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One of the best issues on the Burr Conspiracy, with Jefferson's famous message to Congress...

Item #687488

January 31, 1807

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 31, 1807 

* President Thomas Jefferson

* Special message to U.S. Congress

* On the Aaron Burr conspiracy

A terrific issue on the Burr Conspiracy, as any number of websites can be found with the full text of this special message to Congress from the President, in which he discloses to them to full details of the conspiracy and his intents to prosecute A... See More  

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Rare title with pro-Loyalist leanings... Protests by unpaid war veterans...

Item #687446

July 02, 1783

THE ROYAL GAZETTE, New York, July 2, 1783  

* American Revolutionary War

* Extremely rare publication

* James Rivington

This is a case where the rarity of the title surpasses the content within. This was a Tory newspaper by the infamous James Rivington who was supportive of the British cause.

Rivington's initially impartial stance shifted as the revolution loomed and public opini... See More  

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Criticizing the Jay Treaty... Thanksgiving to the Most High...

Item #687435

November 18, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 18, 1795

* Criticizing the Jay Treaty

 The front page has a lengthy: "Address to the President Of the United States" with criticisms about the controversial Jay Treaty with England. It carries over to page 2 as well.

Page 3 has a brief note: "Peace is at length concluded between the United States and the Regency of Algiers...". Anoth... See More  

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Patriotic address to the French Canadians... The Cherry Valley Massacre...

Item #687424

December 31, 1778

THE NEW JERSEY GAZETTE, Trenton, Dec. 31, 1778 

* Cherry Valley Massacre - New York

* Rare Revolutionary War publication

Titles from New Jersey are very uncommon, particularly from the 18th century. Of greater significance is that this was the very first newspaper in New Jersey and this issue is from the year it began. This is the volume 1, number 56 issue.

Close to half of the front... See More  

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Great wealth of Revolutionary War content...

Item #687420

July 29, 1775

PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, July 29, 1775 

* Revolutionary War Tory original

* Rare Pro British issue from America

Page 2 has an interesting report from London which includes: "My Lords, whatever has been done by the Americans, I must deem the more consequence of our unjust demands. They have come to you with fair argument, you have refused to hear them, they make the most... See More  

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Ben Franklin's will, and much more...

Item #687400

* Benjamin Franklin's will

The bulk of the issue is taken up with a wide range of eclectic articles as noted on the full title/contents page.

The issue begins with: "Extracts from Dr. Franklin's Will" which takes over a full page and provides many details on various beneficiaries.

Also within: "Thoughts on Dueling&qu... See More  

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1937 court-packing plan... FDR...

Item #687375

February 06, 1937


* Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937

* United States Supreme Court packing plan

* President Franklin D. Roosevelt - New Deal

The front page has a banner headline: "DEMANDS HIGH COURT OF 15" with subheads. (see) Nice for display. Complete text of Roosevelt's message and more inside. Loads of text. Some related photos and heading on the ... See More  

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1813 Death of the "Gerrymander"...

Item #687371

April 07, 1813

BOSTON GAZETTE, April 8, 1813 

* Death of the "Gerrymander"

* Governor Elbridge Gerry

Page 3 begins with an interesting article headed: "The Gerrymander", essentially a report of its death. The "gerrymander" was--and remains to this day--a controversial political maneuver used to reshape voting districts in order to favor a political party. It was named fo... See More  

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The very first Medal of Honor recipients...

Item #687357

March 26, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, March 26, 1863

* 1st Medal of Honor recipients

* American Civil War

* Jacob Parrott & more

This issue has a report quite inconspicuous in its presentation yet exceedingly significant in its place in history. It reports the very first recipients of perhaps the most prestigious & coveted award for military valor: the Medal of Honor.

Page 4 has a one column heading: ... See More  

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With the "Supplement" issue as well. Fine content...

Item #687300

May 16, 1768

THE BOSTON CHRONICLE, May 16, 1768  The entire front page and most of pg. 2 are taken up with a continued report titled: "An Account of Corsica; & the Memoirs of the famous Pascal Paoli the commander in chief of the Corsicans."

Page 2 contains a nice & somewhat detailed ad for the famous series of "Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania..." done by John Dickinson,... See More  

Item from Catalog 327 - released for February, 2023...

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On the Battle of Bunker Hill... Washington named commander-in-chief.. So much more....

Item #687295

July 05, 1775


* Battle of Bunker Hill - Charlestown

* Siege of Boston, Massachusetts

* George Washington named commander

* American Revolutionary War

* Terrific issue w/ many reports

Nice engraving in the masthead of a post boy on horseback.

The front page has a letter from an officer in General Gage's regiment heading for ... See More  

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A very curious article covering the confusing Presidential election of 1876...

Item #687272

November 09, 1876

EASTON EXPRESS, Pennsylvania, Nov. 9, 1876  Page 2 has a very curious article on the contested election of 1876. There was some confusion as to who actually won the Presidential election, as at one point both Tilden and Hayes claimed victory.

The report begins: "The conflicting statements land claims of the two great political parties, at this writing, are so amusing and bewil... See More  

Item from Catalog 326 (released for January, 2023)...

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Rare title from the mining area of Northern California...

Item #687268

September 19, 1901

GEORGETOWN GAZETTE, El Dorado County, California, Sept. 19, 1901

* Rare gold mining town publication

A very rare title from this now-historical site, the most northeastern town in California's Mother Lode mining territory\ near the Nevada border.

Less than 1000 people reside there today but in its heyday of the 1850's & 1860's the population exceeded 3000. Gold mining contin... See More  

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Herbert Hoover nominated for President...

Item #687267

June 17, 1928

SECTION 9 ONLY of the New York Times, June 17, 1928

* Herbert Clark Hoover nominated for President

* 1928 Republican National Convention

The front page of this section only has a banner headline:  "HOOVER: A NEW TYPE AMONG CANDIDATES; The Eingineer, War Organizer and Cabinet Officer Brings His Talents Into the Political Arena for the Republican Party--His Unique Career Has Embrac... See More  

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President James Monroe dies on the 4th of July...

Item #687259

July 23, 1831

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 23, 1831

* President James Monroe

* 4th of July death

An inside page has: "Death Of James Monroe--Fifth President of the United States" and still in the heading is printed: "At the house of his son-in law, Samuel L. Gouverneur, esq. New York at half past 3 o'clock P.M. July 4, 1831."

What follows is a lengthy "Biblio... See More  

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End of fighting in the Civil War...

Item #687252

May 29, 1865


* Edmund Kirby Smith surrenders

* re. Jefferson Davis capture

* Last battles of the Civil War

The top of the first column has an embellishment beneath which is: "PEACE ! " "Kirby Smith Surrenders" "The Old Flag Waves From Maine to the Rio Grande!". Also on the front page is: "JEFF DAVIS" "An Of
... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln is elected president...

Item #687250

November 12, 1864


* Abraham Lincoln elected president (2nd term)

* 1st report plus Civil War reporting

 Page 3 has a nice illustration headed: "Prison At Andersonville, Georgia" with related text with one column heads: "Rebel Cruelties To Prisoners" "The Horrors of Andersonville, of Libby Prison, and of Relic Isle" "Plunde
... See More  

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Lincoln's State of the Union address, in a Washington, D.C. newspaper...

Item #687239

December 04, 1861

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 4, 1861 

* President Abraham Lincoln

* 1st State of the Union Address

* Best publication to be had ?

Most of page 2 is taken up with: "The President's Message" being the annual state-of-the-union address of the President to Congress, signed in type at its conclusion: Abraham Lincoln.

Logically, much of his focus is on... See More  

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The Gettysburg Address in a Pennsylvania newspaper...

Item #687238

November 20, 1863

PUBLIC LEDGER, Philadelphia, Nov. 20, 1863

* President Abraham Lincoln's famous speech

* Gettysburg Address at battlefield cemetery

* In a Pennsylvania publication, rare as such

 The front page has over two columns taken up with: "The Solemnities At Gettysburg" "Dedication of The Cemetery Of The Heroes" "Oration of Hon. Edward Everett".

As many know,... See More  

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Much on the funeral of George Washington...

Item #687225

January 04, 1800

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 4, 1800 

* George Washington funeral

* President John Adams

All four pages have wide black mourning rules for the death of George Washington.

Page 2 has: "Further Respectful Testimonials, Sacred to George Washington, Deceased" "By the President of the United States of America, A Proclamation" signed in type: John Adams, concerning: ... See More  

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Four front page signatures by George Washington...

Item #687171

May 28, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, May 28, 1796 

* President George Washington

A very displayable newspaper, as the front page has not one but four Acts of Congress with each signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington. One concerns: "...allowing compensation for horses killed in battle belonging to officers of the army of the United States."

The back page features 12 ill... See More  

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An address to the President, with his response...

Item #687169

October 10, 1798

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, Oct. 10, 1798  Page 2 has an: "Address" prefaced with: "Among the numerous addresses presented to the President few, if any, have been better expressed than the following." signed: James Oliver. This is followed by the President's reply signed: John Adams.

Four pages, two very discrete archival mends inside, great c... See More  

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Civil Works Administration created by FDR....

Item #687163

November 09, 1933

THE DETROIT NEWS, November 9, 1933 

* The creation of the Civil Works Administration

* New Deal - Great Depression

* Franklin D. Roosevelt - FDR

The front page has a banner headline "38,000 Jobs Here In U. S. Plan'" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on the Civil Works Administration being created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Other news, sports and advert... See More  

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1943 Withholding tax bill signed into law...

Item #687123

June 11, 1943

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 11, 1943

* Withholding tax bill signed into law

* President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR)

* World War II era

The top of the front page has a one column headings: "PAY-AS-YOU-GO TAX IS SIGNED INTO LAW; IN EFFECT ON JULY 1" "Wage and Salary Earners Will Find 20% Withheld to Put Then on Current Basis" and more. (see) First report coverage continues o... See More  

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March from Selma to Montgomery...

Item #687052

March 13, 1965

THE PRATT TRIBUNE, Kansas, March 13, 1965 

* Selma to Montgomery, Alabama 

* Martin Luther King Jr.

* Fight for Civil Rights era original

The top of the front page has a four column headline: "President Ready Anytime To Talk With Alabama Governor" (see) Also a one column heading: "Start Fund For Slain Minister" (see)

Complete in 8 pages, a few small binding h... See More  

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Muncie, Indiana George R. Dale death...

Item #687043

March 28, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 28, 1936

* George R. Dale death (1st report)

* Muncie, Indiana mayor & more

* Ku Klux Klan - KKK opposer  

The top of page 15 has a one column heading: "GEORGE DALE DIES; KU KLUX KLAN FOE" with subheads and photo. (see) I suspect this is one of the few publications to report this particular event as other titles in our inventory do not.

Other ... See More  

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Eisenhower wins the White House...

Item #687020

November 07, 1956


* General Dwight D. Eisenhower

* Elected president of the United States

The banner headline accounts: "Eisenhower Landslide" along with: "Solid South Broken, Congress in Doubt; Wagner Concedes to Javits; Bush Wins". The Bush mention is Senator Prescott S. Bush of Connecticut, father of President George H.W. Bush, and grandfather of P... See More  

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Bill Clinton elected president of the United States...

Item #687019

November 04, 1992

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 4, 1992  

* President Bill Clinton

* Wins presidential election (1st)

The three line banner headline announces: "CLINTON WINS DECISIVE MARGIN IN VOTER POLL ACROSS NATION AFTER 12 YEARS OF G.O.P. RULE" with subheads and related photos. 

The complete issue with all 3 sections, nice condition.... See More  

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Death of President Warren G. Harding...

Item #687015

August 03, 1923


* President Warren Harding death

* Nice headline for display

The banner headlines announce: "PRESIDENT HARDING DEAD" and: "Mrs. Harding Was Reading To Executive When His Death Came Without Warning" and related subheads. Includes a front page photo of Warren Harding.

Complete in 12 pages, light foxing to the top hal... See More  

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Kennedy's assassination, in a Washington, D.C. newspaper...

Item #687014

November 22, 1963

THE EVENING STAR--EXTRA, Washington, D.C., Nov. 22, 1963 

* John F. Kennedy assassination

* From our nation's capital

The banner headline announces: "PRESIDENT IS KILLED BY SNIPER IN TEXAS" with two large photos, one: "President Kennedy lies slumped in the back seat of a limousine...".

Great to have this report in a newspaper from the nation's capital.

Thi... See More  

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President Roosevelt dies...

Item #687013

April 12, 1945

THE DENVER POST--EXTRA, April 12, 1945 

* Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR death

* Great issue for display

Above the masthead is a huge headline in type measuring nearly 4 inches tall: "ROOSEVELT DEAD" With subhead: "President Dies At Warm Springs Of Cerebral Attack" with a photo headed: "The President Is Dead" and captioned: "Franklin D. Roosevelt".

T... See More  

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Early "Postscript" notice of the death of President Polk... Great content on the Gold Rush.... Capture of a slave ship...

Item #687005

June 19, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 19, 1849  The most notable report is the black-bordered "Postscript" at the upper right of page 3 which is headed: "Death Of Ex-President Polk" with the brief report noting: "...announcing; the melancholy news of the decease of Ex-President Polk at Nashville..." with a bit more.

We have never had an earlier re... See More  

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Nixon's second inauguration... considerable details...

Item #686945

January 21, 1973

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Phoenix, Arizona, January 21, 1973  The banner headline reads "Nixon predicts enduring peace" with subhead "Inaugural talk emphasizes ending Viet war 'with honor'". This was President Nixon's second inauguration. A photo of Nixon and his wife, Pat, riding in the limo is also on the front page. Additional photos are inside.

This is the out... See More  

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Discussing Taylor's inaugural address...

Item #686941

March 09, 1849

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 9, 1849 The first column of page 7 has the reviews of six newspapers on "The Inaugural Address" of President Taylor, with many diverse comments.

Also on page 7 is a lengthy: "List of Cadet Appointments for 1849" listed by state, and includes "John Hood" from Kentucky, who would become a famous Confederate general, ... See More  

Item from Catalog 326 (released for January, 2023)...

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Zachary Taylor's Cabinet members...

Item #686940

March 08, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 8, 1849  Dated just three days after Taylor's inauguration, it is not surprising that related content would be found in this issue.

Page 3 has an editorial headed: "The Inauguration Balls" as well as a list of the: "Appointments By the President" to the various Cabinet posts.

Page 2 has the full text of the very l... See More  

Item from Catalog 327 - released for February, 2023...

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John Adams letter... Refuting Washington's death...

Item #686886

January 19, 1799

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 19, 1799  Page 2 has a letter to the New York legislature signed in type by the President: John Adams.

Following it is a note which begins: "Some if the infernals who infest the United States have reported...the death of our beloved Fabius-Maximus, of Mount Vernon. The tale is false. Washington yet lives--and the God of all goodness still continues to bl... See More  

Item from Catalog 327 - released for February, 2023...

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Trouble with France... The U.S. Navy... John Adams...

Item #686866

August 29, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 29, 1798  Most of the front page is taken up with  3 Acts of Congress, one for: "...the relief of sick and disabled seamen.", each signed in script type by the President: John Adams.

Page 2 has: "French Duplicity" which relates to the XYZ Affair. Also: "From the Mediterranean" concerning Napoleon Buoaparte, and "More St... See More  

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John Adams' script signatures...

Item #686850

June 09, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 9, 1798  The front page has a poem titled: "Adams And Liberty - The Boston Patriotic Song, Written by Thomas Paine, A. M." (likely Robert Treat Paine, sources differ)

The front page has 3 Acts of Congress each signed in script type by the President: John Adams, and in block type by the Vice President: Th. Jefferson

Four pages, very nice cond... See More  

Item from Catalog 326 (released for January, 2023)...

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John Adams Acts... with script signatures...

Item #686849

June 02, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 2, 1798 

* President John Adams

* 3 Acts of Congress

The front page has three Acts of Congress each signed in script type by the President:  John Adams.

Page 2 has two letters: "To the President of the United States" from the citizens of Cambridge and Haverhill, Mass.

Four pages, minor stain near the top, nice condition. A dis
... See More  

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The XYZ Affair In 1798....

Item #686818

March 28, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 28, 1798 

* The XYZ Affair

* France relations

* John Adams message

Page 2 has the "President's Message" to Congress indicating that the negotiations with France by the U.S. envoys have failed. In the message the President states in part: "...I perceive no ground of expectation, that the objects of their mission, can be accomplished,... See More  

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Hamilton, Washington, and Adams...

Item #686811

November 23, 1791

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 23, 1791  Most of the first column of the front page is taken up with the: "Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the Estimates for 1792" which is signed in type: Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury.

The front page also contains a: "Report of the Trustees of the Sinking Fund" signed by the Vice President: John Adams. Taking ... See More  

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The President's house... Efforts to create the nation's capital in Maryland...

Item #686744

November 20, 1790

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 20, 1790  Page 2 has a sarcastic report from New York: "Great merit is claimed...by Mr. Morris for having been so gracious as to give up his house for the use of the President of the United States...Whether the giving up a house of moderate dimensions for seven hundred pounds a year can be deemed a great sacrifice, especially when it is considered that th... See More  

Item from Catalog 327 - released for February, 2023...

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Max Yergan... African American activist...

Item #686719

April 15, 1937

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 15, 1937

* African American Max Yergan

* 1st Negro to be a faculty member in NYC colleges ?

* Baptist Missionary - activist

* National Negro Congress president

Page 13 has a small one column heading: "Negro For College Post" with subhead. (see) First report coverage on Yergan possibly becoming the first African-American faculty member ever hired at one ... See More  

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Washington to arrive for his inauguration... The new federal government begins their work...

Item #686717

April 06, 1789

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET, Philadelphia, April 6, 1789  On this very day the votes for President were counted in the Senate, the result showing Washington was elected (not reported here).

Page 2 item from Boston notes that many men elected as federal representatives have declined the honor due to "private affairs". Also: "A Proclamation" for a day of fasting & prayer, signe... See More  

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Washington Act of Congress on the front page... President's image not to be on the coins...

Item #686711

April 07, 1792

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 7, 1792  Near half of the front page is taken up with an: "Act to Provide for the Settlement of the Claims of Widows and Orphans barred by the Limitations heretofore Established & to Regulate the Claims to Invalid Pensions" which is signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington, and in block type by John Adams and Th. Jefferson.

Page 2... See More  

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George Washington's state-of-the-union address...

Item #686710

November 14, 1792

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 14, 1792  Taking over half of the front page and concluding on page two where it is signed in script type: G. Washington, is President George Washington's "Speech to Both Houses of Congress".

This was his annual state-of-the-union address, a tradition which he initiated in 1790 and which carries on to this day. There is a prefacing paragraph hea... See More  

Item from Catalog 326 (released for January, 2023)...

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Constitutional Convention begins & Washington is elected its President: a day after report...

Item #686699

May 26, 1787


* Constitutional Convention begins

* George Washington elected president

An exceedingly historic issue as this newspaper reports the formal beginning of the Constitutional Convention--terrific to have in a newspaper from the city where these notable proceedings were held.

As such, this is likely the ... See More  

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Two Acts of Congress signed by Adams & Jefferson...

Item #686687

March 21, 1798

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES & PHILADELPHIA DAILY ADVERTISER, March 21, 1798  Over half of page 2 is taken up with two Acts of Congress, one: "Providing Means for Intercourse Between the United States & Foreign Nations", each signed in type by the President: John Adams, and the Vice President: Th. Jefferson.

Four pages, a few minor binding indents at the blank spine, very n... See More  

Item from Catalog 327 - released for February, 2023...

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FCC created...

Item #686456

June 21, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 21, 1934

* Federal Communications Commission (FCC) creation

* Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR signs bill

The top of page 2 has one column headings that include: "40 BILLS SIGNED BY THE PRESIDENT" "Others Are Silver, Communications, Federal Procedures and Air Crash Publicity Law" and more. (see) Coverage on the initial creation of the Federal Communicat... See More  

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Death of President William H. Harrison, in a Washington newspaper...

Item #686317

April 07, 1841

KENDALL'S EXPOSITOR, Washington, D.C., April 7, 1841

* President William H. Harrison

* Washington D.C. death - John Tyler

 This was an uncommon title which lasted but 4 years. The prospectus (not here) notes it was a semi-weekly devoted to "...the security of the right of suffrage by additional laws to punish bribery & fraud...an exposure of abuses & corruptions in gov... See More  

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