1775  Inside has: "Papers Respecting America" which begins: "Ask commissioners are about to be sent to America, invested with very extraordinary powers in order to settle the unhappy dispute subsisting between America and this country..." and then with some historical references.

Also: "Lord North's N... See More  

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Jackson's state-of-the-union address & the Indian Removal Act... The "Trail of Tears"...

Item #662625

December 15, 1830

HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE, Northampton, Massachusetts, Dec. 15, 1830

* President Andrew Jackson

* State of the Union Address

* Indian Removal Act

Over half of the ftpg. is taken up with: "Present State of the Indian Question" which is the controversial "Trail of Tears".

Inside has the: "President's Message" being Jackson's state-of-the-union address. Actuall... See More  

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Washington responds about the Jay Treaty...

Item #660499

October 29, 1795

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, Oct. 29, 1795 

* George Washington letter

* re. John Jay's Treaty

Page 3 has  letter from the people of Savannah to the President on their concerns about the pending Jay Treaty. This is followed by the President's response, signed in type: Geo. Washington.

Over half of the front page is taken up with the continuing article: "Features of... See More  

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Britons critical of the war in America...

Item #659538

January 02, 1777

THE LONDON EVENING POST, England, Jan. 2, 1777 

* Revolutionary War Era

* 18th century

* From The Enemy

Pages 3 and 4 have two lengthy, editorial-style letters reflecting on the Revolutionary War, most thoughts being critical of England's management of it.

The first begins: "The Americans, justly incensed at our unworthy & ungenerous treatment of  them, have at len... See More  

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Latest news from the Revolutionary War...

Item #658579

May 22, 1781


* Rare American Revolutionary War publication

Page 2 includes: "A letter from Fredericksburg...mentions that a report then prevailed  there that the enemy took possession of Williamsburgh the preceding Saturday...that , by the latest accounts, Earl Cornwallis, with about 2500 effective British troops, ... See More  

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