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Execution of 2 Negroes in 1869...

Item #668494

June 05, 1869


* African Americans Executions - hangings

* Halifax County, North Carolina

Page 5 has an article headed: "THE DEATH PENALTY" "Execution of Two Negroes in North Carolina" "Scenes And Incidents At The Gallows" and more. (see) Lengthy text takes up 2 full columns.

Other news of the day. Complete with all 12 pages, nice condition... See More  

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1872 Ku Klan Klan execution...

Item #668394

August 10, 1872

NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 10, 1872

* KKK - Ku Klux Klan

* North Carolina execution

The back page (page 10) has an article headed: "A KU KLUX HANGED" "New Chandler, a North Carolina Desperado, Executed" "Murders, Robberies, Gambling and Outraging Female Chastity" "How He Became a Ku Klux and Learned the Grips and Signs" and more. (see)

Complete with 10 pa... See More  

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Early newspaper from Raleigh...

Item #668286

January 11, 1837

THE NORTH CAROLINA STANDARD, Raleigh, Jan. 11, 1837 

* Rare antebellum publication

Various news and advertisements of the day from well before the outbreak of the Civil War. The back page has an illustrated ad for a jailed slave, with details.

Four pages, light damp staining, good condition.... See More  

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Fugitive slaves... 1862 Savannah, Georgia martial law...

Item #668213

January 24, 1862

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, January 24, 1862

* Fugitive slaves

* Savannah, Georgia martial law

* New Bern, North Carolina

This Genuine newspaper has a Wealth of Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "THE RETURN OF FUGITIVE SLAVES", "The President's Position on the Question", "FROM... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson... The Burr Conspiracy...

Item #668132

February 09, 1807

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Feb. 9, 1807 

* Colonel Aaron Burr

Over half of the front page is "An Act" of Congress concerning circuit & district courts in North Carolina.

Page 2 has a note to Congress concerning a situation with France, signed in type: Th. Jefferson. Both pages 2 & 3 has various letters concerning the Burr Conspiracy.

Four pages, nice c... See More  

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Boston newspaper with Loyalist leanings...

Item #667179

December 26, 1768


* Pro-British American publication

* Boston is causing trouble

The publisher of this newspaper had Loyalist leanings, causing its demise before the formal outbreak of the Revolutionary War.

All of pages 1 & 2 are taken up with a continued report on: "Voltaire on History". Page 3 has: "The Opinions of the Ministers of the colony o... See More  

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New governor of New York assumes his office...

Item #667017

August 22, 1771

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 22, 1771 

* William Tyron assumes office

* 39th governor of New York

Page 2 has a report from New York under the heading: "America" on the arrival of Governor Tryon in New York for his formal installation as governor of New York. He had arrived, with his family, from North Carolina, where he had previously been governor.

Eight pages 8 by 1... See More  

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Capture of Fort Fisher...

Item #666005

January 20, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Jan. 20, 1865 

* Fort Fisher captured

* Wilmington, North Carolina

* Final months of the Civil War

Among the ftpg. reports relating to the Civil War are: "The Capture of Fort Fisher" "From Mobile "Movements in Alabama--The Rebels Non-plussed--Probable Fall of Mobile" "From the Army of the Potomac" "From Canada" "Propo... See More  

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1925 Coal Glen Mine Disaster... North Carolina...

Item #665097

May 28, 1925


* Coal Glen mine explosion disaster (1st report)

* Oakland Township, Chatham County, North Carolina

The front page has a great banner headline: "DIXIE MINE BLAST TRAPS 71" with subhead. (see) Nice for display. First report coverage on the Coal Glen, North Carolina mine disaster.

Complete with all 42 pages, light toning and a little wear at the... See More  

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Fine front page World War I coverage...

Item #664805

April 07, 1918

THE MORNING STAR, Wilmington, North Carolina, April 7, 1918  Among ftpg. heads on World War I are: "America Accepts Germany's Challenge That Force Shall Decide the World's Future" "Great Fleet of U.S. Warships Serving Abroad" "German Assault In Corbie Region Was Expected Yesterday" "Germans Renew Plunging Tactics in Amiens Region" and even more.... See More  

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Ku-Klux Klan... mention of Sleepy Hollow...

Item #664787

September 16, 1871

THE WORLD, New York, Sept. 16, 1871  The front page has an article regarding the Ku-Klux Klan: "The Phantom Ku-Klux" which provides details related to the infamous Ku Klux Klan Conspiracy.  The article's focus is the trial held in Raleigh, North Carolina (see). 

Another unrelated but interesting front page article is: "NOT HANGED", with subhead "...the ... See More  

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Confederate newspaper from near the end of the war...

Item #664611

November 14, 1864

THE DAILY PROGRESS, Raleigh, North Carolina, Nov. 14, 1864 

* Rare Confederate title

* Civil War nears the end

Raleigh was one of the last major cities of the South to fall into the hands of Sherman, surrendering on April 13, 1865, just one day before Lincoln was assassinated. This rare Confederate title is from not long before surrendering.

The front page has: "Tribute to the Me... See More  

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North Carolina gets a governor... The trouble in America...

Item #664428

September 19, 1768

THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, Sept. 19, 1768 

* Early Southern America reporting

Page 3 has a brief item noting: "The King has been pleased to appoint George Mercer, Esq., to be Lieutenant Governor of his Majesty's province of North Carolina in America."

Then a letter from Ireland beginning: "We are not in a less rebellious state here than the people in America...Y... See More  

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Rare Confederate title...

Item #664349

October 29, 1863

WESTERN SENTINEL, Winston, North Carolina, October 29, 1863 

* Rare Confederate publication from the Civil War

This is a very rare title from the Confederacy. According to Brigham only four institutions in the United States have any holdings of this title from the Civil War, most just a few scattered issues. The American Antiquarian Society has no issues recorded from this era. 

T... See More  

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Secretariat wins the Kentucky Derby...

Item #664264

May 06, 1973

THE NEWS AND OBSERVER, Raleigh, North Carolina, May 6, 1973 

* Secretariat wins Kentucky Derby

* Thoroughbred horse racing

* Triple crown champion

The sport's section (page 23) has a headline: "Secretariat Sets Derby Record" which reports winning the Kentucky Derby, the first leg to his famed triple crown. He still holds the record time for the Derby.

Complete in 60+ pa... See More  

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A Tory newspaper from the Revolutionary War...

Item #664179

February 14, 1778


* Revolutionary War Tory original

* Rare Pro British issue from America

This was a strongly Tory (supportive of the British cause) newspaper which began in 1775 and closed shop in May of 1778 when the British evacuated Philadelphia.

The entire front page is taken up with ads, one of which is for the printi... See More  

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Much on the America vs. England disputes...

Item #664131

December 14, 1775

THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE OR EDINBURGH AMUSEMENT, Scotland, Dec. 14, 1775  Inside has: "Papers Respecting America" which begins: "Ask commissioners are about to be sent to America, invested with very extraordinary powers in order to settle the unhappy dispute subsisting between America and this country..." and then with some historical references.

Also: "Lord North's N... See More  

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Fredericksburg during the Civil War...

Item #664020

March 26, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, March 26, 1862 

* Fredericksburg, Virginia map

* First Battle of Kernstown

Certainly the prime feature of this issue is the quite large map headed: "THE TOWN OF FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA" which shows much detail.

Other column heads include: "News From North Carolina" "The Reported Capture of the Nashville by the Union Blockading Squadron" ... See More  

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News from the Army of the James...

Item #664014

February 18, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 18, 1865  Among the column heads on the Civil War are: "Late Rebel News" "From North Carolina" "The Army Of The James" with more reports inside.

Eight pages, small mailing label in the masthead, good condition.

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Funeral of a former President John Tyler...

Item #663989

January 22, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Jan. 22, 1862 

* From the capital of the Confederacy

* President John Tyler death funeral

The front page is mostly taken up with advertisements, however there is a column with: "A Defence Of Middle North Carolina" & "Messrs. Mason & Slidell" and "The Newspapers Of the South & the Associated Press".

Page two i... See More  

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Latest news from the World War I front...

Item #663911

April 12, 1918

THE MORNING STAR, Wilmington, North Carolina, April 12, 1918  The ftpg. has some reports on the events of World War I including; "Heavy Legions And Mightiest Guns Win Points For Germans On Arras-Ypres 30 Mile Front" and: "France Accuses Czernin of Lying And Emperor Too" among others

Twelve pages, evenly toned, nice condition.

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Front page map from World War I...

Item #663910

April 04, 1918

THE MORNING STAR, Wilmington, North Carolina, April 4, 1918  The ftpg. features a map headed: "How The Allies Dented Salient Formed by German Drive" with articles headed: "Germans Bringing Up Much Artillery To Face Americans" and "Great Battles May Soon Begin On The Front In Picardy" among others.

Ten pages, partially loose at the spine, toned, good condition.... See More  

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Confederate war news with talk of Abe Lincoln...

Item #663831

November 21, 1862

WESTERN SENTINEL, Winston, North Carolina, Nov. 21, 1862 

* Rare Confederate publication

* President Abraham Lincoln

There is some nice content in the issue About half of the ftpg. is taken up with: "The Conscription Law--A Bill to be entitled 'An Act to Further provide for the public Defense.' ". Also on the ftpg. is: "The United States Elections" which inc... See More  

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Quite rare title from the Confederacy... "Proclamation" signed by Jefferson Davis...

Item #663824

August 17, 1861

DAILY PROGRESS, New Bern, North Carolina, August 17, 1861 

* Very rare Confederate title from North Carolina 

Certainly one of the less common titles from the Confederacy, as rarely have I seen it offered. This coastal town didn't remain Confederate for very long as it fell to General Burnside in April, 1862. So truly "Confederate" issues can be difficult to come by.... See More  

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Yorktown siege.... New Orleans falls...

Item #663386

May 02, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, May 2, 1862 

* Siege of Yorktown

* Fall of New Orleans

* Fort Macon North Carolina

The front page is dominated by a nice Civil War map headed: "The Action of April 26 Near Yorktown" which is more of a diagram of the battle.

Among the front page one column heads are: "Fall Of Fort Macon" "The Surrender of New Orleans" "Graceful but ... See More  

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The Monitor vs. the Merrimac...

Item #663377

March 10, 1862


* Battle of Hampton Roads, Virginia

* Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack (CSS Virginia)

* Civil War ironclads

The back page contains two nice Civil War maps headed: "Fernandina, Florida, and Vicinity" and "Scene of Burnside's Operations in North Carolina" as seen in the photos below, with not only related one column head... See More  

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World War I...

Item #663112

April 03, 1918

THE MORNING STAR, Wilmington, North Carolina, April 3 1918  Among the ftpg. reports on World War I are: "Wilson's Plan For Defeating Germany May Be Carried Out" "Enemy Declines To Give Battle & Allies Take Initiative In What Little Fighting Occurs" "German Efforts to Open a Road Toward Amiens Fail".

Ten pages, a bit irregular at the spine, nice condition... See More  

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World War I...

Item #663111

April 11, 1918

THE MORNING STAR, Wilmington, North Carolina, April 11 1918  Among the ftpg. reports on World War I are: "Germans Drive Deep Wedges In British Lines, Threatening Both Armentiers And Bethune" "Destroy British Army Kaiser's Aim".

Eight pages, a bit irregular at the spine, nice condition.

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Map shows North Carolina... Efforts near New Orleans...

Item #662892

May 03, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, May 3, 1862 

* Siege of Yorktown - Virginia

* Fall of New Orleans - Louisiana

* Battle of Fort Macon w/ map

The front page is dominated by a nice map headed: "SECTION OF NORTH CAROLINA".

A wealth of ftpg. column heads on the Civil War include: "The Capture of Fort Macon" "Official Report" "The Fight Above Elizabeth City" "... See More  

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Front page World War I reports...

Item #662759

April 02, 1918

THE WILMINGTON MORNING STAR, North Carolina, April 2, 1918  Among the ftpg. reports from World War I are: "German Drive Brought Almost To Halt But Severe Fighting Is Taking Place Near Moreuil" "Casualties of the Germans Total 275,000 to 300,000" "Americans Going To Front Still Jam The Roads" "French Annihilate One German Battalion That Manages to Cross Oise&... See More  

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Front page World War I reports...

Item #662757

April 16, 1918

THE WILMINGTON MORNING STAR, North Carolina, April 16, 1918  Among the ftpg. reports from World War I are: "Between Lens & Ypres The Germans Have Found Haig's Defense Lines Solid As Rock" "Americans, Outnumbered Two to One, Completely Repulsed German Attack" "German Wave Is Nearing Its Crest" and more.

Eight pages, small mailing label at the masthead, a ... See More  

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'Bold Venture' the Kentucky Derby winner...

Item #662703

May 03, 1936

THE NEWS & OBSERVER, Raleigh, North Carolina, May 3, 1936 

* Bold Venture wins Kentucky Derby 

* Thoroughbred race horse racing

The sports page has a banner headline: "Bold Venture Defeats Favored Brevity by Head to Win Derby" with a photo of the Kentucky Derby winning horse and jockey. A related report as well.

The complete issue, nice condition.... See More  

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Three Civil War maps...

Item #662510

May 06, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, May 6, 1862 

* Battle of Williamsburg, Virginia

* Camden NC North Carolina

The front page is dominated by a large Civil War map headed: "The Seat Of War In Eastern Virginia".

There are also first column heads on the Civil War including: "From General McClellan's Army" "THE REBELS OVERTAKEN" "The Rebels Driven Through Williamsbur... See More  

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Editor has a gloomly outlook on the war...

Item #662127

November 12, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Nov. 12, 1862 

* Confederate editor gives a pessimistic outlook

The front page has much on the Civil War with items headed: "The Enemy Of James River", "From Northern Virginia", "Fredericksburg--The Recent Yankee Raid", "The Navigation of The Mississippi", "Latest News From The North", and many subheads... See More  

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Early mention of George Washington...

Item #661574
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, July, 1755 

* Early George Washington

* Governor Robert Dinwiddie

There are no less than two high points in this issue, the first being an article headed: "Gov. Dinwiddie's Speech to the Assembly of Virginia" in which he relates various reports from the French & Indian War, including mention of  "...general Braddock, command... See More  

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Battle of Bull Run, in a Confederate newspaper...

Item #661568

July 20, 1861

DAILY PROGRESS, New Bern, North Carolina, July 20, 1861  

* Very rare Confederate title

* First Battle of Bull Run

* Manassas, Virginia

Certainly one of the less common titles from the Confederacy, as rarely have I seen it offered. This coastal town didn't remain Confederate for very long as it fell to General Burnside on March 14, 1862 with the Battle of New Bern. So truly &... See More  

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The New England Restraining Act---extended...

Item #661535

September 02, 1775

PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, Sept. 2, 1775 

* The New England Restraining Act

* Pre Revolutionary tension w/ England

* John Hancock gets married

Taking nearly one-third of the front page  and most of page 2 is the extension of the very historic New England Restraining Act by Parliament. This was the King's response to the American colonies' decision to boycott Briti... See More  

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General Lawrence O'Bryan Branch... The Confederate version of "Harper's Weekly"...

Item #661529

June 07, 1863

SOUTHERN ILLUSTRATED NEWS, Richmond, June 7, 1863 

* General Lawrence O'Bryan Branch

* Very rare Confederate title

A very rare publication from the Confederacy which seldom comes to the collector market. Although much of the content was literary in nature, there are news reports and a few illustrations.

The front page is entirely taken up with a nice illustration of: "Genera... See More  

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Latest reports on the Civil War...

Item #661491

June 15, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, June 15, 1862  Among the ftpg. column headlines on the Civil War are: "INTERESTING FROM NEW ORLEANS" News From North Carolina" "Mysterious Movements of the Rebel Forces" "Rebel Cavalry going in the Direction of Fredericksburg" "Arrival of the Jersey Blue" "News From Norfolk" and much more.

Eight pages, margin tears, some... See More  

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German U-boat attack along East Coast....

Item #661182

January 19, 1942


* Allan Jackson - American steam tanker

* German U-Boat attack off North Carolina coat

* World War II - WWII

The front page has a nice banner headline: "23 DIED IN 3D ATTACK BY SUB OFF EAST COAST" with subheads. (see) Nice for display.

Complete with all 24 pages, light toning at the margins, small library stamp within the masthead, small bi... See More  

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Much on the war, from the Confederacy... After Gettysburg & Vicksburg...

Item #660986

July 16, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, July 16, 1863   

* Post Gettysburg and Vicksburg

* During Robert E. Lee's retreat

* Rare Confederate title from the rebel capital

Not only is this a nice newspaper from the Confederacy, but it is from the Confederate capital.

A wealth of nice reporting in this issue with the front page having: "The News" with some text on Lee&#... See More  

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From this Confederate port city...

Item #660669

July 18, 1861

THE DAILY JOURNAL, Wilmington, North Carolina, July 18, 1861 

* Rare Confederate title

This is one of just a few newspapers which printed "Confederate States Of America" in the dateline. The front page is entirely taken up with ads.
War related items are on page 2 include: "Who Began the War?" "Later War News" "Repulse of the Enemy" &qu
... See More  

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North Carolina General Assembly is dissolved...

Item #659525
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1770  Among the articles are: "Difficulty of Explaining the Scripture" "Origin of Rhyming" "Reasons Against a New War" 'History & Antiquity of Berkley Castle" and so much more. Near the back is the "Historical Chronicle" which has the latest news reports of the day. There is a brief mention of ... See More  

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The federal "edifice" is complete...

Item #659252

December 26, 1789

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, New York, Dec. 26, 1789  A page 3 report from Boston dated December 16 concerns the ratification of the Constitution by all of the states, except Rhode Island. The report reads in full: "The Twelve States of America, convened in Federal Convention, which proposed the Constitution, have now all adopted, ratified and confirmed it. The Edifice may now be declar... See More  

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Military actions in the South...

Item #659143

August 14, 1779

THE LONDON EVENING POST, England, Aug. 14, 1779 

* Revolutionary War Era

* 18th century original

* From The Enemy

The back page has some: "American News" taken from the Boston Evening Post, including: "...that Congress have nearly accomplished the important measure for establishing the credit of our currency...that there is now no naval force at Rhode Island except two... See More  

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The Department of State is created...

Item #659059

July 29, 1789


* Department of State creation

  Considered by many as the most significant newspaper of the 18th century, particularly during this, the formative year of the new federal government, as the Gazette was the mouthpiece of all matters political. Most pronouncements from Congress & the President were printed first in this newspaper.

... See More  

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South Carolina... Terms of re-acceptance into the Union...

Item #658741

June 25, 1865

THE NEW YORK HERALD, June 25, 1865.


* Terms for re-acceptance into the Union
* South Carolina

"Interview of the South Carolina Delegation with President Johnson", "The President Talks Plainly To Them", "He Tells Them South Carolina Cannot be Represented in Congress Until Her People Admit that Slavery is Dead", "It Must be Prohibited in Th
... See More  

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Much on the exchange of prisoners in prison ships... British have evacuated the South...

Item #658597

July 17, 1781


* Rare American Revolutionary War publication

The front page has several letters from British Lt. Col. Balfour, most dealing with discussion for an exchange of prisoners with General Greene.

This discussion carries over to page 2 where is found a letter datelined: "Torbay prison ship, Charlestown harbour,... See More  

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Parliament reflects upon the war: gain of Arnold not equal the loss of Andre...

Item #658559

May 08, 1781


* General Benedict Arnold joins the British

* American Revolutionary War - Major John Andre

All of the front page is taken up with reports from: "London - House of Lords" which includes some comments about the war in America, mentioning in part: "...Were we better now in America than we were? His ... See More  

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On the Battle of Guilford Court House...

Item #658557

April 24, 1781


* Battle of Guilford Courthouse

* Greensboro, North Carolina

* General Charles Cornwallis loss

Page 2 has some nice war content. The 2nd column begins with: "By accounts from General Greene's army as late as the 24th ultimo, we learn that Lord Cornwallis is retreating towards Cross Creek and that ou... See More  

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