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Elizabeth Cady Stanton shines at the Woman's Suffrage National Convention...

Item #675633

January 10, 1878

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, Jan. 10, 1878  

* National American Woman Suffrage Association

The front page has half a column taken up with: "Woman's Suffrage National Convention" with a nice account of the meeting in Washington, D.C. One bit mentions: "...None of the long speeches thus far, except those of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Mrs. Hooker, have risen above m... See More  

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A fine report of the White River Massacre...

Item #675609

October 29, 1879

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, Oct. 29, 1879

* Meeker Massacre (early report)

* Battle of Milk Creek

* United States Army

* White River Utes - Indians

 Over half of the first column of the ftpg. has: "The White River Massacre" :safety of Mrs. Meeker and the Women and Children of the Agency--Details of the Tragedy".

This was the White River Massacre, also known as t... See More  

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The Nez Perce Indian War...

Item #675589

July 06, 1877

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, July 6, 1877 

* Battle of Cottonwood - Idaho

* Nez Perce War - Looking Glass

* Captain Stephen Whipple

The front page has over two-thirds of a column taken up with accounts of: "The Indian War" "Latest News from the Front--Another Fight--The Killed and Wounded in the Previous Massacre and Fight". These are reports concerning the Nez... See More  

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An Apache raid...

Item #675502

February 06, 1877

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, Feb. 6, 1877  Among the front page articles is: "Arizona" "An Apache Raid at Old Camp Crittenden--Ten Men Reported Killed". Other news of the day.

Four pages, small binding holes at the blank spine, generally good condition. A bit fragile so should be handled carefully.

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Major Hardin & the Northwest Indian War...

Item #675438
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1790  The issue includes a wide range of articles, & near the back several pages with an: "Accurate Statement of the Late Revolution in France".

There is also a report headed: "America" reporting on the Northwest Indian War, noting in part: "...that Major Hardin...with 200 volunteers...of Kentucky...made an expedition fr... See More  

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Operation Redwing... Atomic bomb test...

Item #675369

May 21, 1956

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Mass. May 21, 1956

* Operation Redwing - Cherokee nuclear weapon

* 1st U.S. air delivered thermonuclear device

* Bikini Atoll - Marshall Islands

The front page has a one column heading: "H-Bomb Dropped From B52" with subhead. (see)

Complete with 16 pages, light toning at the margins, generally nice.... See More  

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March of the Sioux Indians...

Item #675052

March 02, 1850

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, March 2, 1850  The top of the front page features a nice print of: "March Of The Sioux. From Frost's 'Thrilling Adventures Among the Indians" which has a related article as well.

Four pages, quite large folio size, 3 folds with creases at the folds, otherwise good condition. Folder size noted is for the issue folded in half.

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"Baseball And Its Pleasures"... Apache Indians...

Item #675026

May 19, 1883

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, May 19, 1883  The entire ftpg. shows: "New Mexico--An Incident Of The Apache War--A Boy Prisoner, Captured In A Raid, Brought Into Camp." A related article inside.

 Inside has a full page featuring six scenes relating to baseball captioned: "The Sports Of The Season.--Baseball And Its Pleasures." The individual scenes are
... See More  

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Print of two Indians on the front page...

Item #674690

February 23, 1850

THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, Feb. 23, 1850  The front page has a print: "An Indian Duel" which is from "Frost's 'Thrilling Adventures Among the Indians' " with a related article.

Four pages, very large size, several folds with minor wear at the margins & folds. Folder size noted is for the issue folded in half.

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Visit of the Sioux Indian chiefs...

Item #674677

June 14, 1875

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York, June 14, 1875  The full ftpg. has a patriotic political cartoon featuring Uncle Sam & Miss Liberty as well as the bald eagle: "A Sad Case of Constitutional Coat" drawn by the famed A. B. Frost.

Inside has a nearly half page print of: "The Visit of the Black Hills Braves---Portraits of the Leading Sioux Chiefs". Other prints as well.

Eight... See More  

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War of 1812... Mississippi moves towards statehood...

Item #674439

December 02, 1812


* Mississippi statehood ?

* War of 1812 - Fort Harrison

The front page has a brief item headed: "Another New State" reading: "The bill to erect a new state out of the Mississippi Territory passed by a large majority...".

Page 2 has some nice items headed: "The Glorious War!!" and another: "An Indian Town Destroyed" wi... See More  

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Was George Washington ever a commissioned officer in the British army?

Item #674356
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, July, 1795  Included is a letter to the publisher concerning George Washington, referencing his bravery & military prowess from the French & Indian War. Further on it notes: "...In the regular standing army of Great Britain he never held any commission: and this perhaps may have been...why Lord Howe & General Howe declined acknowledging h... See More  

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The Pueblo Incident with North Korea...

Item #674080

January 24, 1968

LOS ANGELES TIMES, January 24, 1968 

* USS Pueblo incident (1st report) 

* North Korea

The front page features reporting of the Pueblo Incident with a nice banner headline: "KOREA REDS SEIZE U.S. NAVY SHIP" with subhead, two related photos and map. Nice for display.

Complete 1st section only with 24 pages, very minor wear, nice condition.... See More  

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Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania (Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania)...

Item #673987

July 19, 1849

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 19, 1849  The first page carries a report "Fire at Mauch Chunk, (PA.)" (now known as Jim Thorpe. "We have received information of the occurrence of an awful conflagration in our sister town of Mauch Chunck on Sunday. All the business portion of that flourishing borough is in ruins. The loss is estimate at $150,000...".

Comple... See More  

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Congress to create a National Bank? Repaying the money owed to France... Indian troubles...

Item #673954

April 15, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, April 15, 1783  Page 3 has an item noting: "Letters from Phila. advise that several conferences had been held by the French Envoy with some...members of Congress...to...obtaining a proper settlement of the mode of payment of those sums which America is indebted to France...".

Also that: "The establishment of a grand national Bank on a plan simila... See More  

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John Two Guns White Calf 1921 photo...

Item #673865

June 02, 1921

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE, Penn., June 2, 1921

* JohnTwo Guns White Calf

* Chief of Piegan Blackfeet

* Indians - Native Americans

Page 5 has a photo showing John Two Guns White Calf with Chicago Mayor Thompson with brief text mentioning this is the Indian who posed for the Buffalo Nickel. (see)

Complete with 20 pages, light toning and a little wear art the margins, should be handled with care.... See More  

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American Indians population in 1872....

Item #673598

August 06, 1872

NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 6, 1872.


* Population Figures Of American Indians

* Native Indian Tribes

Page 8 has an article headed: "The Indian Domain" "Population of the Tribes and the Rich Lands Lying Waste" " Present Conditin Of The Redskins" and more. (see) Text takes up over 1 1/2 columns.

Ten pages, a little irregular along the spine, nice condi
... See More  

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Dedication ceremonies at the Bull Run battlefield...

Item #673379

June 13, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, June 13, 1865 

* Battle of Bull Run monuments

* Manassas, Virginia dedication

Front page first column heads include: "Bull Run" "The Final Victory on the First Battle Field of the Rebellion" "The Dead Heroes of Manassas" "Interesting Ceremonies of Dedicating the Monuments Marking the Resting Place of Our Braves" "The Herald&... See More  

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Fighting near Chattanooga...

Item #673348

October 09, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Oct. 9, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Chattanooga Shelled from Lookout Mountain!" "Rebel Accounts of the Engagement & its Results" "Mysterious Movements of the Enemy" "Disastrous Fate of the Overland Expedition to Idahoe" "Capt. Fiske's Party Massacred by the Sioux" "Advance of... See More  

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Beauregard's letter of praise on the Battle of Manassas...

Item #673313

August 07, 1861

THE DAILY JOURNAL, Wilmington, North Carolina, Aug. 7, 1861 

* P.G.T. Beauregard praised

* Battle of Bull Run - Manassas

This is one of just a few newspapers which printed: "Confederate States of America" in their dateline.

While the ftpg. is taken up with ads, inside has some very good war content including a lengthy item: "Notes, Facts and Queries for the People"... See More  

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The Women's International Council is formed...

Item #673312

April 05, 1888

GREENSBORO NORTH STATE, North Carolina, April 5, 1888  The front page has a report on the historic 1st meeting of the International Council of Women which was held in Washington, D.C., and was presided over by Susan B. Anthony. The front has: "THE WOMEN'S COUNCIL ENDED", followed by considerable details of the meeting. The article states the closing session began with prayer, en... See More  

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Famous "Unite Or Die" engraving in the masthead...

Item #673309

April 05, 1775


* Benjamin Franklin's "Unite Or Die" cartoon

If there was one graphic which represented the spirit of the Revolutionary War it would have to be the ubiquitous segmented snake with the famous "Unite Or Die" caption.  The engraving, a prominent device in the masthead of th
... See More  

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Indian troubles in Georgia... Buonaparte...

Item #673103

May 22, 1818

NEW YORK SPECTATOR, May 22, 1818  Page 2 has various reports from Europe with some content concerning Bonaparte, including comments on his exile at St. Helena. Also: "Voyage to the North Pole". Pg. 4 has nearly a full column concerning: "Destruction of the Chehaw Village" in Georgia, and another report: "Expedition Against the Chehaws" Indians.

Four pages, nice ... See More  

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On removing the Cherokees to west of the Mississippi...

Item #673071

August 21, 1830

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 21, 1830 

* Southern Native Americans - Indians

* Removal to lands West of Mississippi River

Near the back is: "Removal of the Cherokees" which is a follow-up to the Indian Removal Act signed by the President 3 months prior. The lengthy letter from the "Department of War, Office of Indian Affairs" explains the benefits of ... See More  

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"A Street Car Named Desire" (pre-debut ad)... Sugar Ray Robinson, Yogi Berra, Joe Louis and others...

Item #672943

September 17, 1951

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 17, 1951 

* Pre-release date ad for "A Street Car Named Desire"

* Sugar Ray Robinson, Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, Allie Reynolds and Joe Louis  

Pg. 17 has: Pre-release date ad for "A Street Car Named Desire" and other great movie ads including "Jim Thorpe".  Pg. 25 has: A picture with Sugar Ray Robinson, Yo... See More  

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Rare newspaper printed on board a transcontinental train...

Item #672794

June 25, 1870

TRANS-CONTINENTAL, San Francisco, California, June 25, 1870  This is a very fascinating newspaper, borne in the ingenious mind of a publisher who decided to take a small printing press on board the first transcontinental railroad excursion and publish 6 issues westbound and 6 issues eastbound.  Printed on a Gordon press in the baggage car, it is considered the very first newspaper compos... See More  

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1873 Battle of Dry Lake... Modoc Indians...

Item #672546

May 14, 1873

THE NEW YORK HERALD, May 14, 1873 

* Battle of Dry Lake

* Modoc Indian War

* Lava Beds - Captain Jack

The top of page 7 has one column headings that include: "THE RED ENEMY" "Details of the Fight at Sorass Lake" "General Jack In Command" "A Victory At Last" "Rout of the Modocs, with the Loss of Horses and Ammunition" and more. (see) Te... See More  

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Filled with military content... The Seminole Indian War...

Item #672523

March 15, 1838

ARMY AND NAVY CHRONICLE, Washington, D.C., March 15, 1838  As the title might suggest, filled with various military content.

Within are several letters signed by: I. Chauncey from the U.S. Navy. Some articles include: "Florida War" with the Seminole Indians; "Naval Architecture"  "Naval Gunnery" "Florida War" again; "From the Canada Frontier-... See More  

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Modic Indian War...Captain Jack....

Item #672481

April 13, 1873

TE NEW YORK HERALD, April 13, 1873.

* Modoc Indians War - Captain Jack

* Gen. Edward Canby assassination
(1st report)

Page 8 has nice one column headings that include: "MASSACRE" "Bloody Treachery of the Lava Beds Indians" "General Canby and Rev. Dr. Thomas Butchered" "THE ATTACK" "Captain Jack Decoys the General and the Peace Commissioners to T... See More  

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The 1873 Modoc Indian War...

Item #672472

April 22, 1873

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 22, 1873 

* Modoc Indian War

* Lava Beds - Captain Jack

* Post Second Battle of the Stronghold

This issue has much reporting on the Modoc Indian War among others. Coverage can be found on pages 5, 7 & 9 with headings that include: "BLANKET INDIANS" "Modoc Jack And His Brethren" "THE RED MEN" "No Hope of Capturing Captai... See More  

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Indian depredations... Message signed by John Hancock...

Item #672413

November 17, 1792

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 17, 1792  On the front page under "Indian Depredations" is a full column report about the depredations "South of the Ohio".

Page 2 has a report stating that work was started on the canal between the Susquehanna and Schuylkill rivers "...on the crown level of the middle ground, between the Tulpehocken and Quintapahilla: And that the ca... See More  

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Map of Germany... The Mississippi River...

Item #672359
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1761 

* Nice foldout map of Germany and vicinity 

* Concerning the French & Indian War

An article: "Thoughts on the Present Posture of Affairs" includes some discussion concerning America, and includes: "...Hence it is evident that as North America was the bone of contention, Great Britain must not be induced to par... See More  

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Robert E. Lee makes a failed move...

Item #672227

October 16, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Oct. 16, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Desperate flank Movement by Lee!" "Attempt of the Rebels to Get Between Our Army & Washington" "Enemy Driven Back by the Second Corps" Probable Battle at Bull Run" "Recrossing of the Tennessee by Wheeler's Troops" "Important Movement of Bragg&#... See More  

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Massacre Canyon: last battle between the Plains Indians...

Item #672178

August 14, 1873

NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 14, 1873 

* Massacre Canyon - Nebraska

* Great Plains Indians

The top of page 5 has a column with heads: "INDIAN SLAUGHTER" "Great Battle in the Republican Valley" "Bloody Fight Between the Pawnees and Sioux" "Sky Chief, Squaw and Papoose Among the Slaughtered" "Pawnees' Loss in Dead and Wounded Over 100" &quo... See More  

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Watkins Glen flood of 1935...

Item #672161

July 09, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 9, 1935

* Watkins Glen flood (1st report)

* Seneca County, New York

* Finger Lakes region

The top of the front page has a three column headline: "37 DEAD IN UP-STATE FLOODS, 7 MISSING, MANY HOMELESS; DAMAGE IS PUT AT $10,000,000" with subheads. First report coverage continues on page 3 with two related photos. Lengthy text.

Other news, sports and adverti... See More  

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Goingsnake massacre shootout..

Item #672148

April 30, 1872

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 30, 1872

* Goingsnake massacre

* Cherokee Nation - Oklahoma

* Official report of the event

The top of page 7 has one column headings that include: "THE CHEROKEE MASSACRE" "Official Reports Of the Fight" and more. (see) Text takes up 1 1/2 columns.

Other news of the day. Complete in 16 pages, minor spine wear, generally very nice.... See More  

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The Indians declare war...

Item #672095

August 21, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 21, 1813  Inside has: "Indian Declaration of War" which is a: "...literal translation of the Declaration of War by the Six Nations Against the British in Canada". Also: Creek Indians" which takes a full page, then: "Events of the War" which takes about 6 pages & includes a letter from the Lower Sandusky, one from &quo... See More  

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Initiating the historic Maryland Jew Bill...

Item #672090

December 19, 1818

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 19, 1818 

* Maryland Jew Bill Initiated

Inside has a brief yet notable item with a small head: "Maryland Legislature" which includes in part: "...A committee was appointed to bring in a bill to extend the same civil privileges to persons professing the Jewish religion as are enjoyed by those of any other religious sect..."... See More  

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The Presidential election... American Indians: Choctaw, Osage, Creeks...

Item #672083

December 04, 1824

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 4, 1824  Among the articles are: "Presidential Election" which has a chart showing states and votes for each, plus another report of the Alabama votes for President by county.

Also inside: "LaFayette & the Sons of the Forest" being an emotional heart-felt meeting of Choctaw Indian chiefs and General LaFayette, which is ironi... See More  

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The Long Expedition to the Rocky Mountains... LaFayette...

Item #672075

October 05, 1822

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 5, 1822 

* Long's Expedition of 1820

* Great plains - Rocky Mountains

Inside has: "Expedition to the Rocky Mountains" prefaced with: "Extracts from the history of the expedition from Pittsburg to the Rocky Mountains, in the year 1819 under command of major Long." The expedition of Major Stephen H. Long--the first scien... See More  

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Large Civil War map on the front page...

Item #672023

October 07, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 7, 1861  The front page is dominated by a very large & very detailed Civil War map headed: "THE SEAT OF WAR IN WESTERN VIRGINIA". Plus many ftpg. column heads on the war: "THE REBELLION" "Interview Between Generals McClellan & Banks" "Important News from the Cherokee Nation" "The Scene of War in Western Virginia" ... See More  

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Indians at the Cooper Institute...

Item #671981

June 08, 1872


* Indians - Native Americans

* Chief Red Cloud speech

* Cooper Institute peace meeting

The top of page 5 has one column headings that include: "LO! THE POOR INDIAN !" "Reception of Our Red-Skinned Visitors at the Cooper Institute Last Evening" "Speeches by Red Cloud, Red Dog...." and more. (see)

Complete with 12 pages, nice c... See More  

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Brigham Young's polygamy trial... Chicago Fire... The Lowry War...

Item #671973

October 20, 1871

NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 20, 1871 

* Great Chicago Fire disaster

* Brigham Young polygamy trial

* Lowry War - North Carolina

Page 4 begins with a stack of heads concerning the Great Chicago Fire: "CHICAGO" "Graphic Description of the Destruction of the City That Was" "The Loss $475,000,000 and Two Hundred Lives" "The Red March of the Flames" "... See More  

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1931 Tecumseh bones found in Ontario ?....

Item #671971

January 17, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 17, 1931

* Tecumseh bones found in Canada

* Native American - Shawnee leader

* Walpole Island First Nation - Ontario

The top of page 9 has a two column heading: "Tecumseh's Bones Believed Found in Ontario At the Island Cabin of a Chief's Widow" (see)

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 36 pages, light toning and a lit... See More  

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The Lowry War in North Carolina...

Item #671895

April 06, 1872

NEW YORK HERALD, April 6, 1872 

* Lowry's War - gang

* Pembroke, North Carolina

* Scuffletown

Over half of the last column on page three is taken up with a stack of heads on the Lowery (Lowry, Lowrie) War in North Carolina.

The Lowry War is a notable event in North Carolina history. Led by Henry Berry Lowry, whose father and brother were murdered by men of the Confederate Home Gu... See More  

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Book by Ben Franklin reviewed... Fort Stanwix...

Item #671801
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1779 

* Ben Franklin's book is reviewed (brief)

* Fort Stanwix report

* Captain Cook's ships observed?

Near the back is a review of a book titled: "Political, Miscellaneous, & Philosophical Pieces, Written by Benjamin Franklin...".

Some talk of "American News" near the back, with mention that: "...Fo
... See More  

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Death sentence for Captian Jack & others...

Item #671769

August 24, 1873

THE NEW YORK HERALD, August 24, 1873

* Captain Jack & Boston Charley

* And other Modoc Indians

Death sentences - Lava Beds War

The top of page 7 has one column headings that include: "MODOC DEATH WARRENTS" "Sentence of the Court Martial on Lava Beds Murderers" "Their Doom Sealed" "To Be Hanged at Fort Klamath, Oregon, October 3, 1873" and more... See More  

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The Lowry War in 1871 North Carolina...

Item #671683

July 18, 1871

NEW YORK HERALD, July 18, 1871

* Lowry's War - gang

* Pembroke, North Carolina

* Scuffletown

The top of page 5 has one column headings that include: "THE LAWLESS LOWRYS" "They Demand the Release of Their Women from Lumberton Jail" "A Conflict Imminent" and more. (see) Rare to find reports concerning this conflict.

The Lowry War is a notable event in North... See More  

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Horrid murders by Indians... War of 1812...

Item #671565

June 13, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 13, 1812  Several pages are taken up with correspondence & documents between the United States and England relating to the upcoming War of 1812. Several documents are signed in type by the Secretary of State, James Monroe.

The bkpg. has most of a column headed: "Indian Murders" which details: "...the late inhuman murders committed on th... See More  

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The Ohio Indian Wars of the 1790's... Major Hardin...

Item #671518
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1790  The issue includes a wide range of articles taking the majority of the pages, and also has near the back several pages with an: "Accurate Statement of the Late Revolution in France". There is also a report headed: "America" noting in part: "...that Major Hardin...with 200 volunteers...of Kentucky...made an expedition fr... See More  

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