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Nine newspapers with early baseball reports...

Item #612419

June 17, 1871

THE PRESS, Philadelphia, 1871-1872  A lot of nine issues, each containing reports of early baseball games, 3 are on the front page, 6 on inside pages. Each issue is complete in 8 pages & is in "2nd rate" condition with margin/fold tears, perhaps some tape mends, etc. These are not "damaged" issues.

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Baseball games reported... Lincoln's log cabin...

Item #611720

July 21, 1865

NEW-YORK TIMES, July 21, 1865 Pg. 3 has: "Outdoor Sports" "Base Ball" which include a summary and box score of a game between the Empire and Mutual clubs with mention there was: "...a goodly number of ladies being present." The back page has a summary and box score of a game between the Lowell team and the Atlantics. Mentions that the Lowell team "...had the hono... See More  

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Very detailed account of a train robbery...

Item #611272

July 10, 1875

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, July 10, 1875 

* Outlaws attempt to rob train

* Ad - P. T. Barnum's "Great Roman Hippodrome" circus

The back page has 1 2/3 of a column taken up with great & detailed content concerning the train robbery at Long Point, Illinois, with heads at the top of the column: "PULL OUT!" "An Express Train on the Vandalia Road Bo... See More  

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Baseball in Detroit...

Item #604841

May 30, 1883

THE EVENING NEWS, Detroit, May 30, 1883  The back page has over one-third of a column taken up with baseball reports, including heads: "Starting Out Well" "The Detroits Win This Morning's Game in New York" (see).

Four pages, bit irregular4 at the spine, some tears in the front leaf, otherwise good.

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Early baseball.....

Item #600401

June 05, 1878

THE CLEVELAND LEADER, Cleveland, Ohio, June 5, 1878

* 19th century baseball

* Rare "National Game" reference

This uncommon 8 page issue has news of the day with several interesting advertisements throughout.

Page 8 has one column headings: "The National Game" "The Alleghenys Work Hard and Win the Day" "It was a Beautiful Contest Barring the Last Inning... See More  

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KKK gang arrest... Baseball... train robbery...

Item #598355

August 15, 1871

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 15, 1871

* Ku Klux Klan - KKK

* Missouri train robbery

Page 5 has: "The KuKlux" "Arrest of a Gang with their Disguises in North Carolina..."

Also: "An Express Robbery" "How it Was Done..."

Page 3 has: "Base-Ball--Athletic vs. Atlantic'

This issue contains other news of the day. It is complete in 8 pages, an... See More  

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Baseball President... May Day in the Country...

Item #597852

May 16, 1868

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 16, 1868  The front page contains a quarter-page illustration of "George Sands, President of the National Base-Ball Association" with an article headed "The Base-Ball President". Also on the front cover is a half-page illustration entitled " 'See-Saw'--An Illustration for the Juveniles" which shows children see-sawing on... See More  

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Nice baseball issue, with illustrations...

Item #597836

July 28, 1892

HELENA WEEKLY INDEPENDENT, Helena, Montana, July 28, 1892 

* 18th century baseball

Page 11 has an uncommonly lengthy article on baseball with one column heads: "GREAT AMERICAN GAME" "Capt. Nash, of the Bostons, Gives Some Valuable Points to Beginners" "One of the Beset Third Basemen Who Ever Lined Them Into First" 'How the Young Player Should Study His ... See More  

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Gerrymandering in South Carolina...

Item #595801

July 11, 1882

BOSTON DAILY ADVERTISER, July 11, 1882  The top of the front page has a map headed: "South Carolina Gerrymandering" with a related article (see). The back page has "Base Ball" reports (see). 

Eight pages, a few archival mends at margins, some margin tears & minor chipping, generally good.

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Baseball & the America's Cup...

Item #592813

September 26, 1885

NEW YORK CLIPPER, Sept. 26, 1885  A sport and theater-themed newspaper. Inside has an article and nice illustration on: "Aquatic" "The America Cut Stays Here" "A Magnificent Race in True Cutter Weather". The facing page is mostly taken up with "Baseball" reports including box scores of 33 games, with more on the next page.

Sixteen pages, very nice cond... See More  

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Famous post Civil War 1865 baseball game

Item #592756

October 31, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, October 31, 1865 

* Brooklyn Atlantics

* Philadelphia Athletics

* Famous post civil war Baseball game

On page 5 under "The National Game" is a report: "The Great Match Between the Atlantics And Athletics In Philadelphia--The Atlantics The Victors."

Has a summary of the game which mentions that: "...The Atlantics were skunked once, and the ... See More  

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1889 World Series... NY Giants win...

Item #592308

October 30, 1889

THE WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, West Virginia, October 30, 1889 

* New York Giants vs. Brooklyn Bridegrooms (Dodgers) 

* Pre modern day World Series - championship 

* National vs. American baseball leagues

The front page has one column headlines on the front page that include: "THE CHAMPIONSHIP", "Of the Country Won by the Giants in the Final Game", &qu... See More  

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A bell within a base...

Item #591408

March 04, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, March  4, 1876  An inside page contains a fascinating baseball-related article, titled: "Novel Base-Ball Base" which includes beneath the base, submerged a bit into the ground, a bell which signals when a base runner has touched the base. Includes a diagram of how it works. The article notes this devise would: "...clearly announce ... See More  

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Concerning baseball implements...

Item #581530

April 30, 1871

THE NEW-YORK TIMES, New York, April 30, 1871  Page 3 has an interesting report headed:

* Bats, Balls and Mallets

* Concerning the Implements of Baseball--Facts, Figures and Fancies About the Trade--Neglected Cricket and Fascinating Croquet--Games that Have Gone Out, and Games that Ought to Come In--A Plea for Ladies' Archery Meetings

Other news of the day includes: "Coal Matte... See More  

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Baseball... Horseracing... Pirates...

Item #571441

August 12, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES,  New York,  August 12, 1865  The front page of this issue features an article concerning horse racing under the heading "Sports of the Turf".  Additional headlines include:

"The Grand Two-Mile Race for Three-Year Olds", "Revenue Colt of Baltimore and Winner of the Purse", "The Second Race of Mile Heats", "The Lexin... See More  

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McCoole vs. Jones boxing fight announced... Baseball...

Item #570683

August 31, 1867

NEW YORK TIMES, New York, August 31, 1867  The frontpage of this issue contains a small article announcing "The McCool and Jones Prize Fight". "It is understood that the fight between Mike McCool and Aaron Jones for the championship of the United States will take place somewhere in Butler county, Ohio... The fight will commence between 6 and 8 o'clock in the morning." ... See More  

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Lengthy report of a baseball game...

Item #564914

August 28, 1867

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, August 28, 1867 

* Post Civil War baseball 

The back page has an uncommonly lengthy article headed: "Out Door Sports" "Base Ball--Union of Morrisania vs. Eckfords, of Williamsburgh" followed by a smaller report of another game (see). Eight pages, very nice, clean condition.

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Putting a bell in a baseball...

Item #564210

March 18, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, March 18, 1876  This is a separate, stand-alone publication begun to report on the Centennial Exhibition but whose success kept it in print into the 20th century.

Near the back is an article, with two illustrations, headed: "Improvements In Base-Balls" which shows a bell being placed inside (see).

Complete in 16 pages and rare in tha... See More  

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Atlantics chicagoed... stars of the day...

Item #563798

May 09, 1871

NEW YORK TIMES, New York, NY, May 9, 1871

On pg. 2 under Base-Ball is a report: The Boston Club Chicagoing the Atlantics. Includes a summary about a match played at the Capitoline Grounds, in Brooklyn, before a crowd of 1,000, with mention that a chilly, blustering north-west wind prevailed. The Boston club chicagoed (term for a shut-out) the Atlantics, 25-0. Says that "...the Atlantics we... See More  

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Early post Civil War baseball... Philadelphia Athletics...

Item #561999

September 17, 1867

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, September 17, 1867

* Early post Civil war baseball

* Philadelphia Athletics

Page 2 has a report headed: "Out-Doors Sports" "Base Ball--Athletic of Philadelphia, vs. Atlantic, of Brooklyn" with reports on 2 games (see). The first notes:

* It is not an over-estimate in placing the assemblage at 20,000 gathered at the Union Ball Grounds yes
... See More  

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Post Civil War baseball...

Item #561997

July 07, 1866

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, July 7, 1866

* Early baseball

* Post Civil War

The back page has over half a column of baseball reports under the heading: "Out-Doors Sports" "Base Ball" with reports on 3 games (see).

Other news of the day, complete in 8 pages, great condition.

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Early baseball from just after the Civil War...

Item #559613
NEW YORK TIMES, 1865-1866  A lot of five issues of the New York Times from just after the Civil War, each with a report of a baseball game. These issues provide a mid-19th century perspective of America’s favorite pastime. Some browning, generally nice condition. The images shown are representative of the "look" of what you will receive. Actual issues/dates will vary.... See More  

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19th Century Baseball... Convention in Connecticut...

Item #559108

March 14, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, March 14, 1867

On pg. 5 under "Base Ball Convention at Hartford" is a report from Hartford about a Convention of baseball clubs in the Connecticut. Says that 30 clubs were represented and that a vote was passed "...forming a State Association, and rules and regulations concerning State championships were adopted." Mentions that the Charter Oak club of Hartfor... See More  

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Early baseball...

Item #549989

October 02, 1865

NEW-YORK TIMES, October 2, 1865 

* Early baseball 

* Post civil war reporting 

On the front page under "Connecticut" is a report: "Yale versus Wesleyan--Base Ball Match between the Two Colleges--Fine Game--Success of Yale--Remarks & Observations"

Includes a summary and the box score. Summary also talks about the success of Yale, exclusive of spor... See More  

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Baseball in the West...

Item #547698

August 22, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, Aug. 22, 1867.

* Baseball

Page 5 has: "The West Terrible Heat", "Grain Gamblers", "The Late Postmaster", "Senator Yates", "Blessing Status", "An Intemperance Meeting" and much more. Among the topics discussed is paragraph about Base Ball stating: "Our great national game is pretty successfully burlesqued here. A... See More  

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Early baseball...

Item #547563

June 10, 1869

NEW YORK HERALD, June 10, 1869  Page 10 has: "The National Game Mutual vs. Yale--The Champions in the Elm City". Summary describes the arrival and greeting of the Mutual club at the train station, and the excursion to the field. Says that the game was played at Hamilton Park in New Haven with about 3000 in attendance. Nice details about the game and several specific plays, the Mutua... See More  

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Item #547562

May 28, 1869

NEW YORK HERALD, May 28, 1869  On page 7 under Base Ball Notes is word that: "The Unions of Lansingburg will open their new grounds on Monday next in their new uniforms, with a new regulation ball and new bats, and commence then a new series of games with the Atlantics". This news will have the effect..."of sending a large crowd to the mowing field, where the Haymakers intend t... See More  

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Item #547561

August 28, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, Aug. 28, 1867  The back page of this issue has: "Out-Door Sports", "Base Ball--Unions, of Morrisania vs. Eckfords, of Williamsburgh". Has a summary of the game, mentioning in part: "The batting of Aiken, Austin and Birdsall, was the tallest kind, while Goldie and Martin made a home run each by long hits to the centre field, the formers strike being a t... See More  

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Item #547457

August 12, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES,  August 12, 1865  The front page of this issue features an article concerning horse racing under the heading "Sports of the Turf".  Additional headlines include: "The Grand Two-Mile Race for Three-Year Olds", "Revenue Colt of Baltimore and Winner of the Purse", "The Second Race of Mile Heats", "The Lexington Horse Lexicon ... See More  

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Johnson vetoes Omnibus Act...

Item #541205

June 26, 1868

NEW-YORK TIMES, June 26, 1868  Front page has: "Washington" "The President's Message Vetoing the Southern States Bill" "The Bill Passed Over the Veto by Both Houses" "Continuation of the Debate on the Tax Bill"

Has details about the override of the veto by Congress, plus the text of President Johnson's veto of the Omnibus Reconstruction bill hi... See More  

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P. T. Barnum letter... Baseball in 1865...

Item #538978
NEW-YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 1, 1865  Inside has a letter about the re-opening of Barnum's American Museum, signed in type: P. T. Barnum.

Page 7 has a very brief summary and box score of a baseball match played between two fire companies. The back page has a summary and box score of a baseball match played between the Atlantic and Eureka clubs. 

Other news of the day throughou... See More  

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Gardiner Maine in 1891...

Item #538484

February 25, 1891

THE GARDINER HOME JOURNAL, Maine, February 25, 1891.


* Baseball chewing tobaaco ad

* 19th century Gardiner Maine

This 4 page newspaper has mostly literary content with some news of the day and several interesting advertisements including one for chewing tobacco which has a baseball theme to it. (see photo)

Slightly browned, otherwise in good condition.... See More  

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Indian Raid...

Item #220982

April 22, 1870

Here is a complete, genuine newspaper: THE NEW YORK TIMES, dated April 22, 1870.

* Base Ball
* Union vs. Atlantic

* The Indians

This issue features many one column headlines including:  "More About the Indians...Lynch Law", "Base-Ball: First Match-Game of the Season", and much more.   Additional text is printed on the inside and back pages as well, covering
... See More  

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The 1872 baseball championship...

Item #220211

May 09, 1872

THE NEW YORK HERALD, May 9, 1872  Page 8 has: "The Mutuals Mashed" "Fine Game Between the Boston 'Reds' and the Mutuals--The Latter Defeated by a Score of 9 to 2."  Has a detailed summary mentioning that this was the first of the teams' championship games. The game, played at the Union Grounds, drew about 6,000 spectators. Says that both teams excelled
... See More  

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Meeting of "Professional Ball-Players"...

Item #220184

March 04, 1873

THE NEW-YORK TIMES, March 4, 1873  On the ftpg. under " Base-Ball" is a report from Baltimore, that begins: "The professional base-ball players held their annual convention at the St. Clair Hotel, of this city..."  Lists the names of the teams that had delegates present at the meeting, the report continues, stating in part: "The Convention adopted a new consti
... See More  

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Early baseball, 1869...

Item #218758

June 24, 1869

NEW YORK HERALD, June 24, 1869


* Early Baseball

On pg. 3 under The National Game is a report: Mutuals vs. Yale--The Quickest game of the Season--The Champions Victorious. Nice summary has details about pre-game activities as well as the game, won by the Mutuals, 15-5. Includes the box score and game statistics. Some details about the post-game activities which included a dinner
... See More  

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Early Baseball Convention in 1866...

Item #217563

December 14, 1866

NEW-YORK TIMES, Dec. 14, 1866.


* Early baseball convention reporting - new teams

Page 2 has a report: Convention of Base Ball Players which has details about the tenth annual convention, mentioning there were delegates from as far away as Oregon, Iowa, Maryland and Virginia and that over 100 new clubs applied for admission. Notable changes in the Constitution included the admissio
... See More  

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National Govenrement in St. Louis, Missouri ?

Item #217448

August 16, 1869

NEW-YORK TIMES, Aug. 16, 1869.


* St. Louis, Missouri as our National Capital for convention?
*Gettysburg 1869

Page 5 has an interesting report: The National Capital The Agitation for its Removal to St. Louis--Call For a National Convention. Other news of the day includes: "Railroad Accidents" "Gettysburg" "The Savannah Base-ball Club in Charleston S.C." and much more. 8 pages in goo
... See More  

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Portraits of an 1865 baseball team...

Item #216466

November 25, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 25, 1865  Certainly the prime feature of this illustrated newspaper is the very nice three-quarter page print captioned: "Champion Nine of the Atlantic Base-Ball Club of Brooklyn, L.I., 1865" showing named prints of each of the baseball players. There is a brief article on them as well titled: "The Atlantic Base-Ball Club." There are... See More  

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Baseball in 1865...

Item #212983

October 10, 1865

NEW-YORK TIMES, Oct. 10, 1865  Page 5 has the summary and line score of a baseball match played on the Presidents grounds in Washington mentioning that the Excelsiors had no uniforms because the club chest failed to arrive. The back page has the summaries and box scores of three baseball matches. Lite damp staining in the upper left corner, printing crease in the first item and one in
... See More  

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Great baseball advertisement....

Item #212184

September 05, 1874

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, September 5, 1874   The photos shows the back page ad for Peck & Snyder's sporting goods. Described as a Sportsmans Emporium and as ... authorized Designers, Manufacturers, and Leaders of Base-Ball Fashions..., the business was located at 126 Nassau Street in New York. Of particular interest is the main graphic for the professional
... See More  

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1865 Post Civil War Firemen Baseball Game....

Item #212163

September 16, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, with baseball content from the year the Civil War ended. Sept. 16, 1865 On the back page under Base Ball is: Base Ball Among Firemen--Hose Company No. 55 Vs. Engine Company No. 34. Very brief one sentence summary says: A spirited game of base ball between the above companies at Hoboken, Friday, Sept. 15... plus the box score. Other news of the day includes: "THE FALL TRADE" "A... See More  

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Horse Racing...

Item #211875

September 19, 1891

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Sept. 19, 1891  The full front page is a great horse racing print:  "The End Of The Racing Season--A False Start For The Mile Race."  

Other prints include a full pg: "Devastating Prairie Fires i Dakota..."; a print of a famous baseball player: "Adrian C. Anson, Captain of the Chicago Base-Ball Club" with a related a... See More  

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Lajoie was drunk...debut of Roger Bresnahan...

Item #211867

October 12, 1897

PUBLIC LEDGER, Philadelphia, Aug. 28, 1897 On pg. 16 under SPORTS is a detailed summary  and the box score of a game between the Phillies and Pirates. Napoleon Lajoie, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame (the Hall of Shame on this day!), arrived at the game drunk, as revealed in the summary: First baseman Lajoie was not only late in reporting for duty yesterday afternoon, but when he did ar... See More  

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1865 Baseball Game Attended By Ladies...

Item #211719

July 29, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 29, 1865 The back page has: "The Field Base Ball--Keystone of Philadelphia agt. Star of Brooklyn, with the summary mentioning: "The seats apportioned for ladies was filled with the galaxy of beauty and finery by the fair sex  of Long Island..." and that many had fashionable umbrellas and parasols. Includes the box score. Also post civil war news such... See More  

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Early baseball...

Item #208832

September 07, 1865

THE NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 7, 1865  On the front page under The Field & Base Ball is a brief summary and box score of a match between the Gotham and Eckford clubs. There is also a very brief dispatch about the contest between the Maryland club of Baltimore and the National club of Washington, won by Washington. Nice to have on the front page.

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Baseball in 1865...

Item #206927

August 30, 1865

NEW-YORK TIMES, Aug. 30, 1865  On pg. 5,"From Washington" is: "Base Ball--The Grand Matches In Washington". Has a summary of a match between the National and Atlantic teams, and a box score, with mention that the teams adjourned to the National Hotel after the game for a "sumptuous feast" and an evening of "social enjoyment". Says the Atlantics were to ... See More  

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Baseball pitcher Pud Galvin fined....

Item #203755

July 19, 1880

CLEVELAND LEADER, Ohio, July 19, 1880  Page 3 has a small head: "A Close Rub for Providence" with the one paragraph summary of a game between Providence and Buffalo stating in part: "...The fielding of both clubs was about equal. The umpire fined Galvin ten dollars for impudence..." This was "Pud" Galvin, the famous baseball pitcher and member of the Baseball Hal... See More  

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Post Civil War baseball game with box scores....

Item #203605

June 16, 1865

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 16, 1865 Page 5 has: "Out-Door Sports" " Base Ball" "Philadelphia Vs. Brooklyn". The summary mentions "a bevy of the fair ones" at the match and that "...with the crowd, the field of players in uniform, and the...banners on...flag-staffs on the grounds...the scene was picturesque in the extreme." About the game it mentions:... See More  

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Post Civil War baseball game with box score....

Item #203603

July 15, 1865

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 15, 1865 The bkpg. has: " Out-Door Sports" " Base Ball" which includes a summary and box score of a game between the Atlantic and Gotham clubs. Mentions a crowd of "...at least 4000, every seat on the platforms being occupied-a large delegation of the fair sex being present..." Mentions, to the crowds disappointment, the absence of " C. S... See More  

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