Major General Alexander Hamilton...

Item #684895

October 16, 1799


* Alexander Hamilton during Quasi-War

The back page has a nice "War Department" notice mention that: "All officers...who are...absent from their commands are required...to report themselves by letter to Major General ALEXANDER HAMILTON..." with a bit more. This is the Alexander Hamilton who served ag... See More  

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Spontaneous combustion of a drunkard...

Item #684887

July 23, 1830

CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE & JOURNAL, New York, July 23, 1830  Page 3 has a very curious article with a small heading: "Spontaneous Combustion of a Drunkard" with an interesting eye-witness account. Such an article certainly makes for an interesting conversation piece.

Four pages, some foxing, nice condition.

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Uylsses S. Grant... Cowboys...

Item #684878

August 01, 1885

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 1, 1885  Includes Supplement & "The Hero of Our Age" image.

Full ftpg: 'General Grant's Last Message' is quite somber, as he was near death. Halfpg: 'Dr. Ferran Inoculating for Cholera in Spain' Displayable fullpg. cowboy print: 'On A Hot Trail' shows cowboys on the hunt for Cheyennes. Fullpg: 'Death of Grant... See More  

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Second rate also available for:


Rebuilding after the Great Chicago Fire...

Item #684844

February 01, 1872

THE LAND OWNER, Chicago, February, 1872  Subtitled: "Journal of Real Estate, Building & Improvement."  An interesting periodical focused mostly on architecture in the Chicago vicinity with many prints of buildings of this era. The focus is on newly-constructed buildings following the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

The front page shows: "Rebuilt Chicago--The Kendall Block... See More  

Item from Catalog 321 (released for August, 2022)...

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Death of Mary Baker Eddy reported in the newspaper she founded...

Item #684828

December 05, 1910


* Mary Baker Eddy death

* Church of Christ, Scientist

* Best title to be had (rare)

A very significant issue, as the top of the front page has: "Mary Baker Eddy" being a report of her death. Eddy was the founder of Christian Science and the founder of this newspaper, just two of her many accomplishments. The text carries o... See More  

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Nauvoo Mormon Temple described... Mormon troubles over the death of Joseph Smith...

Item #684812

July 18, 1844

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 18, 1844 

* Nauvoo Temple description

* re. Joseph Smith's death

* Mormons - Mormonism

The front page article is headed: "The Mormon Difficulties" which begins: "The St. Louis New Era thinks the Mormon war at an end...the Mormons are deeply wounded at the death of their leader and look for vengeance in some form..."... See More  

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Destruction of the 'Nauvoo Expositor' by Joseph Smith... Early report of John Sutter...

Item #684811

June 25, 1844

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 25, 1844 

* Destruction of the "Nauvoo Expositor"

* Prelude to Joseph Smith's murder

* Mormons - Mormonism

The front page has one of those little gem reports collectors seek: very early mention of a name that would be notable years later.

Printed here is a letter which says in part: "...the following communication fro... See More  

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Founding of Guttenberg, Iowa...

Item #684802

October 01, 1844

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Oct. 1, 1844 

* Guttenberg, Clayton County, Iowa founded

A page 3 article headed: "Prairie LaPorte" reports: "Two hundred or upwards of German families from Hamilton county, Ohio, have made a purchase of Prairie LaPorte, where they are now laying out a city. Prairie LaPorte is in Clayton County, Iowa, on the Mississippi. The site is sai... See More  

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Genuine London Gazette newspaper from 1681...

Item #684794

February 13, 1681

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Feb. 13, 1681

* Among the earliest of English language newspapers to be had

This is the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper, having begun in 1665 and is still printing in London to this day. And this is a very early, genuine issue. As was the case with most newspapers of the 17th century, this is complete as a single sheet, measuri... See More  

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Death of John Murrell, the famous "land pirate"... Complaints of election fraud...

Item #684787

November 29, 1844

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington D.C., Nov. 29, 1844 

* John Murrell death - "land pirate"

* Mississippi River outlaw

A front page report about the "Death Of Murrell" says: "The Chattanooga Gazette of the 16th announces the death, at Pikeville, Tennessee, of the notorious John A. Morrell, whose name as 'land pirate' figured so frequently in the press... See More  

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Black Buck raid 1... Falklands War...

Item #684783

May 01, 1982


* "Black Buck 1" raid

* RAF Avro Vulcan bomber

* Stanley - Falklands Islands War

The front page has a banner headline: "British Jets Attack Falklands" with subhead and related photo. (see) Nice for display.

Complete 1st section only with all 36 pages, nice condition.

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Mick Jagger goes solo...

Item #684772

January 30, 1985

USA TODAY, Jan. 30, 1985

* Mick Jagger goes solo

* Mel Gibson sets hip trend

The front page of the Life section has an image and article: "At age 41, Jagger is on a roll".  Additional articles include: "Billy Joel: A hit-making man" and "5 o'clock shadow is chic all day long", which describes the new male trend for facial hair.

Complete with all ... See More  

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Release of Walt Disney's "The Three Caballeros"... Georgia to repeal Poll Tax...

Item #684771

February 06, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 6, 1945

* Walt Disney's ~ The Three Caballeros

* Georgia Poll Tax

This issue has a premier week ad for the historic release of the 1st movie to merge animation and live action.  Walt Disney's The Three Caballeros starred: Panchito, Joe Carioca, and Donald Duck, with actresses Aurora Miranda, Dora Luz and Carmen Molina. Although the ad is quite small... See More  

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The Pennsylvania Dutch in 1907...

Item #684762

September 22, 1907

THE SUN, Baltimore, Maryland, Sept. 22 & 29, 1907  

* 2-issue set regarding the Pennsylvania Dutch lifestyle

Page 12 of Sept. 22 issue has a 2 column headline: "THE PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH AND THEIR QUEER WAYS", with subheadings: "A Character Sketch of a People Little Known to Their Neighbors" and "THE PENNSYLVANIA DUTCHMAN AT HOME".

The article is con... See More  

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Pair of issues: criticizing astrology, with an astrologer's response...

Item #684757

October 01, 1869


Also: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 29, 1869 

The former was a fascinating and very unusual newspaper of small-size themed on predicting what would happen in the future--great to read in hindsight.

The feature article, which takes all of pages 1 thru 5, is headed: "A Reply... See More  

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A newspaper predicting the future...

Item #684750

April 01, 1866


* Uncommon publication

* Astrology - Horoscope

A fascinating and very unusual newspaper of small-size themed on predicting what would happen in the future--great to read in hindsight.

Among the articles: "Professor Owen on Astrology, Astronomy, and Medicine" "The Nativi... See More  

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Bombing of Barcelona... Spanish Civil War...

Item #684746

March 18, 1938


* Bombing of Barcelona

* Spanish Civil War

* Nationalist Spain

The front page has a nice banner headline: "600 KILLED IN 12 BOMB RAIDS" with subheads. (see) Nice for display. Related photo is on the back page. Coverage on the Nationalist airstrikes on the city of Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.

Other news, sports and advertisements o... See More  

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Confederate newspaper... Court cases involving slaves...

Item #684731

July 14, 1864

RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, July 14, 1864

* Rare rebel publication

Various Civil War news with a Confederate bias, making for interesting reading as such. Among the front page items are: "The War News" with subheads: "Still Later--Our Army Reported Within Seven Miles of Baltimore!" "From Petersburg" "The Enemy Mining at Petersburg" "Burnside--Whe... See More  

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1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster...

Item #684721

April 03, 1914

EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, April 3, 1914

* SS Newfoundland sealing disaster

* Sealers caught on ice drifts - storms

The front page has two column heading: "LITTLE HOPE FOR MISSING SEALING SHIP" with subhead. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally fragile from this era in paper.

Co... See More  

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1900 Galveston, Texas hurricane disaster...

Item #684717

September 10, 1900

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Sept. 10, 1900

* The Great 1900 Galveston hurricane

* Deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history

The top of the front page has a two column headline: "APPALLING LOSS OF LIFE MAY REACH TEN THOUSAND" with subheads. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally... See More  

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McKinley is elected President in 1900...

Item #684715

November 07, 1900

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Nov. 7, 1900

* William McKinley & Theodore Roosevelt

* Presidential election

The top of the front page has a two column headline: "REPUBLICAN TRIUMPH STEADILY INCREASING" with subheads. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally fragile from this era... See More  

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A newspaper created as a prop for a movie...

Item #684705

August 14, 1945

RECORD HERALD, no date nor city listed: a completely "generic" newspaper. This is an interesting movie-prop newspaper, a creation by the movie industry as it was a scene in a movie which obviously related to the end of World War II. We do not know in which movie this newspaper was a prop.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Short-lived campaign newspaper supported the Whig party...

Item #684682

June 20, 1844

LOUISVILLE JOURNAL, EXTRA, Kentucky, June 20, 1844 

* Very rare publication

A quite rare and short-lived campaign newspaper which existed only to promote the Whig party cause in the 1844 election. This is issue #8 which was likely a run of just 27 issues printed from May 2 to December 5, 1844, as campaign newspapers typically ceased just following the election.

This title would resurre... See More  

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BTK killer, Dennis Rader conviction...

Item #684660

August 19, 2005

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Aug. 19, 2005

* BTK killer - strangler - rapist

* Dennis Rader conviction - guilty

* "Bind, Torture, Kill" serial killer

Page 13 has a four column heading: "BTK, Who Inflicted Pain for His PLeasure, Gets Life" with subhead and a few related photos.

Complete with all sections (100+ pages), great condition.... See More  

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Leopold - Loeb case... enters prison...

Item #684654

September 11, 1924

THE BETHLEHEM TIMES, Pennsylvania, September 11, 1924

* Leopold & Loeb get life

* Bobby Franks murder

* Thrill Kill case

The top of the front page has a two column headline: "NEW THREAT TO BLOW UP COUNTY JAIL BRINGS SHERIFF TO CHICAGO" with subheads. (see)

Complete in 14 pages, light toning, a little margin wear and irregular along the spine, generally good.... See More  

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Existed for less than one year...

Item #684649

August 31, 1872

PETALUMA EVENING ARGUS, California, Aug. 31, 1872  This is the volume 1, number 12 issue of a title which lasted less than one year. Quite rare as such.

This town is in Sonoma County, north of San Francisco. A typical newspaper of the day with a front page article: "A Confederate Leader on Grant" among the man other articles. A wealth of ads as well.

Four pages, never bound nor tr... See More  

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First flight of heavier than air "airplane"... Maxim's Flying Machine...

Item #684620

October 06, 1894

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Oct. 6, 1894  An inside page has a large illustration of: "MR. MAXIM'S FLYING MACHINE" with considerable related text.

Note: Hiram S. Maxim's "airplane" became the first "heavier than air" machine to take flight under its own power (source: Wikipedia). More can be read about this flying machine though the University of
... See More  

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Unique--and comical--unicycle...

Item #684615

December 12, 1914

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Dec. 12, 1914  The duo-tone cover is taken up with a comical print of the: "Motor-Driven Unicycle Stabilized by a Gyroscope". An inside page has a related article describing it, with much detail.

A terrific print showing how bizarre some early "inventions" were during the era when engine-driven vehicles were booming.

A great front page for ... See More  

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Serial killer Joel Rifkin is arrested...

Item #684593

June 30, 1993

LOS ANGELES TIMES, June 30, 1993

* Joel Rifkin arrested

* American serial killer

* New York City murders

* Seinfeld episode fame

The top of page 21 has a two column heading: "Admitted Killer of 17 Women Leads N.Y. Police to 2 Bodies" (see)

Complete 1st section only with 26 pages, nice condition.

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Bob Dylan transitions from acoustic to electric: his Forest Hills concert...

Item #684584

September 02, 1965

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, Sept. 2, 1965 

* Bob Dylan & his electric guitar

* His famous Forest Hills concert

The front page features a photo of Bob Dylan captioned: "Dylan Stirred Up Forrest Hills". Also on the ftpg, & concluding inside, is a detailed account of the Dylan's very notable & controversial performance at Forest Hills of just 5 days earlier. Por... See More  

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Kamikaze airplane attack on 1945 Okinawa...

Item #684580

May 26, 1945


* Kamikaze suicide airplane attack

* Battle of Okinawa - Japanese

* Heinrich Himmler suicide photo

The front page has a nice banner headline: "18-HOUR JAP SUICIDE AIR ATTACK" with subheads. (see) Nice for display. First report coverage on the Japanese special operations suicide attack on Yontan Airfield during the Battle of Okinawa.

Also... See More  

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Ireland becomes independent..

Item #684570

December 06, 1922

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 6, 1922 

* Irish Free State established 

* Ireland becomes independent

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "IRISH FREE STATE GETS KING'S ASSENT; TO INSTALL HEALY" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on the establishment of the Irish Free State. Nice to have in a paper dated the 6th as this was one of the most histo... See More  

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Carrie Nation & the saloons in Hope, Kansas...

Item #684569

February 04, 1901

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Jan. 25, 1901 

* Carrie Nation

* Kansas saloons

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "MRS. NATION TIRED" with subheads. (see) Rare to find period reporting on this famous temperance movement leader. Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally... See More  

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1947 Palestinian political violence...

Item #684568

January 31, 1947

THE DETROIT NEWS, Jan. 31, 1947

* Palestinian political violence

* Violence and terrorism

* Jewish underground

The front page as a nice seven column headline: "CIVILIAN BRITISH FLEE TERROR IN PALESTINE" with subheads. Nice for display.

Complete with 38 pages, rag edition in very nice condition.

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Serial killer & rapist Albert Fish capture...

Item #684560

December 15, 1934

THE KNICKERBOCKER PRESS Albany, December 15, 1934

* re. Albert Fish captured - arrested

* Serial killer, child rapist and cannibal

* "The Boogey Man" - "Gray Man"

* "Brooklyn Vampire" - "Werewolf of Wysteria"

The front page has a two column heading: "'Something Overcame Me', Says Grace Budd's Slayer" with subhead. (see)

Other ... See More  

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1905 Battle of Tsushima...

Item #684557

May 30, 1905

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, May 30, 1905

* Battle of Tsushima Strait

* Russo-Japanese War naval

* Empire of Japan vs. Russian Empire

* Admiral Togo Heihachiro victory

The top of the front page has a five column headline: "ROJESTVENSKY A PRISONER AND HIS FLAGSHIP SUNK" with subhead. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. V... See More  

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The Dunkirk evacuation, 1940...

Item #684556

May 30, 1940


* Battle of Dunkirk (evacuation) - France

* Operation Dynamo "Miracle of Dunkirk"

* Allied soldiers on English Channel beaches

The ftpg. has a nice banner headline relating to the stranding of allied forces on the beaches of Dunkirk, the focus of a recent motion picture: "ESCAPE NAZI TRAP, FRENCH; Fleeing Allies Reported Leaping In... See More  

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Michael Jordan drafted by Bulls in 1984...

Item #684555

June 20, 1984

USA TODAY, June 20, 1984

* Michael Jordan's NBA draft

* Chicago Bulls professional basketball

* One of the biggest dynasties in sports is born

The front page of the sport's has reporting on the 1984 NBA draft which shows a small photo of Akeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie, the first two picks. Within the report is mention of the first 5 picks with  text that includes: "...North... See More  

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Washington Redskins win Super Bowl XXII..

Item #684552

February 01, 1988


* Washington Redskins win Super Bowl XXII

* Doug Williams - Timmy Smith - Ricky Sanders

* 1st African American to start - NFL Football

The top of the front page has a three column photo with one column heading: "Redskins Lasso Broncos, 42-10, in Super Bowl" The front page of the sport's section has a nice banner headline: "Williams' Da... See More  

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1915 Tension w/ Germany re. Lusitania Sinking...

Item #684549

June 01, 1915

EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, June 1, 1915

* Post-sinking of the RMS Lusitania tensions

* Germany U-boats terror - British ocean liner

The front page has a nice banner headline: "AMERICANS FLEE GERMANY" with subheads. (see) Nice for display. The Lusitania was attacked just a few weeks earlier. Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Ve... See More  

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1st transcontinental phone call in 1915...

Item #684545

January 26, 1915

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 26, 1915

* First Transcontinental phone call made

* Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Watson

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "PHONE TO PACIFIC FROM THE ATLANTIC" with subheads. (see)

Sixteen pages, light toning, some margin wear, must be handled with care as such.

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1965 Malcolm X assassination...

Item #684540

February 22, 1965

GREAT BEND DAILY TRIBUNE, Kansas, Feb.  22, 1965 

* Malcolm X assassination

* Fiery Negro extremist

The front page has a three column heading: "Police Blame Malcolm X Killing On Mortal Enemies" (see)

Ten pages, close cut along the 1st column which causes unrelated loss of text, small library within masthead, otherwise good.... See More  

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Sacco and Vanzetti in 1927...

Item #684537

August 11, 1927

THE CORDOVA DAILY TIMES, Alaska, August 11, 1927 

* Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti

* Electric chair executions days away

The front page has a nice banner headline: "EXECUTION OF VANZETTI AND SACCO STAYED UNTIL AUGUST 22" with subheads. (see)

Eight pages, light even toning, small stamp within the masthead, generally nice.
... See More  

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Territorial Arizona newspaper from just above the Mexico border...

Item #684505

May 14, 1907

BISBEE EVENING MINER, Arizona (Territory), May 14, 1907 

* Rare publication

A territorial newspaper from just above the border with Mexico, as Arizona did not join the Union until 1912.

Inside pages have much reporting on local & Arizona-wide events.

Complete in 8 pages, loose at the spine, some tattering and small tears at the margins. SOLD AS IS.... See More  

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Neat title...

Item #684446

March 21, 1925

THE MOSQUITO, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, March 21, 1925  A curious little newspaper which appears to be the combination of the Middlesex Plain Dealer and the Perth Amboy Press. Filled mostly with local news and tidbits, many quite folksy and humorous, plus many ads as well. The ftpg. has a bit noting: "Christy Mathewson, of baseball fame, was recently named one of the trustees of the Ameri... See More  

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The North Alaskan Coast Whaling disaster of 1871...

Item #684444

December 02, 1871

HARPER'S WEEKLY, December 2, 1871

* Whaling disaster of 1871 (1st report)

* Bowhead whales hunting

* Arctic ice jam prints

Full front page political cartoon: 'The Tammany Tiger Strung Up' by the Justice figure. Inside has a fullpg. Thomas Nast political cartoon: 'to Whom It May Concern'. Nice double page centerfold (sewn-in): 'Destruction of the Whaling Fleet in the... See More  

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Operation Crossraods... Atomic bomb....

Item #684441

July 01, 1946

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Massachusetts, July 1, 1946

* Operation Crossroads - Atomic bombing

* Nuclear weapon at Bikini Atoll - Able

* B-29 Superfortress Dave's Dream

The front page has a six column headline: "Check Shows Bomb Losses Heavy" with subheads.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 10 pages, a little spine wear, generally nice.... See More  

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1998 John Elway Denver Broncos Win Superbowl...

Item #684438

January 26, 1998

THE DENVER POST, Denver, Colorado, January 26, 1998

Note: The Denver Post printed two versions for this date.  This is the edition which shows John Elway holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy up in victory.

* Denver Broncos win Super Bowl XXXII 

* John Elway & Terrell Davis 

* Green Bay Packers 

This 100+ page newspaper contains news of the Denver Broncos finally wi... See More  

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1945 Anti-Jewish riots in Tripolitania...

Item #684437

November 08, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 8, 1945

* Anti-Jewish riots - massacre - pogrom

* Tripoli, British Tripolitania

* Libyan Jews- North Africa

The front page has a one column heading: "74 TRIPOLITAN JEWS SLAIN IN ARAB RIOTS" with subhead. (see) First report coverage on the 1945 Anti-Jewish riots in Tripolitania. Always nice to have notable events in history reported in this World famou... See More  

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Horton Smith & Bobby Jones....

Item #684436

February 23, 1930

THE NEW YORK TIMES, sport's section only, February 23, 1930

* Horton Smith & Bobby Jones photos

* Savannah Open golf tournament (PGA)

* Sport's section only

The front page of this sport's section only has a one column heading: "SMITH WINS AT GOLF; JONES A STROKE BACK" with subheads and two nice photos of Horton Smith & Bobby Jones. (see) 1st report coverage on... See More  

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