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Very early date with a red tax stamp on the front page...

Item #120023
MIST'S WEEKLY JOURNAL, London, England, 1727  See the photo for the very nice front page of this 4 page newspaper which includes a very nicely inked red tax stamp in the lower right corner.

This issue has much news from Europe, and includes many ads as well, a few of which are illustrated. This issue measures 10 by 11 1/2 inches and is in great condition with untrimmed edges.

An early a... See More  

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Three century set...

Item #120000
You provide us with a 20th century year (birth year, anniversary year, year of graduation, etc.) and we will send you a set of three issues: one from the year given, one from exactly 100 years prior to your given year, and a third exactly 200 years prior to the given year.

Example: If you request 1963, we will send you an issue from 1963, 1863, and 1763. What a wonderful way to take a snapshot of... See More  

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