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Mahatma Gandhi... Salt March...

Item #661429

April 06, 1930

NEW YORK TIMES, April 6, 1930 

* Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma) 

* Salt march (salt satyagraha) ends 

* Dandi, India

The front page has one column headings that include: "GANDHI MAKES SALT, DEFYING INDIA'S LAW" "Situation is Tense as Police Gather and Thousands Await Government Action" "RAIL MEN JOIN CAMPAIGN" and more.

Complete in ... See More  

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Letter from Washington to the people of Brunswick, Virginia...

Item #661427

October 24, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 24, 1795 

* President George Washington

* Brunswick County, Virginia

Page 2 has the: "Answer Of the President to the Brunswick, Virginia, Proceedings" relating to the Jay Treaty, which is signed by him in type: G. Washington.

Four pages, bit of foxing, generally nice condition.... See More  

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Howe's Proclamation... The trouble with war...

Item #661422

March 18, 1778


* Revolutionary War Tory original

* Rare Pro British issue from America

This was a strongly Tory newspaper which began in 1775 and closed shop in May of 1778 when the British evacuated Philadelphia. The first column of the front page has a "Proclamation" issued by General Howe that includes in par... See More  

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Two Proclamations signed by Jefferson Davis...

Item #661421

March 07, 1862

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, March 7, 1862 

* From the Confederate capital

* Jefferson Davis proclamations

From the capital of the Confederacy. The front page includes: "The Battle-Field Around Fort Donelson" "Notes Of The War" "The Late Outrage on the Rio Grande" & more. Pg. 2 has a lengthy editorial: "The War--Past, Present, & Future". Als... See More  

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Al Capone is now inmate number 40,886...

Item #661419

May 05, 1932

NEW YORK TIMES, May 5, 1932 

* Al Capone enters prison (1st report)

* Tax evasion guilty charge

* Chicago gangster boss

The front page has one column headings that include: "PRISON DOORS CLOSE BEHIND CAPONE" "Gangster Reaches Atlanta After Day on Which Curious Crowds Inspect the Train" "Convicts Cry 'Welcome!' " and more.

Complete in 40 pages, gr... See More  

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Rare same-day report on the death of King George II...

Item #661418

October 25, 1760

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Oct. 25, 1760 

* George II of Great Britain death

* Early, same day report (rare)

Only to be had in a London newspaper is this very rare, same-day report of the death of the king. At the top of the back page is a heading: "Postscript" with news recently received, the text noting: "This morning about seven o'clock, departed this life, at... See More  

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The James-Younger gang rob a train...

Item #661417

July 23, 1881

LIBERAL SENTINEL, Middletown, New York, July 23, 1881 

* Outlaw Jesse James-Younger gang

* Rock Island railroad train robbery

Page 2 has a report noting: "A gang of outlaws, supposed to be the James gang, on Friday night captured a train on the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific road...robbed the conductor & a passenger..." and a bit more (see). The next page has a much mor... See More  

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Nazis make their presence known... Dillinger...

Item #661380

July 02, 1934

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, July 2, 1934  The banner headline notes: "10 MORE DIE BY NAZI BULLETS" with smaller heads including: "Son Of Former Kaiser and Von Papen Arrested" 'Hitler Chiefs Accuse French of Plot to Upset Rule" "World Is Told How Hitler Faced His Foes"

Also on the ftpg: "

Dillinger Pals force Doctor's Help; Slug Him" "Atta... See More  

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Capture of a slave ship... Lincoln being considered as a candidate for President...

Item #661378

May 14, 1860

NEW YORK HERALD, May 14, 1860 

* Famous slaver "Wildfire" captured

* African slave trade print fame

* Abraham Lincoln for president?

Most of the first column is taken up with a fascinating article: "The Slave Trade" "Full Particulars of the Capture of the Slaver Wildfire". The article begins: "The great event of the past fortnight...has been the capt... See More  

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Item #661376

March 24, 1800

THE LONDON PACKET; OR NEW LLOYD'S EVENING POST, England, March 24, 1800  The masthead features a coat-of-arms. Various news from Europe, mostly from England.

Four pages, red ink at the top of the ftpg., good condition.

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Nice report on Bonnie & Clyde...

Item #661374

January 17, 1934

ALBANY EVENING NEWS, New York, Jan. 17, 1934  Page 2 has a one column head: "TRAIL BARROW IN GUN FIGHT" "Desperado Hunted in East Texas After Freeing 65 at Prison Farm". Nice report concerning Bonnie & Clyde, the former mentioned with: "...unconfirmed reports the automobile in which the group escaped was driven by Bonnie Parker, Barrow's cigar-smoking & re... See More  

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The Morro Castle tragedy...

Item #661373

September 10, 1934

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, Sept. 10, 1934  The ftpg. headline announces: "INDENDIARISM BLAMED FOR MORRO CASTLE TRAGEDY" with related subheads. Page 5 has six related photos.

Eight pages, nice condition.

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The "famous" Westons, mail robbers...

Item #661369

April 20, 1782

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, April 20, 1782  One-third of an inside page is taken up with: "Anecdotes of the Famous Westons, Who Robbed the Bristol Mails". The article begins: "Joseph and George Weston, apprehended on Wednesday...for robbing the Bristol mail in 1781...are two of the most remarkable depredators that have appeared in this country since the days of the famous Wi... See More  

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Latest news from World War I...

Item #661362

April 18, 1918

THE COURIER-JOURNAL, Louisville, Kentucky, April 18, 1918  A nice banner headline from World War I: "BRITISH ARE FORCED TO GIVE UP GAINS; FOCH'S RESERVES AWAIT HOUR TO STRIKE" with related subheads concerning the war.

Ten pages, good condition.

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Reports from the beginning weeks of World War I...

Item #661361

July 30, 1914

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, July 30, 1914  The last column on the ftpg. has a nice stack of headlines on the very early weeks of what would become World War I, including: "GERMAN NOTE TO RUSSIA" "Demands Her Intentions in Regard to Her Reported Mobilization" "Blood Is Flowing on the Danube" "Serbs Impeding the Austrian Advance Into Their County" "An... See More  

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Death of famed actress Jean Harlow...

Item #661316

June 08, 1937

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Massachusetts, June 8, 1937 

* Actress Jean Harlow death (1st report)

* 1930's sex symbol - Blonde bombshell

The top of the front page has a photo headed: "Death Halts Glamorous Career" with the caption: "Jean Harlow - Filmdom lost one of its most luminous personalities in the death of Jean Harlow...was stricken with utremic poisoning following an... See More  

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Africa to become a refuge for persecuted Jews...

Item #661310

November 21, 1938


* Finding Jews a homeland ?

* Post Kristallnacht pogrom

* During rise of Nazi Germany

The banner headline announces: "LONDON GIVES JEWS REFUGE IN AFRICA" with subhead: "Offers Disclosed To Commons; Nazis Urge S. American Havens" "$50,000 Acres Made Available In Tanganyika" and other related reports. This was shortly... See More  

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Dalton Gang robs its last train...

Item #661305

July 15, 1892


* The Dalton Gang

* Adair, Oklahoma

* Last train robbery

The back page has a nice article headed: "DARING EXPRESS ROBBERY" "Train Held Up at Adair, I.T., and $50,000 Taken" "The Highwaymen Have a Hard Fight for Their Booty" with the dateline from Parsons, Kansas. The photos show the entire report, which contains s... See More  

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One of the best "Wrongway Corrigan" issues...

Item #661289

July 18, 1938


* Douglas 'Wrong Way' Corrigan famous flight

* New York to Ireland - Unintentional ?

This is one of the best "Wrong Way Corrigan" issues we have offered, featuring a banner headline: "FLIES TO DUBLIN 'BY MISTAKE' " and subhead: "Corrigan Crosses Sea In 28 Hours In A $900 Crate". There are also two pho... See More  

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Lou Gehrig learns he has ALS, ending his stellar career...

Item #661233

June 21, 1939


* Lou Gehrig ends baseball career

* Infantile Paralysis - New York Yankees

* Best title to be had ? (rare as such)

The front pages has a six column headline announcing: "Gehrig Has Paralyzing Illness" as well as a photo of him headed: "Doctors Find Him Through as Player" and "Veteran Yankee Appears in Good Spirits When H... See More  

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Very rare broadside issue of "The Daily Rebel" from Chattanooga...

Item #660740

June 18, 1863

THE DAILY REBEL, Chattanooga, Tennessee, June 18, 1863 

* Very rare Confederate publication

* Second Battle of Winchester, Virginia

An extremely rare broadside newspaper and a great title for a Confederate newspaper.

This is the vol. 1 number 270 issue of a title which began August 1, 1862. This issue is dated from just prior to the Confederate invasion of the North and the Battle of ... See More  

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Extermination of the Jews is unveiled in 1942...

Item #660521

November 25, 1942


* The Jewish Holocaust in progress

* Extermination of Polish Jews ordered

* Zionist leader Stephen Samuel Wise report

The top of page 4 has a column head: "2  Million Jews Slain By Nazis, Dr. Wise Avers" "Extermination of All in 1942 Held Hitler Aim".

This report includes: "...that approximately half the estimated 4 ... See More  

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Vermont extends thanks to the President: Washington's response...

Item #660450

December 16, 1796

THE NEW WORLD, Philadelphia, Dec. 16, 1796  Page 2 has an address of  the Vermont Legislature to the President, offering thanks for his public service. Following this is his response signed in type: Go. Washington.

A quite rare title, and until a recent find, the very first we have offered in our 43 years. It published for exactly one year.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, very nice ... See More  

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Reflecting upon British & American relations early in the war...

Item #660236

May 01, 1782

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, May, 1782 

* American Revolutionary War relations

Under the book review section is: "A View of the History of Great Britain During the Administration of Lord North..." which includes much reflection on the situation in America from 1774 through 1777. Plus there is another review of the book: "Considerations on the American War Under the Follo... See More  

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Teasing the competition... Civil War maps...

Item #660129

December 11, 1861

NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 11, 1861  The front page has two interesting features: first, a nice Civil War map headed: "Topographical Map Of Virginia. From Leesburgh to Mathias Point and the Rappahannock, including Washington & Manassas." showing much detail.

Secondly, there are two cartoons making fun of the newspaper's competition, the New York Herald, with the first showing: &q... See More  

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Six Civil War maps... Lincoln's first state-of-the-union address...

Item #660128

December 04, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Dec. 4, 1861 

* Abraham Lincoln's annual address

* Six Civil War maps in 1 issue

* Columbus, Kentucky & Memphis, Tennessee

A terrific display issue as the front page is mostly taken up with five Civil War maps, headed: "Map Of Columbus, Kentucky, Showing The Rebel Fortifications" "The Rebel Fort Harris" "The Rebel Forts Wright and Rand... See More  

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Displayable Act of Parliament...

Item #659640

January 01, 1756

ACT OF PARLIAMENT, London, England, 1756 

* 18th century original document

Nice full title page has an engraving of the Royal coat-of-arms. Inside has an act: "...for reviving & continuing an Act for the Relief of Debtors with respect to the Imprisonment of their persons...".

A decorative document given the displayable title page.

Four pages, 11 1/2 by 7 1/4 inches, very... See More  

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On the victory at Charleston plus so much more...

Item #659142

August 12, 1779

THE LONDON EVENING POST, England, Aug. 12, 1779  The ftpg. has a brief bit: "...A letter from New York...says that Gen. Prevost has been obliged to retreat from before Charles Town, but had got safe back to Fort Beaufort without the loss of any men...".

Pages 3 & 4 have much war reporting including: "...That Gen. Prevost had summoned the inhabitants of Charles Town to surr... See More  

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From the year before the creation of the Constitution...

Item #658795

January 27, 1786

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET & DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, Jan. 27, 1786  An issue from the brief period between the end of the Revolutionary War and before the creation of the Constitution & the new federal government.

Various news reports of the day. The back page has an illustrated ad for a "Hat Manufactory" which shows the iconic tricorne (three corner) hat of the colonial p... See More  

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Notable attempt at price controls during the War... Much fine war content...

Item #658730

July 15, 1779

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Providence, Rhode Island, July 15, 1779  A truly rare title from the Revolutionary War, as it lasted for less than 1 1/2 years from March, 1779 to August, 1781. This is the volume 1, #18 issue.

The entire front page & most of the back page are taken up with what one scholar calls: "...one of the most remarkable debates of the Revolution... See More  

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The Siege of Ninety-Six and more military events in South Carolina...

Item #658614

August 28, 1781


* Revolutionary War in the South

* Ninety-Six SC South Carolina

Half of page 2 is taken up with a letter from Major General Green in which he officers much on the Siege of Ninety-Six. Additional reports carry over to page 3 with much more detail on the military events in South Carolina. One item begins: &quo... See More  

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Great "Extra" edition on the Battle of Gettysburg...

Item #658478

July 05, 1863


* Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

* Most historic battle of the Civil War

A terrific and quite graphic issue on the Battle of Gettysburg with nearly a full front page column of heads concerning the battle, including a nice patriotic graphic (see). Note that most of these heads are actually in the Herald issue of July 6, but this being a larg... See More  

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Yankees capture the Confederate capital... War nears its end...

Item #658477

April 04, 1865


* Richmond, Virginia falls (1st report)

* Confederate capital - war nears the end

One of the middle columns of the front page announces one of the more significant events of the Civil War with: "VIRGINIA ! " "GLORIOUS NEWS ! " "Richmond Is Ours!" "Evacuation of Petersburg!" "Tremendous Fighting!&q... See More  

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Reflecting upon the notable Battle of Buena Vista...

Item #657899

September 21, 1847

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 21, 1847 

* re. Battle of Buena Vista

* Mexican-American War

Page 3 contains a lengthy letter with details on the: "Battle Field of Buena Vista" actually fought in February. It was a signal victory for the Americans over a much larger Mexican Army.

Also on page 2: "From the Army of Gen. Taylor".

Four pages, ver... See More  

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The Mexican War... Lake Superior described...

Item #657721

July 08, 1847

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 8, 1847  Page 3 has several items on the Mexican war with a column headed: "The News From Mexico" which includes in part: "...no longer doubtful that Gen. Scott's march upon the capital will be disputed with no inconsiderable determination--for Mexicans. It is supposed that he will be resisted, in force, at three several ... See More  

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Disgusted with the hardships at the California gold diggings...

Item #657711

September 17, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 17, 1849 

* California gold rush hardships

Page 3 has: "Items From California and Panama" which begins with a discouraging report: "Nearly all the American passengers by the Empire City are returning from the mines, disgusted with the life of extreme toil & hardship which must be endured there..." and continue... See More  

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Much on the Gold Rush in California...

Item #657699

November 14, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Nov. 14, 1849 

* California Gold Rush

* 49ers - mining - miners

Page 3 has "Correspondence from California" which has a letter which includes: "...The news here is most flattering. Gold is abundant! Labor is worth seven to thirty dollars a day..." with much more on how high the prices are, & continuing with: &quo
... See More  

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California works towards statehood... Formalizing relations with Hawaii...

Item #657625

December 11, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Dec. 11, 1849 

* California Republic for statehood ?

* Early Hawaii relations w/ America

Page 3 has: "California Matters" "The Revenue of California" and:  "Close of the Convention & Signing of the Constitution" being fundamental reports on California becoming a state. Also: "Commerce of San Francisco... See More  

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Thoughts on the Jay Treaty...

Item #657581

August 28, 1795

KENTISH GAZETTE, Canterbury, England, Aug. 28, 1795  A very decorative masthead which includes an engraving of Canterbury Cathedral.

Page 2 has: "American Treaty - Extract of a Letter form a Merchant in Philadelphia to His Son in London" which has comments on the controversial Jay Treaty.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, red tax stamp on pg. 3, nice condition.

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When Abraham Lincoln was an unknown...

Item #657392

July 25, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 25, 1848 

* Early in Abraham Lincoln' political career

This newspaper contains on the front page reports from the "House of Representatives" and includes the results of votes on the "Civil and Diplomatic Bill" listing all those who voted "Yea" and "Nay". Within the "Yea" list is "Li... See More  

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Events in California...

Item #657380

August 01, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Aug. 1, 1849  Page 3 has: "California Items" which includes reports concerning problems with the Indians, and also an: "Affray at Stockton" between an "American" and a "celebrated Indian chief" with details. Also: "Gold Coining" and other items.

Four pages, nice condition.

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Thomas Edison invents the phonograph...

Item #657284

December 22, 1877

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Dec. 22, 1877 

* Inventor Thomas Edison

* The phonograph invented

* Best title to have this in ?

Page 2 has an extremely significant article headed: The Talking Phonograph" which begins: "Mr. Thomas Edison recently came into our office, placed a little machine on our desk, turned a crank, and the machine inquired as to our health, asked how we ... See More  

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Hopes of eliminating the slave trade throughout the world...

Item #657146

September 01, 1827

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Sept. 1, 1827 

* Elimination of slavery Worldwide ?

Pages 9 & 10 contain a full page article: "The Slave Trade" which has much on the slave trade as conducted by European countries and efforts to stop it. One item notes: "...Portugal for a long time refused to abandon this trade...By a late treaty of England with Brazil the final... See More  

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Prosecution asks for jail time for 'Black Sox' players...

Item #656368

July 30, 1921


* Chicago White (Black) Sox scandal 

* Baseball World Series fix trial

* Best title to be had ? rare as such

As the infamous Black Sox scandal comes to its conclusion (final arguments in the trial were the day before), the ftpg. of the sports section has an interesting article headed: "Asks Conviction Of 'Black Sox' On Their Own ... See More  

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Death & funeral of William Wrigley, in a Chicago newspaper...

Item #656332

January 27, 1932


* William Wrigley Jr. death & funeral

* American chewing gum industrialist

* Chicago Cubs owner - Wrigley Field

* Best title to be had ? - rare as such

The front page first column has heads on the death and funeral of William Wrigley, the chewing gum industrialist, owner of the Chicago Cubs and for whom the Cubs field is named.  

T... See More  

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Caracas & Cartagena independence... rare mention of The Inquisition...

Item #654820

February 01, 1812

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Feb. 1, 1812  Page 7 has under the heading: "South America" which mentions the manifesto of Cartagena, stating in part that in the previous November, they had declared themselves to be: "A FREE, SOVEREIGN AND INDEPENDENT STATE..." and continues: "The first fruit of freedom of Carthagena, was the abolition of the INQUISITION;... See More  

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Creating a militia... Creating a National University in Washington, D.C...

Item #652968

December 21, 1816

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 21, 1816 Inside has over two pages taken up with: "A PLAN, For Classing and Arming of  the Militia, and for Calling them Forth to Execute the Laws of  the Union, Suppress Insurrections, and Repel Invasions, and to Repeal the Laws Heretofore passed for those Purposes." Considerable detail.

Nearly half a column is: "A BILL For the... See More  

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Early announcement that the Treaty of Peace has been signed: the Revolutionary War is over...

Item #650223

September 11, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, September 9-11, 1783 

* Treaty of Paris (peace) announcement

* End of the Revolutionary War

An extremely historic issue, as the front page begins with a report taken from the London Gazette of the day prior  announcing the signing of the Definitive Treaty of Peace, formally ending the Revolutionary War.

It reads in part: "On Saturday night last... See More  

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Chasing the train robber Sam Bass...

Item #649390

May 01, 1878


* The hunt for Sam Bass

* American train robber & outlaw

The bottom of page 3 has a small item: "A Fight With Train Robbers"  datelines from Texas & noting in part: "...sheriff of Denton County & a posse with Peak's Rangers chased the train robbers Sam Bass, Frank Jackson and Bill Underwood from Denton Cross Tim... See More  

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From the library of President James Buchanan...

Item #649244
DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., 1849  James Buchanan, who would be President of the United States from 1857-1861, earlier served several offices at the federal level, including Congressman from 1821-31; Senator from 1837-1845, Secretary of State from 1845-9, and then Ambassador to England, 1853-1856.

This newspaper was subscribed to by Buchanan while a Senator, obviously livi... See More  

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